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Things are very much subject to be changed, especially regarding the name.

Through the darkness of the Realm, the fires of the Forge still burn in the Lightbringer’s Lands. With the Blight destroyed, the Realm rebuilt or rebuilding, the Smithy and Foundry of Haven continue to accept orders. Posters have been placed in Haven, Thorne, Linlea, Storm's Landing, and other major cities that would allow it. As well, a few traveling criers and couriers announcing the smithy's activity. Through all forms of word, it is stated clearly that Podric Flanders is prepared to accept offers through word of mouth or in writing to the Castle of Knight’s Haven.

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Lord of Altera

[ W A R E S ]

OOC Price = IC Price / 5 and round down if necessary.
[Ex: 100 IC Radiants = 20 OOC Radiants]

Note: All prices may vary, depending on the situation/order, those listed are only what’s officially listed. Ornate items will by default cost more than what is listed. Items not listed may be requested.
[May add in more if more things are brought up, and prices may change overtime.]

[ W E A P O N S ]

Shortsword: 200 - 500 Radiants.
Broadsword: 150 - 450 Radiants.
Rapier: 300 - 800 Radiants.
Scimitar: 250 - 500 Radiants.
Saber: 250 - 500 Radiants.
Falchion: 100 - 300 Radiants.
Bastard Sword: 500 - 800 Radiants.
Longsword: 600 - 1,000 Radiants.
Claymore: 600 - 1,000 Radiants.
Flamberge: 900 - 1,500 Radiants.
Zweihander: 800 - 1,400 Radiants.

Throwing Axe: 50 - 150 Radiants.
Hand Axe: 75 - 200 Radiants.
Dane Axe: 400 - 700 Radiants.
Horseman’s Axe: 350 - 500 Radiants.
Battle Axe: 450 - 800 Radiants.
Boarding Axe: 325 - 450 Radiants.

Dirk: 50 - 150 Radiants.
Kris: 75 - 175 Radiants.
Baselard: 75 - 175 Radiants.
Rondel: 100 - 200 Radiants.
Quillon: 50 - 150 Radiants.
Misericorde: 125 - 225 Radiants.

Halberd: 700 - 1,200 Radiants.
Polehammer: 800 - 1,300 Radiants.
Poleaxe: 800 - 1,300 Radiants.
Sparr/Sparth Axe: 700 - 1,200 Radiants.
War Spear: 500 - 1,000 Radiants.
Hunting Spear: 300 - 800 Radiants.
Glaive: 700 - 1,000 Radiants.
Voulge: 650 - 900 Radiants.
Lucerne: 700 - 1,000 Radiants.

[Misc. Weapons]
Mace: 250 - 350 Radiants.
Flanged Mace: 400 - 700 Radiants.
Horseman's Pick: 500 - 800 Radiants.
Flail: 300 - 500 Radiants.
Warhammer: 400 - 600 Radiants.
Tourney Lance: 50 - 100 Radiants.
War Lance: 200 - 300 Radiants.

[ A R M O R & S H I E L D S ]
Gambeson: 200 - 400 Radiants.
Lamellar: 250 - 550 Radiants.
Chainmail: 100 - 500 Radiants.
Coat of Plates: 300 - 700 Radiants
Plate Armor [Half-Plate]: 400 - 1,300 Radiants
Plate Armor [Full Harness]: 800 - 1,700 Radiants

Targe: 100 - 400 Radiants.
Buckler: 150 - 450 Radiants.
Roundshield: 200 - 500 Radiants.
Heater Shield: 300 - 600 Radiants.
Kite Shield: 400 - 700 Radiants.
Tower Shield: 500 - 1,000 Radiants.
Pavise: 600 - 1,100 Radiants.
Renntartsche: 500 - 1,500 Radiants.

[ S I E G E W E A P O N S & C R O S S B O W S ]
Siege Weapons and Arbalests will both be restricted in who Pod will allow himself to sell to, as they are even deadlier weapons of war. Also, all Siege Weapons are for DEFENSIVE PURPOSES ONLY and are NOT capable of being transported for war on delivery. The person who bought them would need to disassemble it and prepare it for transfer on their own terms. When bought, you have free reign to use whatever design you'd like, as Pod would go off of whatever is requested, so it fits better with your build.
Due to the higher prices I am putting on the Arbalest and Siege Weapons, they will follow different pricing rules in OOC - IC terms.
OOC Price = IC Price / 20 and around down if necessary.
[Ex: 100 IC Radiants = 5 OOC Radiants]
Hunting Crossbow: 250 - 750 Radiants.
War Crossbow: 500 - 1,000 Radiants.
Arbalest: 1,500 - 2,500 Radiants.

[Siege Weapons]
Scorpio: 2,000 - 4,000 Radiants.
Ballista: 2,500 - 5,000 Radiants.
Catapult: 3,000 - 6,000 Radiants.
Trebuchet: 5,000 - 8,000 Radiants.
Cannon: 7,000 - 11,000 Radiants.

[ T O O L S ]
There isn't much to go here. Podric can make [or do his best to make] tools for people. Prices can vary greatly depending on what is asked, but I won't bother to list things because listing tools with how many there are would be ridiculous.

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Lord of Altera
[ C O M P L E T E D W O R K S ]
All orders, notable items, and gifts completed will be listed here.

1)A heater shield and bastardsword, made and gifted to Francis de Courtnay.
2)A suit of full plate armor, made for Sir Isaac Dunrad, alongside a shortsword, heater shield, and war crossbow. All of which was given for his service among Ignis' Warriors.
3)A polehammer, made as a gift for Jaden Seeker.
4)An order of custom-made armor for Jocasta Vita, as well as a Rhomphaia. Cost dropped, for purposes of fighting the Blight.
5)Various farming implements. Made to assist in replanting Thorne's farms.
6)Multiple Purity Seals, each stamped with Ignis' Cross. Three made of gold, Seven made of iron and colored red. Personal and Church use.
7)A Rapier and pair of threading needles, for Julianne Vhalakis.

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I respect your prices. They make sense and are reasonable. Thank you, Human.


Lord of Altera
If you intend on asking about prices, contact Pod about it ICly, whether it be in a convo/IC letter, or talking to him ICly, to haggle it out, don't spam the thread please asking about prices. I'd like to encourage RP with this, rather than just have stuff be done OOCly


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[IC Letter]

Master Smith,

Comes now Julian Mercante da Veraci, proprietor of the Stirling Trading Company, and inquires as to whether you are able to fashion pruning shears, a plow, and several farming scythes. The STC is acquiring a vineyard and a mill in Storm's Landing and is in need of several pairs of pruning shears. Please let us know whether you are skilled in tools as well as weapons of war, and how much it would be to acquire ten pairs of shears, ten scythes, and a plow to be drawn by a horse. I await your reply.

With Respect,
Julian Mercante da Veraci