[Comic-Book] Will & Gronim; Inter Galactic Services. [language]

Old_Gromm insisted that I put this here too.
I have a facebook page where I post weekly, a new page of Will & Gronim every weekend.
Gromm said some of the people on the server might like it. And since he insisted, I've made this thread.
Enjoy! New post every weekend!
You can also like the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WillAndGronim/
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language warning though :0
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Gronmin, very original character indeed.... No resemblance to a Dwarf, nono, not at all... Love his originality :D
Random hobo got into NASA xD

Thank you for the new avatar, mate :p
WHAT THE FUUUUCK! The weekend is already over? We at Inter Galactic Services would like to propose an intergalactic law that adds an extra day to the weekend. 8 days in a week makes more sense than 7 anyway!
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