Crafting; Ballista

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
Hallowsfyre Crafts

[This is crafting RP for a ballista.]

The Ballista
Die Belagerungs Armbrust

With the foundries set up in the Duchy of Eretine, so to were the materials garnered throughout
the past quarter of a decade, the Lord calmly walked the path to the foundry itself and ordered a
small percent of the architects and wood-workers into the room, as-well as some metallurgists,
his singular eye foxing over the mechanisms as he brought out a diagram, gesturing all to look unto it.

“These ballistae are to be manufactured parts by nightfall, and be delivered to Compendium, an
auxillary of six more will be made in the next two weeks. We’ll be utilizing irons and such, don
th’ proper gear and th’ like.”

With all of that in order, the foundries were set to work, rods of the blazes are arrayed within the
coals that made up the blazing forge. It would take awhile, but more and more ore was added to
the tray above as he looked over it, the debris was clearly pounded away from it prior, and it seems
to be at this moment free of any detrimental facets of debris. The room soon filled with a smog as
bright, yellow light erupts from the forge, lapping at peoples faces; the flame crackling and soon
billowed smoke.

The forge itself became a radiant light soon after throughout the now quiet city in the night,
many figured it would be one of Arike’s new experiments, which of course, it was. The bars
would be drawn out into rectangular shapes and rested against birch originally to fit, but soon
found itself accompanied by sanded, oiled, and fire-burned oak, these would be the inlays to
fit against the oak so as to allow for quick loading of bolts without the issue of tension. And so
became the issue of the wood used to hold the tension.

Fire soon erupted once more as stock bow-driven lines are brought out, three boulders are set
throughout the crafting area for sculptures originally, they would now be utilized for a grand
hunt, it would seem. They take on the shape sooner or later; being held one over the other,
they are burned against the edges and cut down for style; in the words of Arike-

“Style, as a Milestone of Victory and Vanity; Crusade, bless these arms for they're for the good of
the realm, holy be this charge."

The forged continued to blaze with that of the infernal, wood is brought up and over; it’s edges
singed and burning as the smell of oak was far from faint; the internal and external of the ballistas
were now made and packaged, now was the time for something more grand; the bolts. They’re
drawn out through holes, latched to one end of the table whilst in the meantime, large wiring and
the tension cord is made for each; held against it and launched against a haybale, naturally, it goes through.

Nodding, the group looked to eachother, it seemed to be a job well done. The ammunition,
aswell as some auxillary pieces for repairs are set up. Wheels are extended too for safe carrying
and movement. Packaged in hay aswell as cotton, these crates are sent to Compendium.


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"Uh.. No thanks."

For real, we should probably RP before siege engines and war machines start arriving. xD

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
[they're in the middle ground at the moment, that rp was meant to happen but hasn't happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

I wait till whenever set a time or date and i'm here to do that]

Raphael Payne

Lord of Altera
They're not exactly needed, they're more than welcome to have it. It's at a halfway point in the road, I just need to RP.

As for why: pay attention to the event line stuff, there is a flying monster in the skies.