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General Information:

Name: Citrine G. Azerwind Marr
Other Names: City, Citrus.
Titles: Queen (Reina)

Current thoughts: "It is over, I can breathe "
Current status: Happy and Holy

Age: 27
Race: Forest Elf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Benitoite Palace
Relationship Status: Engaged
Social Status: Queen

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5ft 10
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Light Brown
Skin Color: Pale Caucasian
Shape of Face: Diamond
Distinguishing Features: She is a very beautiful woman.
Build of Body: She is thin and frail but curvy. [ X ]
Hair Color: Dark Brown, nearing black.
Hair Style: Slightly wavey and down to the middle of her back
Complexion: Her cheeks are pretty much permenantly flushed.
Posture: Always straight and tall, it's unheard of to see her otherwise.
+A scar down her left forearm
+A scar on her right side
[ X ]
A flock of birds in an S shape on her chest

Voice: When speaking common she sounds like Mary Stuart from reign [ X ]
But there is a clear Hispanic air to her words.


Likes: Citrine enjoys a quiet lifestyle. She spends most of her time reading or baking or tending to her gardens. She loves any and all flowers and enjoys watching birds too. She is a very keen dancer, and loves to try any style she can. Having been invited to many dinner parties, she adores both hosting and attending them. From time to time she will be caught sketching dresses, but not much else. She adores company, and meeting new people over a cup of her famous tea. She really just wants to be liked and respected by her people.

Dislikes: Citrine's ears are very sensitive to noise, even for an elf, and thus she despises anything too loud. While she is friendly, she is cautious of strangers. Above anything she despises violence, and has a particular dislike and fear for floggings. She is very much an independent and strong woman, so she hates feeling like she is being controlled. While not overly prideful, she believes she has earnt her title as Queen, and so does not enjoy being undermined.

Strengths: She is a very patient and calm woman. She is a great listener, and cares deeply for everyone. She is sweet, and kind and extremely intelligent. She has suffered a lot in her life, and has come out on top, meaning that she is very emotionally strong willed. She has ruled nearly non-stop since she was thirteen, so she is very good at acting under pressure and cunning when it comes to matters of her kingdom. She is a born ruler, confident in her achievements, holding herself proudly.

Weaknesses: At times she can be timid wen around new people. She also has a tendency to put her duty before anything, meaning she neglects her own well being. When she is sad, she becomes very reclusive, often cutting herself from people entirely, and choosing to suffer alone and shut people out. Though she is very level headed, when her temper is triggered she is fierce, and becomes overwhelmed by her anger. Citrine has developed a lot of paranoia over people and their true motives, and so she has issues trusting people easily. She also has a tendency to stress greatly over things that might not really matter. She is a Queen and thus very formal, so at times she can come off as a bit uptight.

Fears: Citrine, though she wouldn't ever show it, is afraid of a great deal of things. She fears the violence of the world, and the harm that can come to the people she cares about. She fears death, as life is such an important gift to her. She is terrified of failing her people and her kingdom, being deemed a bad ruler and disappointing her family. Though her first defence when hurt or sad is to hide away, she is scared of being alone, and actually despises the solitude she has become so accustomed to. She fears herself when she loses her temper, what she might do or be capable of, and she is terrified that after all her praying, she is infertile, and will never be blessed with children of her own.

Values: Citrine values her kingdom and her family above all else. She admires loyalty in people, and respect. She is kind, and so values kindess in return. She is a hopeless romantic, and values love from her partner greatly. A devout follower of Shalherana, she values the gift of life, and thanks the godess for hers whenever she can. She admires honesty, and who is loyal to her kingdom.

Education: High level of education.
+Common- Fluent
+Marrian- Fluent
+Discurvien- Fluent (WIP)
+Elvish- Fluent

General Attitude: Friendly, confident, formal.
Religious Inclination:
Shalherana blessed
General Intelligence: Very good.
General Sociability: She is very friendly and welcoming.
Alignment: Lawful Good.

Short Term Goals:
+Plan more sermons.
+Tend to the Royal Gardens
+Cure them.
+Find someone to teach her to heal.

Long Term Goals:
+Be a good ruler.
+"Long may she reign"
+Love him always.


