Poster Covenant of the Heavensend Mission Statement


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A long, crisp piece of paper is posted to the message board outside of the Kraken's Den Inn. Surrounding it are lots of fliers from the same group, but the long paper clearly takes precedent. The script is neat, and even -- at the top is boldly written: MISSION STATEMENT

"There are no revelations to be had from reading declaration that these are strange times the Fellowman lives in. An Evil brewed beneath the surface, The One Below, which now slumbers; the Heavens Above fall on Sons and Daughters, the Fellowman. Strange times, indeed. The shimmering light from these stones, fallen from Heavens, cast a shadow in the gathering dark, though few of you readers seem to have noticed. These shadows stripe across our fields and our forests, touching and twisting what is natural, warping them. Why do the Heavenstones fall upon us, and why do they bring such plight? It is the will of the Gods. Our wars, and contempt for each other, our disregard for the tenants of the Pantheon, and our role in raising the One Below — the Fellowman is too full of Pride. The Gods now test our hubris, and it can be our salvation or our undoing. The time to prove ourselves is already upon us.

The Heavenstones are great reservoirs of divine energy, designed to corrupt the natural world against us. If they are not contained and treated carefully, there will come to pass a cataclysm for which no scale could measure.

The Covenant of the Heavensend was founded upon the scientific work of Natural Philosopher Randall Ridley, to serve as the salvation of the Fellowman. The Covenant has long studied the stars, and prophecies surrounding these very events. The moment is now, and The Covenant reveals itself to act. The burning Second Sun, high up upon the sky, looms ever closer. Its presence above is as though the Gods themselves wrote words of warning upon the clouds, spelling disaster for those who would not heed the Pantheon. It is the mission of The Covenant to recover, protect, and gather as many of the Heavenstones as we possibly can. Their existence is divine in nature, so while miraculous boons may be possible to attain from them, the risk for disaster is too high. There are evil beings who seek to use these gifts.

The Elementals which plague this land feverishly lust for the Heavenstones and will stop at nothing to gain the divine power kept within. The primary interest of any involved party should be to help The Covenant of the Heavensend to collect and guardian the stones from this preying evil. The Fellowman has no other choice, if they do not wish for total destruction. If The Covenant and the Fellowman succeed in time for The Holy Day, The Solar Bloom, The Coming of the Second Sun, The Day of Fire and Terra, the Gods will forgive the Fellowman and an age of prosperity and peace will arise. But these things will only come to be if we act swiftly and righteously. The Holy Day will come, but until then, the Heavenstones must be kept in the safety and security of the obsidian lined vault of the Ridley Manor.

The stars mark the day we will all gather, keep your eye on the sky.

— Paul Stonecipher, Fellowman and Brother of the Covenant of the Heavensend"
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