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Active Carling Herennia - The Seamstress


Noble of Altera

Character Chart
Character’s full name:
Carling Ailith Herennia né Montilyette
Reason or meaning of name:
Carling - Hill where witches gather
Ailith - Noble Battle

Character’s nickname:
Lin, Linny, Love, Seamstress, Mama/Mommy
Reason for nickname:
Lin - Nickname among friends
Linny and Love - Nicknames for her given to her by Julianus
Mama/Mommy - Her children’s nicknames for her

Birth date:
20th of Snowdown (Janruary 20th)
Current Thoughts:
"My family is safe. I couldn't be happier."

Physical appearance
Human (Lavish Descent)
How old does he/she appear:
Around 20 or 21 when looking well-rested
138 lbs
Body build:
Lin’s body is thin and fragile looking. She could be considered willowy in terms of her build.
Shape of face:
A thin face with high cheekbones that makes her face memorable
Eye color:
A light grey that can be like iron when angry
Skin tone:
A dark shade of tan that's gotten a few shades darker since living in Aelmere
Distinguishing marks:
If her sleeves are short there’s an obvious crossbow bolt scar on her left arm
Predominant features:
Her high cheekbones.
Hair color:
Type of hair:
Thick, long, and naturally wavy
Lin wears her hair down normally however for special events she’ll wear it up or pulled back
Tara Strong
Overall attractiveness:
Lin is a pretty young woman with unique facial features
Physical disabilities:
She gets phantom pains in her left arm.
Usual fashion of dress:
Lin dresses in dresses she makes by hand, occasionally dressing in vibrant colors but typically sticking to darker, muted colored tunics and dresses she can easily move in. She constantly wears a maroon cloak over her outfits no matter the weather.
Favorite outfit:
Her simple red shirt, grey belt, and dark grey pants.
Jewelry or accessories:
Her mother’s necklace
Her Herenii Amulet
Her engagement ring
Her wedding ring


Carling has a formal education, her grandparents gave her the best they could afford to give her
Common (Fluent, Writing and Speaking)
Broken Lavoyard (She's picking up more)

General Attitude:
Generally Lin is very kind and calm. She doesn't take crap from anyone and if someone is wrong or lying she's not afraid to correct them. She's willing to do whatever she needs to right any wrong. She's learning to be less harsh, to be more of a diplomat.
Over time Lin has gradually become more timid and fragile, preferring to stay to those she knows well for fear of persecution by others whom she does not know. Her emotions are fragile and frayed causing her to be likely to breakdown more often. However she's found it easier to be a bit more fearless, wanting to face her problems head on now more than ever. She holds tightly to all she has, refusing to let anyone leave her.
Losing her family
Her family being torn apart

Character is most at ease when:
Sewing in her shop, with her husband, or around her friends and family
Most ill at ease when:
When she and her children are in dangerous situations
Enraged when:
Someone insults her family
Depressed or sad when:
Thinking of losing those close to her
Family and Safety
Life philosophy:
Protect the ones you love and hold them close for you never know how long you’ll hold them.
Character’s soft spot:
Her family
Great at sewing
Very Good Writer
Good at running in dresses

Fighting in any way
Being diplomatic
Shiny things
Lack of sleep

Short Term Goals:
[]Learn new languages
[X]Keep a journal
[]Move back to Astrakhan
[]Teach Theo to sew

Long Term Goals:
[]Write her own book
[]Be with Juls for as long as she lives
[]Raise her children in a loving home
[/]Have a successful tailor business
[]Never fight with Juls the way she did


Chateu du Montilyette
Carling's mother died while giving birth to Carling and her twin brother Ansel. For the most part Carling was raised by her grandparents, especially after her father passed away when she and her brother were only 5. Throughout her childhood she was constantly sick, so she learned to distract herself by sewing. In her mid-teens her grandparents passed away leaving her with her brother.
Family History:
Carling's family was a small noble house once upon a time that were successful merchants. However when her great-grandparents passed away her grandparents had a hard time making money, causing their family to be poor.
Past Places of Residences:
Chateu du Montilyette


Current location:
Currently living with:
Husband and children
Two kittens, Fayette and Ansel
Places Traveled:
Storm's Landing
Arget Isles


Dressing nicely, always must make a good first impression
Her brother, he's the only family she has left
Jewelry, it helps her to look as nice as she can be
Writing, it's something she can keep to herself
Cats, she finds them so fluffy and regal
Fruits, they're sweet and can be sour, they just have so many flavors that interest her
Juls, she loves him to the moon and back
Garrett, he's her precious little star that she will protect with her life
Cassia, her little hummingbird. She would die to keep her safe.
Cosette and Remus, her little angels, her beautiful twins that she'll protect.

Vegetables, they taste gross to her
The Dark, it's suffocating and who knows what may be lurking in it
Nightmares, they seem so real and horrible
Morning Sickness, she just wants to keep food down
War, it tears her family apart and causes too much emotional pain

Favorite Types of Food:
Lin loves seafood, namely fish and lobster
Favorite Types of Drink:
Tea, preferably with lemon

Favorite Colors:


Lin's health has been on the up
Due to being a twin she didn't get
as much nutrients as her brother did so she's prone to getting sick.