+A grey shirt with blue skirt for casual days.
+A poofy black dress with a black overcoat decorated with gold embroidery. [ X ]
+Long, cream, 'Roman' style dress.[ X ]
+Her Flower gown for the feast
+Her black and Grey ball gown [ X ]
+Her coronation dress made by Carling [ X ]
+A purple dress from Theo [ X ]
+A blew cloak lined with white hare fur and crows feathers [ X ]
+A very tight fitting black dress with silver jeweling [ X ]
+A lovely gown from Asero [ X ]
+A purple gown [ X ]
+Wow another dress? who'd have guessed. [ X ]
+And another dress made by Carling [ X ]
+Silver ballgown [ X ]
+Gold and black dress [ X ]

A citrine ring from Thordil (Always worn)
Her Princess crown [ X ]
A very cool dragon necklace (always worn) [ X ]
Her Brass crown from Thordil (Not worn) [ X ]
A beautiful bracelet from Asero (always worn) [ X ]
A wonderful choker from Ela [ X ]
A lovely broach from Faer [ X ]
+A very special ruby necklace from Asero [ X ]
+An even more special necklace from Asero (Not Worn)[ X ]
+Pearl necklaces from Asero [ X ]
+Leaf ring from Asero [ X ]
+Black metal and ruby ring [ X ]
+a Diamond and Citrine earcuff (not worn) [ X ]
+Her new Crown, divinely imbued from Thordil. [ X ]
+Her Shalherana token, also divinely imbued from Thordil. [ X ]
+Her Engagement ring [ X ]

Denny the old boy
Orchid the good dog [ X ]
Mango the parrot [ X ]

Owned Homes: Castle

Carried Inventory: Flowers, Books, Reid's bell, her little notebook, bandages, little lucky trinkets, bandages

General Inventory: Owl teddy(Jeremy), Wings and Halo, Charcoal dust from Thordil, TB steel coin, A box of candles from Carlos, so many flowers, A very old bottle of wine from Thordil, a vial of ghast tears from thordil, a golden plaque with "Queen Citrine I", a historic cup from a very important meeting, a bottle of rum from Ventare, Linleas finest pottery adorned with beautiful mountains, a piece of paper for a horse from cymic that is definitely legit, a bone carving of a swan from Kam, her book of poetry, two folded up poems, an illustrated, hand written copy of her favourite fairytale, the gravity book (first edition).

General Wealth: Royal




Illnesses: None
Allergies: None that she knows of
Sleeping Habits: Normal
Energy Levels: Normal
Eating Habits: Normal
Exercise Habits: She walks around a lot
Memory: Good.
Unhealthy Habits: None
Drinking Habits: From time to time. (She is a lightweight, and when drunk she angers very easily)


Birthplace: Mockingbay

Childhood: She grew up in a very loving family, and soon became a big sister. She started her education and started working on ways in which she can help Azerwind prosper

Teen Years: Mother falls ill, becomes acting leader of the house. The events involving Sif Sigurd, solves the problem.

Adulthood: Meeting Dimi, Existential crisis, Lucky dies, Seperating, preparing to be queen, religious misunderstandings, Coronation, alliance, bloody love trianlges, witnessing Shalherana's powers, her little holiday away, witnessing Theo's flogging, the murder, almost losing apple, Asero, captured and held captive in the bandit camp, kills a bandit by accident, rescued, War, engaged to Asero, Sermons, Shalherana makes her presence known, the break up, the festival, The grand opening of the royal gardens, Millin, Blessed by Shalherana, the infection breaks out, Cures Kopii, The beast is after her, finding out, the pilgrimage, her third engagement

Family History: Azerwind

Past Places of Residences: None

Places Traveled: Aelmere, Storm's landing, Astrakhan, Arget Isles, Sanardu, Slyannen, Oren, Varynahll


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, Pacifist
Asero's "stabber" sheathed under her skirt at all times [ X ]
A crossbow made of dark oak wood with symbols of Shalherana carved into it[ X ]

Combat Training: Minimal crossbow training


Training & Skills:

[x x x x x x x x X x]

Making Tea
[x x x x x x x x x X]

[x x x x x x x X x x]

Crime and Punishment
[x x x x x x X x x x]

[x x x x x X x x x x]

[x x x x x x x X x x]

[x x x x x x x X x x]

[x x x x x x x X x x]

[ X x x x x x x x x x]

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Queen/Priestess
Favorite Types of Food: Bread
Favorite Types of Drink: Tea or red wine
Hobbies/Pastimes: Reading, Dancing, Spending time with family, praying, Gardening, baking.
Favorite Colors: All of them

