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+ Cedar - a human name that comes from the Forest Elven dialect, the original spelling being Caedr (KAY-der). Named by his mother, it's a play on words, possessing an Elven meaning while also referring to the tree under which he was born.
+ J'sera - Verba slang, given to him by a resident of Kavdam in Ced's young adult years. The local Nakam took to calling him 'true-shot' in their native tongue, but the word got lost in translation, abbreviating and contracting, and eventually arrived to Ced as 'J'sera'. He thought it an honour and adopted it
Nickname/Alias: Ced. He has been called Cedric by some who incorrectly assume that that is what Ced is short for.
Full Titles: Many dusty old decrees and grants by various heads of state. Nothing recent.
Age: Looks like he's in his early thirties.
Social Status: Medieval equivalent of today's upper-middle class.
Height: Slightly shorter than most men but taller than most women.
Weight: Heavier than he looks.

Date of Birth: Unknown; the calendar is different where he grew up.
Date of Death: Some time during his stay with Lord Draiden, in his younger years.
Homeland: Far into the wilds of the eastern frontier in the Old World, in a bustling market city called Aurefold.
Current Home: The Compendium.

What he looks like: Boop.
Build: Fit. Slim. Keeps an active lifestyle. Diet consists mostly of seafood and greens.
Hair: Thick, dark brown with the odd grey hair and falls just past his chin. He often ties it up in a various buns or a ponytail to reduce the risk of it catching on something important. Stubble shades his jaw, growing fairly scraggly before he gets around to shaving it.
Eyes: Blue. The right one is discoloured, the iris twisted to a pale grey.
Skin: A lattice of scar tissue runs across his entire body, forming a large formation of pale silver lines across his skin like patchwork, as if he has been torn apart and stitched back together. The skin that isn't tissue is lightly tanned.

Identifying Features:
His spiderweb scars. His grey eye. His ears are scared around the edges, where they look a little like half-melted wax.
Appearance: Straight-backed posture. Clothes are well made but old looking. Comes across as being a little worse for wear.
Hygiene: Usually spotless, unless he's been travelling.

Voice: Gary Oldman.

+ Everyday - Heavy brown linen coat (hooded) over a blue tunic, which has gold embroidery on the belt, collar and cuff. Soft soled leather shoes. A black shoulder cloak when travelling. Similar to his Ranger garb, the differences are the colours and use of more comfortable, less practical textiles.
+ Cold Climates - A hooded wool and wolfskin poncho rests on his shoulders over thick winter linens. The shades are blues, greys and whites. Sturdy brown waxed boots keep his feet warm and dry, and a simple triskelion pendant hangs from his neck.
Ranger Garb - Brown linen trousers and a faded grey shirt. Soft-soled leather boots, and wrist-length fingerless gloves. Over the shirt he wears a red jerkin, sleeveless and high-necked. Over that, he sometimes wears an old and battered Ranger cloak (like a long hooded coat with inside pockets).
+ Special Occasions - Blood red velvet and suede suit; corded trousers, a waistcoat and jacket over an off-white shirt. Maroon leather shoes.
+ Bone Hunting Knife - Homemade. Used for killing/skinning/gutting/butchering animals. On his person always in a calf sheath.
+ General's Blade - Very old sword, taken from a dead general during the final battle against Grief. Seems to work best on undead.
+ Hatchet - Simple carpenter's axe. Heavy headed, simple construction, well made. Tucked into his belt on the opposite side of his sword. From the Hawklight camp.
+ Simple Crossbow - Stock weapon, taken from the Hawklight camp armory. 20 bolts. Worn on a shoulder strap.
+ Pointed Stave - 6ft long ebony staff with a pointed steel sleeve at one end, in which is embedded a polished oval jade stone. The floor-end of the haft tapers into a counterweight (and a pretty effective bludgeoning tool).
Important Possessions:
+ His weapons.
+ His wealth.
Keys Owned:
+ The ward key of Wintermourne; a small emerald object.
+ A small key to a metal hatch given by Edward.
+ The key to his home in the Compendium.

Intelligence: Ced is only ever as smart as the person who's playing him, so it usually depends on how much sleep I've had.
Profession: Unemployed and living off the collected wealth of an old dead noble house.
Personality: He's a flawed person, used at suppressing impulses for the sake of playing 'the game'. Most of his moral dilemmas and internal conflicts are clashes between selfish impulses and various noble (as he sees them) ideologies and principles. He believes the road to self perfection can only be trod by casting off all impulse and notion of the self in pursuit of a few core principles. He tries his best to enjoy other people's company but very rarely succeeds. Motivated by self-improvement and whimsy, in equal parts.
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Mountain Bum
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Alchemy: Adept
+ Decent herb-lore: upbringing with Forest Elves, time spent in the wild, and the Rangers.
+ Ores and minerals: rudimentary knowledge; a few sparse studies here and there.
+ Potions: extensive in-depth experiments on himself and others.
Anatomy: Journeyman
+ A year or so spent as a spare hand in the Silver Serpent Hospital.
+ Experience with potions designed to heal/revitalize/stimulate quickened healing.
+ Numerous studies on cadavers in various states of decomposition.
Archery: Master
+ Taught how to hold a bow by his mother.
+ Taught how to hunt with a bow by himself.
+ Taught how to kill with a bow by Nylas Swifteye.
+ Regular use of projectile weaponry for most of his life.
Eviscism: Journeyman
+ Taught by Godric Varyn and Jason of Breakwater.
+ Current tutor: Brennard Westmay.
+ Daily practice.
Explosives: Adept
+ Moderate knowledge of gunpowder and its uses in demolition and siege/explosive weaponry.
+ Extensive practical knowledge of gunpowder's usage in fireworks.
+ Elven - Fluent. The language he grew up speaking.
+ Common - Fluent. The language of trade and humans, Ced picked it up quickly at a young age.
+ Fae - Proficient. The Caparii tongue has many similarities to the Forest Elf dialect (think Spanish to Italian). Ced grew up hearing it. It's obvious that he's not a native speaker.
+ Verba - Conversational. Taught by a Nakat friend in the Rangers, he learnt the basics before their lessons ended.
+ Mok'yra - Conversational. In the process of being taught by a grumpy, foulmouthed Moor.
Staves: Adept

+ Self-taught, extensive training.
+ Sparring with others for the past few months.
Swordplay: Journeyman

+ Used to blades as utility, more than combat.
+ Basic combat techniques of knife and short sword learnt in the Rangers.
+ Experience wielding longsword against armies of Grief, hasn't maintained skill.
Survival: Master
+ Self-taught the basics.
+ Sharpened skill during his time as a Ranger.
+ Centuries of practical experience.
+ Includes butchery, bushcraft, fishing n' hunting, hiking, and climbing.
+ Most suited to surviving in temperate/boreal forests, and mountainous/arctic environments. Less comfortable in tropical climates.
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Bump because amazingness.

I love your writing, so mayhaps the ''His story (coming soon)'' will be here.. Eh? Eh? *nudges Ced onwards to write*

Forget everything else, you muuuust write *throws all the papers in the air and walks out of the room*

But yeah, in all seriousness. Ced is one of my favourite characters here...



Triangles are my favourite shape
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Thank you K9!
I don't know what to say-

I'm writing his story snippet by snippet, but at the moment Alec's chapters are taking up my typing time. I'll make sure to release something by Ced soon. I just want it to be good is all :p
Don't rush it, I enjoy reading it no matter how long you need to get it how you want it.

But yeah, keep it up... please



Triangles are my favourite shape
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