She's allergic to sunflowers
All healed up!
Mentally she's getting there

Sleeping Habits:
Lin's been trying to sleep more
Energy Levels:
Low energy, it's a surprise she makes it through a day
Eating Habits:
She's eating more
Exercise Habits:
She has four children under the age of seven. She gets plenty of exersice
She has a really good memory, loving to memorize her favorite stories to keep her mind sharp
Unhealthy Habits:
She loves cookies
Drinking Habits:
She may partake in a small sip of wine from time to time but she normally never drinks



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Noble of Altera
Romantic Interests:
Julianus Herennius (Married) - "I'm sorry Julsi, I'm so sorry. I should've never snapped at you. I'm just so tired...I just want us to all be happy and together like we had been before this all started.
" Sir_Arc

Relevant Family Members:
Ansel Montilyette - "I hate having to move you such a long distance Anse but it's for the safety of all of us."
Garrett Layne Herennius - "My little star, you're getting so big. It seems like only yesterday you were just a baby." Galaxy
Baselios Theodosius Herennius - "I still believe in you Theo, just don't stop believing in yourself." Blorbis83
Leontius Herennius - "I hope you and your wife will be safe Leo." AmparoCastaway
Dimitrius H. Herennius - "I'm happy to see you again Dimi, I know Garr has missed you." MrMine

Tacita Herennia - "I hope you're doing okay sister." AmparoCastaway
Cassia Elene Herennia - "My sweet little hummingbird, you've been the best little helper for Mommy. Thank you for being a good girl and helping keep Mommy happy."
Star - "Keep your promise and write a letter. I'll make sure you get to see the kids and Juls the next time you visit." ToastySpam
Cosette Marie Herennia and Remus Felix Herennius - "My little angels, no one will hurt you both as long as my arms are there to hold the two of you."

Trusted Friends:
Eastoft Altham - "I'm happy I made it to your wedding Eastoft. I hope you and Rosamonde live happily." Mapboy

Nessa Eldiguirev - "I hope you've been well Nessa! I miss talking to you!" frenchrainbow

Camilla- "You're my closest female friend Camilla...I hope you stay safe and that I see you at the end of all this." Fawnytheturtle
Queen Citrine G. Azerwind - "I'm thankful to have you as a friend Citrine. I don't know what I would do without your friendship." Samiwashere
Saffire Harcourt - "I'm happy to have seen you again Saffire. It's been much too long."

Friendly With:
John du Beaumont - "I hope that wherever you are that you are doing okay John." Ruukasu Lawliet
Boetius Forehorn - "I hope you've been safe Boetius." TheDuples
Edel Snowfall - "It was good seeing you again Edel! I haven't seen you in so long and I was worried for you!" ZeroOrgan

Leighton Altham - "Surprising to learn Eastoft has a nephew! I'll be waiting your delivery of those silks."
Asero Crow - "You're a good man, I really want to talk to you more." Electric

Loose Acquaintances:
Veriswen Hun'rahel - "She's a nice woman. Maybe when I'm not as tired I can sit down and really get to know her." godfather1
Varg - "Thank you for bringing me to Compendium." Old-Seadog
Rosamonde Desrosiers - "I hope you've had safe travels Rosamonde! Hopefully I can see you sometime soon!" Rosamonde
Merry Cerridwen - "You're strangely quiet and nervous for a bartender." Logan07
Baldric the Lame - "The next time you come by selling furs I'm going to buy two small ones to make blankets with." WizardlyLizard

Gregor Beledrent - "I'm happy you accepted the invite to my wedding Gregor. I am very happy to be making amends with you. " CyberChaosV2
Titania - "I haven't spoken to you in a long while. I hope everything is okay for you." Old-Seadog
Remi Wise - "You were willing to take myself and my family in as a part of Aelmere...thank you, because of you I can rest easier knowing my family will be safe within the walls of Aelmere." Ddaug
Sir Reynard - "A kind man who won the best dressed contest at the ball in a outfit I designed and sewed. I'm happy to know word of my shop will spread farther with him."

Disfavored Individuals:

Arianne Niamh - "In the sense of things you pretty much threatened to burn my son. However I refuse to stoop to a point as low as yours so I will treat you kindly." Bobert
Jaden - "...I still don't like you...." CloakedReaper
Solomon Tekton - "I will forget my past with you but I will never forgive you." Bob_the_BuilderPet
Cedlas Noakes - "I do not think I'll ever be able to trust you." Swiftspear
Shadow Rider - "Hate it."
Brennard Westmay and Alison Kane - "How would you feel being forced from your home, not knowing if you'd have a safe place for your children to rest? Try thinking of the lives of the people who will be affected because you refuse to let something that had been remedied drop."
Unsure of:


Wary Of:
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