Command Abuse Announcement


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This is an announcement to explain the occurrence of two bugs that went by un-reported for the last month and more. Our prestige admin command was available to the large playerbase. Parsing through the logs, many seemed to have noticed it, but not used it. A few days ago, it came to light when a player used it repeatedly and reported it late. The command obviously is the use of the prestige admin commands to give nobility, transfer and delete regions and houses.

The second command was the ability to gain free prestige, bypassing the 50k into prestige. Anyone who never had the nobility command was able to use the prestige claiming command to receive it- that means new players. Not only that, each time they used the command, they gained 50k more. Yes- you read that right. We've a list of those that abused this command and have decided to take care of where the sources came from and didn't report it- but took advantage of it, instead of all who used it. To this, we'll be keeping some bans in place and making new ones. All igns will be omitted, unless they make a ban appeal to return to the server after understanding what went wrong.

The commands have been removed and blocked now, and that's why I can freely announce this. Please, for the love of this server, report a bug right away if you see something odd happening when you use a command.



Non sum qualis eram
One thing that has never changed is that hawkeye is an excellent plugin and staff /absolutely/ know how to use it.

solus ptiber
(Maybe make a QA team for plugin testing tho guys, with at least one member per possible server permissions node. (OP, Admin, Staff, Player, Nonwhitelist, off the top of my head, minimum.
This is something that'd be on my normal QA testing, as would throwing negatives, nulls, and NIs at it.)

I volunteer to Guinea Pig plugin stuff with my 2+ years of QA team expertise. Would prefer not to be the staff node tester.