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Canon [Content Warning] Tales of Astrum

Should I continue writing this series?

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Sir Arc

It took a lot to get here
He looked back to the opposite tower to see a gleam of blond hair in the place of the guard's helmet. As the guard turned to look towards him, Malcolm's eyes focused onto Captain Floyd's well chiseled features. With a blush, Malcolm's heart fluttered as his sheltered feeling once more rose. Upon meeting Floyd's gaze he looked away shyly, his cheeks reddening further. Malcolm was sure that Floyd would never want to be seen with him, he was a lowly guard, and the thought that Floyd would ever be with a man was beyond question. Malcolm sighed sadly. Upon this his mind flashed back to his father and how he reacted when he had first shown interest in another man.
not on my islamic server
Naw man, don't stop. never stop. Man's not stop, never stop.
In all seriousness, don't ever stop even if the majority tells you to stop; this is quality stuff!