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Callum Belthorne, The Sailor
Theme - [X]
As a bonus, the lead singer in his theme has a voice similar to what Cal's would be- however, Cal's voice is a little gentler.
Also, enjoy that really rushed, really simple drawing I did of Cal.

General Information:

Name: Callum James Belthorne.
Other Names: Cal.
Titles: N/A.

Age: Twenty-two, nearing twenty-three.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Bisexual- though, he strongly leans towards women.
Current Residence: He has no permanent residence, though he stays at inns and in the ships that he works on.
Relationship Status: Forever single (that's what he seems to think).
Social Status: Middle-class.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 6'0
Weight: 178lbs, though most of it is muscle.
Eye Color: Deep sapphire blue.
Skin Color: Tanned, though not excessively.
Shape of Face: Heart-shaped.
Distinguishing Features: Mainly, the deep scar marring most of his left side, but aside from that, his striking blue eyes are a gaze-catcher.
Build of Body: He has a rather muscular build, though still a little on the lankier side. He's never been a super-burly type of guy, but at the same time he isn't exactly a twig.
Hair Color: Chestnut-blonde.
Hair Style: He typically keeps it a little on the longer side, usually shaggy, his hair usually parted to the right.
Complexion: Aside from his scar, Cal has a very clear complexion, though some freckles dot his skin here and there.
Posture: Cal stands somewhat straight, if not a little slouched over from his time working as a deckhand.
Is Seen By Others As: Well, he likes to think that others see him as a nice, handsome sailor boy, but typically he just comes off as curious. Very, very curious. He's a little crafty, as well, and puts others before himself.
Scars: His main and very noticeable scar is the huge burn-scar that completely covers most of his left side, including the left side of his face and a small part of his chest, all of his shoulder and left arm, and small bits of his left leg. His back is where the worst scarring is, and most of the skin is completely tarnished by the reddened color.
Voice: Although the only sort-of-reference I have is the theme, Cal's voice is somewhat low, and a bit gruff. However, his tone is very gentle- he really just sounds like a total softie, with a little mischievous undertone.


Likes: The ocean, sailing, fishing, nature, bars, taverns, and really just any place with people.
Dislikes: Fire. It isn't a huge fear of his, but he doesn't exactly like it. He hates overly-egotistical people, cats, and being underground.
Strengths: Cal is pretty good with people. He's nearly an expert when it comes to the sea, he's alright when it comes to animals, and he can do some handy things with a knife like carving and such. He's also moderately experienced in hand-to-hand combat.
Weaknesses: Cal really has no experience in weaponry or combat with anything other than fists. He really knows nothing about things concerning romance, as he's lived a life of work, making him a mildly innocent bean. He's rather weak to fire, not wanting to involve himself with anything that has to do with a lot of fire, and if he drinks too much, he gets a little out of hand.
Fears: Well, for one, he has a small fear of cats. He thinks of them as little demon-spawn that hate water. He's terrified to go under the ground, large amounts of fire scare him, and then good ol' death.
Values: Animals, the ocean, the ships he works on, and the people close to him.
Education: Cal is barely educated- he read books during his time at sea whilst he was a child, but other than that, he isn't educated. That doesn't mean that he isn't intelligent, though.
Languages: Common. Again, he isn't exactly a well-educated man.
General Attitude: Typically, Cal has a very nice attitude. He's usually positive about situations, and his overall tone is gentle and kind. When he's working a ship, though, he gets a little more rough-n-tough.
Religious Inclination: Cal really doesn't have much of a religious inclination, though he has prayed to gods and goddesses in general for safe travels whilst working on a ship.
General Intelligence: As far as book-smarts go, Cal might not be the best- he's never studied much. However, when it comes to street-smarts, he's actually rather intelligent. He uses his creativity while on ships to assist in his role as a deckhand.
General Sociability: Cal is pretty sociable. He'll often happily chat with strangers, though when there's nothing interesting going on, he'll usually be sitting in a corner, doing his own thing. If someone speaks to him, he'll gladly chat with them. He's very gentle and sweet to most people he meets, making him rather charismatic.
Alignment: Chaotic good.

Short Term Goals:
- Find a new ship to work for.
- Make some new friends.
- Perhaps find a romantic interest?
- Get a pet of some kind, be it horse or dog.

Long Term Goals:
- Travel to as many places and oceans as possible.
- Become a ship captain.
- Live his life to the fullest.


Wardrobe: Really, most of his wardrobe consists of light, long-sleeved shirts, pants, and two pairs of boots. His one consistent clothing item is his gloves- they're worn, though they have been with him most of his life.
Jewelry: It's very little-known, but Cal actually has a tiny piercing in his left ear. It's just a small ring.

Pets/Animals: N/A, though he's looking into getting one.

Owned Homes: N/A.

Carried Inventory: A small hunting knife, alongside a small amount of money kept in a pouch at his waist, chunks of wood for carving, some spare string, and a few trinkets here and there.
General Inventory: He really doesn't have a lot- aside from his wardrobe and what he carries on him, he just has some ropes and a tiny amount of canvas for patching sails. He's also recently begun carrying some nicer pieces of wood for carving.

General Wealth: Cal is very middle-class- he doesn't exactly have a lot of money, but he isn't really poor, either.


