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Active Cheayra


It took a lot to get here

Nicknames: Chea
Age: 9
Race: Forest Elf
Gender: Female

Place of Birth: unknown

Physical Appearance

Weight: 102

Hair: Dark Orange
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale

Hygiene: Messy she only take a bath once a week

Body type: A little bit on the chubby side

Hair style: Curly

Personality: Curious, friendly and loves adventures

Pets: a llama she named Lilly

Languages: Elvish - learning only knows a few words
Common - Fluent

Likes: Vegetables, animals and her teddy Murtle

Dislikes: meat (she knows it comes from animals)

Inventory: Bread and a shiny rock


It took a lot to get here
Mister Fronslin - I miss him alot I hope he is okay. Fronslin

Miss Tae - She is so nice and funny. I am going to stay with her for a while. I am excited. The_VALKYRIE

Tania - I hope she is okay I have not seen her for a while. StarWillow2000

(If I missed you let me know)