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~ Branch du Fleur | House de Courtnay ~

Founded on 10th of October, 2017.

Branch Patriarch: Carlos I de Courtnay
Branch Matriarch: -
Current Heir: -
Regent: -

Family Seat:
+ Has no official seat, likely the Manor de Courtnay, Queensport.

⚜ Family Lands ⚜
+ Hamlets across the Imperial Marches (Riena Esta and Sungradia)

Family Homes
+ Manor de Courtnay in Queensport
+ Chateau du Fleur in Mockingbay
+ Apartment in Thorne
+ House in Stoltfar

⚜ Relations ⚜
House Kane | Liege/Allies
House de Courtnay | Familial/Allies
House Iding | Familial/Allies
House Strand | Familial/Allies
House Varyn | Familial/Unsure
House Azerwind | Liked
House Bayard | Liked
House Herenii | Liked
House Eberhall | Liked
House MacRammbar | Liked
House Sicarus | Neutral
House Hallon | Wary
House Hawklight | Wary

⚜ Members ⚜
Carlos I de Courtnay

⚜ Household ⚜
None Currently
⚜ Basic Description ⚜
Family de Courtnay dates back many years in history, the family claims its roots in the first of the family de’Dore, that later become House de Courtnay, founded by the legendary figure known as Ser Lancel ‘The Golden’ de’Dore. Since then, the family has seen growth in rank and then the downfall of it all; and after a time of strife, has remerged. Most recently, the family has found itself branched out not only between the families of Sebastien’s bloodline and Maceo’s, but a third, smaller branch was founded under the leadership of Carlos de Courtnay, younger brother of Sir Maceo. Instilled in various jobs across the realms, Carlos has decided to return to his family’s former home, the place where he grew up in the care of Kane and de Courtnay servants of the Kane Palace in Queensport; his oath of servitude to the Duke and Duchess impending.

⚜ Culture (Extracted from History and Cultural Info by BrianAT16) ⚜
“From years of time, a set of unique set of traditions has developed within the Family de Courtnay, from traditions ranging from bonds between family members casted in metal, or to age where a child is seen as an adult, various ideals and cultural traditions have arisen, making the family unique in nature. Arguably the most important of all the traditions is that of the Legend of Ser Lancel de’Dore, the founder of the Family de’Dore which later became the Family de Courtnay. Ser Lancel was a real knight, however, his story has since become mostly legend, from tales of slaying dragons and saving dames, his true story was lost to the times. However, the story of Ser Lancel had an unforeseen result, inspiring both children and adults to follow his tale and become knights, resulting in bannermen of all kind over the times.

Bonds between the family is a common theme within the culture of the family, from these belief was the birth of Bond de Métal, Daggers crafted upon the 10th nameday of a child within the family. The patriarch of the family is given a golden dagger, as the other pure bloodied are granted one made of silver. Bastards of the family that were accepted into the home (Though very rare) would be given a dagger of iron. The family’s relation with bastards is usually treated like an unwelcome guest, or a dog that is given just enough to survive, relating to the idea of nobility and purity that comes from countless years of Hareth/Ignis worship. However, it is not uncommon for a bastard to be legalized if the lord has too many daughters, or simply out of a bit of regard for the bastard. This was the case for Napolean de Courtnay, who was legalized on the deathbed of Duke Emeric de Courtnay I.

At birth, all children of the noble family are baptised under the eyes of Ignis, as to give devotion to the god(dess) as early in life as possible and provide a long, prosperous and plentiful life for as long as the child upholds the Codex of Light. Upon crowning of a new lord another religious ceremony is held. One in which the heir must swear unto Ignis to serve him/her for as long as they shall live; and to protect the honour and values of the family. Then the Lord, or closest relative, bestows the Golden Dagger onto the heir and they raise Lord. The family holds the final funeral rites to a high regard, instead of urns, the family has marble busts made and a single hole drilled, to which the ashes are laid, so the family may remember the appearance of the fallen. The busts are then laid to rest in the crypts.”

⚜ Key Differences ⚜
Carlos de Courtnay’s own branch, le Branch du Fleur, is the most clerical of the three branches de Courtnay. Unlike the leading branch of his brother Maceo, le Branch du Lion, Carlos has only limited military skill, though this is balanced out by his longstanding experience in the management and administration of various lands across, to name a few, the Empire of Anhald, the Principality of Accadia, and the Duchies of both Lyon and Artois ever since he reached manhood.

The scholarly path Carlos took, first graduating from the University of Accadia and then riding headfirst into the real world, has broadened his horizons to a whole cornucopia of ideologies. He decided, instead of taking up the path of knighthood, though he still maintains a high degree of appreciation to the Code of Chivalry, to travel the world to learn from the many cultures Altera has to offer. This has caused him to worship a vast array of Gods from the Pantheon, not just Ignis which was expected of him. Theodora, Silas and Shalherana are all deities Carlos holds deep respect for, for instance.

⚜ Personal Heraldry of Carlos I de Courtnay ⚜

⚜ Physical Traits ⚜
Common traits of the family are as follows; Black Hair, Deep blue eyes, and an average height, however within the family those born with a golden head of hair are considered to have Ser Lancel’s ‘Golden Touch’ matching the same traits as the Knight himself, it is a rare trait, the last known to have it was, Fleur de Courtnay before her dishonour. But now the sons of Francis show the trait, Maceo and Carlos de Courtnay, and with further examples such as Maceo’s son Francis II, this suggests that any descendants of the du Fleur line will have the same trait. Clothing is what you would expect of a noble family, fine silks and jewellery, wore carefully on a daily basis, however the knights of the family are known to wear fine sets of jousting plate to tournament to show the wealth of the family.

⚜ Heirlooms and Items of Note ⚜
There was once little of note in the possession of Carlos de Courtnay, however a recent event has changed things. Though, Carlos is still searching for more possible treasures to befit a noble family.
The Fleur's Pride - The family sword of the Branch du Fleur.
Lightbringer - The family sword of the Branch du Cheval. Formerly the sword of Emeric de Courtnay, forged by Prince Lucius when he was a mere squire.
Silver Dagger - Carlos's dagger, bestowed to him on his 10th nameday through the family tradition, the Bond de Métal.
Paint, Cukie1 and BrianAT16 for parts of the writing.

BoredBrit for existing.

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