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In honor of becoming fairly decent at drawing, I thought I'd share a few on my most recent drawings.

Edit; OOF i look at my old stuff and i cri. if you're new, check out the most recent pages of my thread :' )

they're sideways halp
First things first: a quick sketch of my current HW character, Fenora Wellile.

Here's a character that I'm in the process of creating, and who I probably won't be playing as any time soon.

A simple dress I sketched out for Fenora.

Something I drew while listening to Sia on repeat because I'm obsessed with her.

I don't really like this one because I can't draw profiles to save my life but meh.

And this random girl.

And more:


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Lord of Altera
Quick question...
Do you do requests? :D
Not at the moment, just because I'm trying to find where my limits are and what I need to improve on in my drawings. But, hopefully, in the near future I'll be confident enough in my art to do requests!~