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[General Information]

Name: Catherine.
Nicknames: Cat, Cath.
Age: 19.
Race: Human.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Current Residence: Alderwood.
Relationship Status: Unwed.
Social Status: Peasant.

[Physical Appearance]

Height: 5’5
Weight: 120ish Pounds.
Eye Color: A deep brown.
Skin Color: Pale
Shape of Face: Circular.
Distinguishing Features: She does her best to present herself as higher than her true caste, though other than exemplary manners and mannerisms she is undoubtedly plain.
Build of Body: Average, if a bit on the thin side. It is clear that the woman has not been eating nearly enough in recent weeks.
Hair Color: Black.
Hair Style: In recent days the woman can't seem bothered to style it, instead letting it hang down freely where it falls to the middle of her back.
Complexion: Cath’s complexion is fair though even slight exercise or emotional provocation causes her cheeks to go blush.
Posture: She actively tries to keep a perfect posture.
Is Seen By Others As: She is likely seen as nothing more than a plain woman.

Scars: There is a thin but noticeable scar from and old cut across the palm of her left hand.


Likes: The cordial, swimming, theater, learning new skills.
Dislikes: Heights, insects, new and strange foods, solitude.
Strengths: Serene, disciplined, and very charismatic.
Weaknesses: She can be too critical of herself, quite a pushover, and open to suggestion. She often tries to please everyone. Physically she is hardly threatening, the woman is delicate and carries no skill with any sort of blade.
Fears: Heights, Insects, snakes, plague, earthspawn, makani.
Values: Ambition, Stability, and Responsibility.
Education: Uneducated.
Languages: Common.
General Attitude: Positive.
Religious Inclination: Sallana, though only loosely.
General Intelligence: Average.
General Sociability: Very gregarious.
Alignment: Neutral good.


Illnesses: None, though she has long suffered from chronic headaches.
Allergies: None.
Injuries: None.
Sleeping Habits: A healthy amount.
Energy Levels: High.
Eating Habits: She eats less than would be healthy.
Exercise Habits: She rarely exercises.
Memory: Her memory is sound.
Unhealthy Habits: She does not eat as much as she probably should.
Drinking Habits: She drinks too much.

[Training & Skills]
  • Basic medical knowledge of cleaning and dressing wounds.


Relevant Family Members:
Romantic Interests: Caerwyn
Trusted Friends: Callisto, Oskar
Friendly With: Lord Gael, Sir Florian, Wilhelm, Lady Sophia
Loose Acquaintances: Leofaren, Haldir, Alistair, Kopii, Atticus, Arianne, Iskvandar
Disfavored Individuals: Gilligan
Wary Of: Those touched by the Plague.


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