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Lord of Altera
(Clyde cannot be found at this time and is being set aside for now.)
Clyde Remming

Born to a low class family, Clyde was pushed to study day and night to help change his family's status. He took up the job of fighting as a soldier of sorts but still has a lot to learn. Due to his up bringing and interacting with other races at an early age, Clyde tends to think too deeply about things since their ideals have sort of conflicted with his family and race. For a Sliver Elf, Clyde is fast but can't really pack any sort of damage when it comes to his attacks, hence the interest in books. He is an odd guy who shrouds himself in mystery.
General Information:
Age: 25
Race: Silver Elf
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual, doesn't really care to be honest.
Current Residence: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: Low Class

Physical Appearance:

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Pale
Shape of Face: Soft with underlying contours
Distinguishing Features: None really, he has a scar across the back of his spine but it is covered up with a tattoo.
Clyde's mark.png
Build of Body: Thin
Hair Color: White/grayish silver
Posture: Carries himself highly, trying to give off a noble vibe.
Voice: Sounds smooth and nicely pitched but has a lot of emotion to his words, he can speak on a few different scales (Basically think of Freddie Mercury)


Illnesses: Has some mental issues but nothing serious. He can easily hide them
Allergies: None but can't eat too much diary
Injuries: has some back issues due to a young injury.
Sleeping Habits: Rarely sleeps but when he does, he is out like a brick.
Energy Levels: Average
Eating Habits: Healthy but eats less than what he should.
Exercise Habits: Only when he is training and going out for light runs in the morning.
Memory health: He remembers his life and his books.

Training & Skills:

Fighting- below average
Book smarts- A+
Cooking- can make simple things
Charisma- Suave AF
Social skills- Pretty decent

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Scholar
Favorite Types of Food: Bread and light foods
Favorite Types of Drink: Never drinks alcohol but will settle for a cup of tea any day
Hobbies/Pastimes: What are hobbies?
Favorite Colors: Blue and White.

Relevant Family Members: Mother & Father
Romantic Interests:N/A
Trusted Friends:
Theodosia Engem- An interesting girl... She has ties to knowledge not many have... Maybe I can use this?
Friendly With:N/A
Loose Acquaintances: N/A
Disfavored Individuals:N/A
Hated: N/A
Wary Of: N/A
Worships: Visage
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