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Branch Matriarch: Fleur de Courtnay III
Branch Patriarch: -
Current Heir: Elnaril de Courtnay

Family Lands/Seat:
+ Chateau d'Ciel
+ Ackerland
+ Manoir de Brume

+ Rammbar’s Motte

A new era, forged by Fleur de Courtnay III, the first female ruling figure of a Branch de Courtnay since her namesake, Fleur I. The branch du Cheval, under the greater house de Courtnay, rises once more.



Branch du Cheval is composed of the direct lineage of Sebastien de Courtnay, previously serving Kane and Queensport as a vassal and close ally. After the death of Sebastian, the Branch was left to its named heir, Fleur de Courtany III, the first female to rule a branch of the de Courtnay House since her namesake, Fleur de Courtnay I. Because of her young age and the regency under her mother Mylaela, the Branch du Cheval was briefly dispersed before being reunited under the guidance of Sonnebishof Maceo de Courtnay. It has historically served in positions of peacekeeping and external politics, aiding in guiding the primary branch of the family (the branch du Lyon, headed by Maceo de Courtnay) to grow and prosper.


Differing from the rest of the de Courtnay lineage, the Branch du Cheval is primarily known for their near-black hair and deep blue eyes. After the union of Sebastian de Courtnay to Mylaela Eldrin, a new set of features were introduced into this branch of the family; silver hair and elven heritage, which were both passed along to Fleur’s elder brother, Elnaril de Courtnay. Despite this, blue eyes have remained a common theme throughout the generations, Fleur's retaining a clear crystalline blue.


Sebastien de Courtnay ✞ : The brother of Francis de Courtnay, he took up lead of the House de Courtnay after his elder brother’s death, leading the family through the exodus from the old lands. By building a strong relationship with Queen Alison Kane, he strengthened the house’s role in the world. When the true heir, Maceo de Courtnay, came of age, Sebastian passed the duty of leading the house to his nephew. Sebastian later became the hand of the Queen, and served Queensport and house Kane until his tragic death defending Queensport against Cultists.

Mylaela de Courtnay: Originally of the ancient House Eldrin, Mylaela entered House de Courtnay’s politics as a simple handmaiden for Njorun de Courtnay, Francis’ wife and Maceo’s mother. She eventually wed Sebastian after traveling to the new world, and gave birth to an elven son, Elnaril, and a human daughter and the heir to the Branch du Cheval, Fleur de Courtnay III.

Fleur de Courtnay III: Fleur was forced into the limelight soon after her father died, when she was named heir to his rule under the Branch du Cheval. She has done her best to embody her father, but their differences have been made clear as time has gone on.

Elnaril de Courtnay (Available to be played): Born several years before his sister Fleur, Elnaril inherited his mother’s silver hair and elven heritage. He has loomed in the background for much of his childhood and teenage years, preferring libraries and books to politics. Nonetheless he plays an important role, as he is the current heir to the Branch du Cheval.


Fleur has adapted the sigil that her father had implemented in his reign of the Branch du Cheval. It is simply a rearrangement of the sigil that her father had implemented in his time of leadership, with the addition of the house motto. (See above.)

Previous Sigil under Sebastian: His was formed by a shield, checkered with a deep blue and firey red. Three golden fleurs were staggered across each square of blue, which had once represented the three remaining branches of the family. The golden lions on the sides, taken from the old sigil of Ser Lancel de’Dore, signify the Branch du Cheval’s foundations in the old family name. Lastly the horses on the red, a new addition to the family sigil, signify a new era under Sebastien, and his bloodline.


Over the years, various heirlooms and items of note have been passed from generation to generation.
Lightbringer - The sword of Emeric de Courtnay, forged by Prince Lucius when he was a mere squire. (Currently held by Fleur de Courtnay III.)
Fleur de Lis Rings- A pair of two golden wedding bands set with the symbol of the Fleur de Lis along their sides. (Mylaela de Courtnay)
A Gold and Ruby Ring- A new addition from Fleur, forged from gold mined in the Old World in Avignon, and cast in a ruby passed down by her grandmother, Adelaide. (Currently held by Fleur de Courtnay III.)
The Golden Patriarchal Dagger - A dagger passed down from Lord to Heir during the turning of a new era ceremony. Meant as a signal to show that the Lord believes that the Heir is at the point in the boy's life where he can lead the family better his self can. (Currently held by Maceo de Courtnay’s only son.)
Lionheart - If legend is true, it is the sword used by Ser Lancel, however, due to age the sword is more of a keepsafe rather than a usable weapon. (Currently held by Fleur de Courtnay III.)
Regal - The sword of Francis de Courtnay, gifted to him upon his winning the joust at Kaiser Peter's Coronation. (Currently held by Fleur de Courtnay III.)


Kane - Respected- Sebastien forged a mighty alliance between the two families but after his death, they have slowly drifted apart. After both Alison and Brennard’s death, Fleur remains the only one capable of forging a relationship with Cuchess Elizabeth.

Hotspur/Iding - Allies/Neutral - Sebastien was close to Benjamin Hotspur, and Fleur has a cousin bearing the Idling name. She is not particularly close to either of them, but is aware of their past alliance and their familiar relations.

Varyn - Respected - Fleur hopes they keep their end of the deal. Prospective allies in the future.


Fluer de Courtnay III
Mylaela de Courtnay I
Elnaril de Courtnay I

Sebastian de Courtnay ✞

Warren {Personal guard to Fleur}

Credit to Jak for the overhead art.
Credit to BoredBrit for help with a few details.
Credit to Brian for the base/original thread which you can find HERE.

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I forgot to post this earlier but Fleur is looking for a single handmaiden to bool around with so if anyone is interested contact her via letter to Haven :^ )

You get paid nice and get a fancy dress probably. Also a cool title. We travel often : )


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I forgot to post this earlier but Fleur is looking for a single handmaiden to bool around with so if anyone is interested contact her via letter to Haven :^ )

You get paid nice and get a fancy dress probably. Also a cool title. We travel often : )
im on the case!