[Capital] Halbed


Lord of Altera
"Jax's Luck"

Town Description
Halbed would be the remnant town of "Helka'Taime", to be founded by Cymic Seymour, capital to the Kingdom of Sangria. The official deity of the town would be Jax, for the aspects of Luck, and Gambling.

Owned Out of Character

Owned In Character
Konungur Cymic Seymour, Lord of Halbed.


Donation List
To keep track of the lovelies who wish to donate. Looking for radiant donations!!!! Any & all donations would be immensely appreciated, and i thank you in advance.
+ Asirel Luik 12,500r!
+ mairinbaihn Boatloads of cobble!
+ ZeroOrgan 4,000r!
+ The Tottot 5,000r!

+ Enthronement of Cymic
+ Dual Memorial Service
+ Siege of Halbed
+ Summoning Festival

Piratep00f glorious song of halbed!​
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Lord of Altera
+ Cymic Seymour (Mayor)
+ Ventare Seymour
+ Jhaeros Seymour
+ Emeric Ralotumal-Seymour
+ Harley Seymour
+ Kam Hakiaz
+ Fenric Varkious
+ Jessamine Noakes
+ Hazel Clearwater
+ Boetius Forehorn
+ Willow Tidewater
+ Tavia Jones

Businesses, Buildings and Organizations
+ Kingdom of Sangria
Points of Interest
+ Jousting Arena
+ Gambling Hall

+ Seymour Palace
+ Shrine of Luck

Jax would be the ideal deity of Halbed, but it is not exclusive, any and all deities of the Pantheon may be worshipped, Jishrim being a bit iffy, and Skraag not shunned entirely.

Rumors, Myths, and Legends
+ "Have you heard of antlered human-like beasts roaming the outskirts of the walls."
+ "That bench of stone in front of the tavern is made from dead travelers, rumor has it."
+ "I've heard there's a dragon living in the stone quarter of Cymic's palace."
+ "I swear I saw a giant in the treeline- Just on my last shift atop the wall."


Application For Citizenship
Character Name:
Character Profile (If you don't have one, please attach your white list application.):

Direct Contact: Cymic_
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Lord of Altera


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Lord of Altera
+Looking for plot funding!+
Building is going swell! Looking to set up ports soon.
An event in Halbed sometime this month? Likely! Must finish most of the walls, before i feel efficient to release the area to the public~

Also, special thanks to:
+ Kamaoe - Lots of mats, & always up to help me build!
+ Asirel Luik - Lots of plot money, always helping out!
+ Balatro - The gambling machine in the gambling hall!
+ mairinbaihn - A bunch of cobblestone, like, a lot. Main ingredient in the walls!


Lord of Altera
+ Removed some stuff from description
+ Added events
+ Added citizens
+ Added points of interest
+ Added video
+ Added a LOT of screenies