Illnesses: N/A.
Allergies: N/A
Injuries: N/A
Sleeping Habits: Cal really doesn't get a whole ton of sleep. It's one of his bad habits to stay up all night helping out as a deckhand to earn some extra money. Nevertheless, he does try to sleep in the inns when he can. Sometimes, as well, he'll have rather vivid nightmares about the night he got his scar.
Energy Levels: Despite his lack of sleep, Cal has a pretty high energy level. He'll be caught yawning every now and then, but other than that, he acts moderately energetic.
Eating Habits: Cal tries to maintain decent eating habits, although he'll skip out on meals every now and then. He doesn't eat unhealthily, at least.
Exercise Habits: Really, Cal gets quite a lot of exercise. He works outside a lot, building a lot of muscle often.
Memory: He has a pretty decent memory, aside from little details of people's lives. Often, he won't really remember where someone comes from or where they live unless it's a prevalent detail.
Unhealthy Habits: The lack of sleep is his only truly unhealthy habit, although that doesn't damage his daily life too much.
Drinking Habits: Cal doesn't usually drink a lot, though when he does, he gets drunk somewhat easily. He isn't a lightweight- he is a sailor- but too much will send him overboard.


Birthplace: Cal was born in the middle of nowhere on a ship, essentially out in the oceans around the continent.

Childhood: In his childhood years, Cal spent a lot of his time on his father's ship, the Rusty Pearl. When they stopped in towns, he'd follow his father along into some of the inns and taverns, but other than that, he essentially lived his whole life on the ship. He rarely had any friends, so when he did get to go into town, he talked to as many people as he could when he could slip away from his father. His mother, who was a huntress that travelled with them, eventually was killed while resting at an island tavern. The assailants threw her body into the ocean, though Cal always treasured her for her intelligence and kindness.

Teen Years: In his early teenage years, Cal's life was still the same as his childhood. However, when the Pearl was being tailed by pirates and the ship was forced into a horrible storm, lightning struck the ship, causing a fire that scarred Cal for the rest of his life. After that, his father allowed him into the towns that they travelled to as they avoided the blight. He was constantly befriending all of the people that he could find- though his father had begun to change. Greed drove him to madness, and eventually he shut himself out of both Cal's life and the rest of the world.

Adulthood: As Cal entered his adult years, the Pearl was struck down by pirates, leaving the crew for dead. Cal's father was furious, and refused to speak to anybody- a generous crew from another ship picked them up and brought them to land. As soon as the ship was at the docks, though, Cal's father left and never turned back. Cal travelled as a deckhand with other ships for two years, learning many things that he never would have while on the Pearl. Then, he landed in Linlea, leaving his fifth ship to venture about the city.

Family History: On Cal's father's side of the family, most of the line consisted of sailors and captains. It really was a rather boring line. On his mother's side, there was many a great hunter and huntress. His mother really wasn't much of a huntress, however- she never focused much on her talents.

Past Places of Residences: Many a ship at sea.

Places Traveled: Most of the oceans surrounding the continent, Linlea


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, though if his loved ones are threatened, he can turn very violent very quickly.

Weaponry: His fists and, on occasion, his hunting knife.

Combat Training: Cal has very little training- in fact, a fellow deckhand from a ship he once worked on barely taught him to fist-fight, but that's about it.


Training & Skills:
Beginner - Novice - Adept - Expert - Master

Wayfaring - Adept
Charisma - Novice
Shipwork - Expert
Fishing - Novice
Shanty-Singing - Master
Knife-Work - Novice
Hand-to-Hand Combat - Beginner

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Wandering sailor.
Favorite Types of Food: Any kind of soup is pretty much great in his book.
Favorite Types of Drink: Apple cider.
Hobbies/Pastimes: He does a lot of wood-carving, he wanders about a town often, and he adores learning new shanties and songs to sing at sea.
Favorite Colors: Blue, gold, white, and gray.​


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Relevant Family Members: N/A
Romantic Interests: N/A
Trusted Friends: N/A
Friendly With:
Eleanor Strand "Ellie" - "What happened? I heard you.. were gone, but then there were people tha' said otherwise.. I won't stick my nose in your business."
Laisa - "Somewhat nice- she seems like she doesn't enjoy life. I had a long chat with her, and she's nice enough."
Tania - "A very kind elf that I met in the Greynor. She commissioned me for a carving and chatted with me a while- very nice, and an unexpected new friend. Bought me a drink and told me where I could rest if I couldn't scrap up a room at an inn. I'm excited to chat with her more."
Naushe Kearney - "A man who was passed out in the tavern- he'd gotten into a fight. I bought him a drink and chatted with him for a little- he seems very nice, even a little comedic. I look forward to keep talkin' to him, since he seems like he's seen a few things here and there."
Ayda - "A rather nice woman that I met in a tavern. She was the mother of a kiddo I saw in the Greynor. We chatted a bit, along with her.. male friend. I hate to say tha' I forgot his name, but I forgot his name."
Lady Raalvara - "Thank you so much! I can't believe you'd actually offer such a job to someone like me- I won't disappoint you, especially not now that I have somewhere to go."

Loose Acquaintances:
Disfavored Individuals:
Sir Reynard: "Bastard. I heard what happened with Ellie, and I don't know what happened or if she's still okay, but I didn't think you would be so opportunistic."
Father - "You're a coward for running off when you did. You went down a path that Ma wouldn't have liked, and you knew that. I hope you rot in a hole."
Wary Of: N/A
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