Cap does Pixel Art


Lord of Altera
i don't take commissions and even if i did i don't do medieval art so it wouldn't work on the server

what i do is pixel art tanks. eventually going to expand to ships and planes too, but i don't understand modern ships enough to draw them and i'm still terrible at curves so planes are a bit out of my reach

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Lord of Altera

i get Sherman vibes even though i'm trying to make a Tiger / Comet hybrid still. i blame the fact that i started this drawing with the mounted gun which is obviously an American 12.7


Lord of Altera

i didn't finish the line art but i'm almost there

suspiciously lacking a drive sprocket because i haven't figured out how i want to do it yet. also the suspension doesn't actually work the way i drew it but pretend you can't see that part


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I like big guns. I also feel that it's a bit too big of a bore for the long 88-esque gun I was going for. Maybe I'll change that before I colour it.
My problem with it is entirely based on imagining its size inside the turret to remain balanced :p