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Change the chat color

Discussion in 'The Big Suggestion Box' started by Rossu, Dec 3, 2017.


Should the RP chat color be changed?

  1. Yes

  2. no

  3. you're dumb

  1. Baron

    Baron Skeletorama Retired Staff

    Character Name:
    Vorar-Elem Polvur (Baron)
    In-game Town/City:
    Vera Vigi
    There's been previous discussions on it, and yellow usually stuck around for this reason.
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  2. The Tottot

    The Tottot Lord of Altera

    Character Name:
    Jerr'co Hakiaz
    Alt Name:
    James McGuffin
    In-game Town/City:
    The server hath spoken! The vote could not be more clear!
  3. NIAH

    NIAH The Awkward Staff Member

    There is something about a... moist voice that makes me want to die. I would google slobber gifs if I were in a better place for it.
  4. TheDeester

    TheDeester I don’t believe it Retired Staff

    If it were a simple change from yellow, I’d opt for the darker grey to remain distinct from OOC still. That said, I like the current yellow, so I don’t know what I commented for.
  5. Fronslin

    Fronslin Lord of Altera

    Character Name:
    Perhaps look into different fonts?
  6. NIAH

    NIAH The Awkward Staff Member

    That'd be a texture pack thing. As well, some texture packs make the font colors look slightly different.
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