[book] Journey to the heart



I've started writing a book a couple of weeks ago and it looks like this is something I will see through to the end. I got the storyline written out on several pages already too, so I know I've got a start and an ending and a way to get to that ending.
The book is called "Journey to the heart" and it is a collection of chapters from a fiction-fantasy novel I’m currently writing. It touches on subjects like trust, insecurity, love, depression, achievement, fear, opinions, weakness, disorders, and the like, all of which are put into perspective and told in the shape of a traveling tale through a fantasy environment. I strongly believe that these topics are very important to talk about, yet some are rarely discussed or even avoided. Perhaps people only show how much fun and smiles they have to hide their demons, because they fear they will be misunderstood or abandoned if they show they do experience bad times. I think it shows strength to show and discuss ‘weaknesses’ and want to start making that change by writing this book.

The book tells the story of Jonathan, a seventeen year old boy who has extreme ups and downs and is struggling with the big choices in life; like choosing a university, how to spend his time wisely, whether or not to address that girl he has been thinking about for so long. He must cross a land that exists inside himself, which for some reason has become unsafe to traverse.

He must overcome big challenges and travel all the way to his own heart to repair the damage done to it before it is too late. Guided by the strangest of creatures, he learns about life and a possible way to live it.

Why I’m writing Journey To The Heart? mostly to help myself. It feels good to write about these (often) familiar topics and I hope by making this book public people who struggle with the same problems can see there are more ways to deal with them and more people out there like them. Cliché, perhaps, but honestly I really don’t care about labels; what matters is whether it’s genuine, authentic, and true. Which you too might understand or will surely start to understand once you begin reading my book.

Why Story On The Wall? It refers to the many drawings and texts that I’ve literally put on my wall. But it’s also a reference to “the writing on the wall”, which means as much as that there are clear signs that something will fail or no longer exist. Struggling with a fear of failure, I have had to learn to deal with a whole lot of writings on the wall, which most of the times turned out to be situations where I did succeed. If you wonder why and where this book has references to it, I suggest you start reading and you will surely find out!

Now I think this book fits perfectly well within this community, hence why I'm posting this.
If you are interested, the first two chapters are already published and a third is on its way of completion before the 6th of June.

Have a look if you're interest at storyonthewall.wordpress.com

I'm also still looking for more peer reviewers. So those who feel they want to help me along, please let me know.
I'll say no more, have fun reading! :)