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Relevant Family Members:

Diamond G. Azerwind: Her dearest mother, Citrine has spent her life trying to prove herself to this woman. After she fell ill, Citrine has become extra sensitive about the subject of her safety "I hope that I will be even more than you ever hoped for" mokwar

Idon Marr Azerwind: Her father, despite not being as close to him as she is her mother, she continues to try and make him proud. "Please do not get hurt.." Ddaug

Jaspis: Her sister, she knows she's pure of heart and that she has learnt what she did was wrong. "You bring a certain life to the party I cannot define..." Kamaoe

Agate: Her brother, she sees a bit of herself in him, and admires his determination. She finds him quite adorable. "You are kind and strong and you will do great things."Catena

Apple: Her sister, having accepted her as such from day one. After almost losing her, Citrine is very emotional, and even more anxious."Thank you for all you've done in my absence...." Ruulu

Amethyst: Her youngest little sister. She is still very small, but just as she did the rest of her siblings, Citrine loved her the moment she saw her. "You are such a gentle soul.." Solar

Lady Fania: Her Mother figure. She loves this woman dearly and holds the upmost respect for her. It is a bond neither of them have ever put into words and yet both seem to understand. "I wish I was half as strong as you think I am. " Jazzper

Denny: "You've been a good boy."

Orchid: "You're my little baby."

Mango: Bird noises

Millin: Her Fiance, her pearl. He is the greatest treasure she has ever found. She adores him for who he is, was and will be. She could not think of a more perfect man to be her king and stand by her forever. "I love you so dearly." Baron2537

Trusted Friends:
Linden: Her close friend who she has known since she was a child, he has been there for her through everything and never batted an eye. "I hope it’s going well.." RagingLunacy

Thordil: He had proven to be quite a useful ally, as well as being a very thoughtful friend...though perhaps he may not consider her one. "You are kinder than one would first expect, and I trust you completely." Jazzper

Fronslin: Her grandfather. Overtime he has proved himself to be very loyal to her family. She cannot help but feel attached to him. “I’m happy to see you happy” Fronslin

Trusted Politically:
Rembrandt: A member of her guard. He has so far proven to be very dutiful and caring. "I am grateful for your choosing Azerwind..." Portalmaster900

Theo: His temper flared and she did not deserve the treatment he gave her. She has grown tired of so called friends not treating her with respect. "You had no right." Blorbis83

Friendly With:
Bentham: "Your affection for Bel is quite endearing. You seem like quite the gentleman. I think we will become close friends.." Shankster

Bel: "You are energetic...something I am not very used to, but it’s refreshing, at times." Ayda

Billin: "You’re kinder than I first thought, and quite fun to be around." Portato

Leofaren: "Thank you for all you are doing...I hope I can be of use." Shankster

Kopii: "You are kind, I pray I have not cursed you with my cure..." Omikuji

Segar: "I am sorry for your loss, and your seemingly hectic start to ruling, I will be here for you if you need me." French Roast

Cloud: "You are who you wish to be, and I'll still be here when you decide who that is." Jeroxia

Loose Acquaintances:

Watkins: “I did not mean to offend about the bathing comments...I’m sure your friends are just joking.” French Roast

Disfavored Individuals:

Reid: “I feel betrayed. There is nothing more to say.” Spirit

Veriswen: "You're pathetic."godfather1

Lord Asero Crow: "You never deserved me, " Electric


The bandits: Words cannot describe her disdain for these men who took her from safety, made her life a living hell and left her with scars to remember it. And yet, she cannot help but feel guilty that she was responsible for killing one of their own.

Unsure of:

Lucky: Her pet turtle that died when she was younger.

Connor: Her General, and friend, that left to live his life. She is happy that he is happy, wherever he is. Maybe she will see him again. Baron2537

Chieftain Tryg Strand: A father figure, she adored the old stag like family. His death hit her hard, and she misses him. Still she is happy that he has found his peace with his wife. French Roast

Star: Though they were not as close in her later years, Citrine was still pained by the loss of Star, especially with her determination to comfort Citrine when she was afraid. ToastySpam
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(Mary Stuart from Reign basically)

Beautiful art by ToastySpam


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"As a Queen, I am never truly safe. There will always be someone who wants me dead. I learnt that at a very young age."

"One can have authority without making others feel small"

"I was born to serve the people, and blessed to protect them."
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