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Legend of Altera
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Physiology - They are very large creatures with a square head, long tail and stripe-patterned fur. They have large eyes and a sort of black 'mane' that grows in a thick stripe from the nape of the neck down to the tail. Muscular, long, powerful legs give it a graceful strut when it walks, and exceptional climbing abilities. Many possess a black 'mask'-like pattern of fur over its face, and nearly all appear to be smiling due to the shape of its mouth. They can grow from anywhere between 8' to 12' tall, and with a long, tapered body and narrow shoulders it has some feline-like qualities to it.

Large paws and non-retractable, dull claws allow it to climb rocky surfaces and often trees, but do not favor swimming, though they possess the ability to do so if needed. They are usually dark browns and greys, with dark stripes decorating their body. Younger ones are far lighter brown colour and get stripes once they are a few weeks old.

Sexual Dimorphism - Males are often more slender than females, but often have larger heads and wider skulls, females often have less stripes and more random patches of dark fur.

Habitat - Usually forests and/or grassy areas.

Diet - Opportunistic carnivore with very rare omnivoristic tendencies

Hunting - They are a large predator that feeds off of things such as horses, deer, and livestock. Large jaws and teeth as well as powerful digestive system allow it to eat nearly every part of the animal. Will sometimes eat fruit but it is uncommon to see.

Because of the size of the animal and the calorie needs of each being they are very rare to see, because only a few can live in a certain area. They need a lot of meat per day, and it is often difficult to catch due to their size. They rely on stalking their prey around trees, or chasing them up a cliff to isolate it for easier targeting.

Behaviour - They are very shy, but curious creatures that tend to stay away from towns and villages.

Around other animals it towers over them and shows little if any fear around them, with some exceptions. Towards other beings like itself, however, it is very aggressive and territorial, due to the space needed to accommodate such a large being they refuse to give up their homes to another.
  • Though they may kill humanoids they do not actively seek them out and prefer a generally solitary lifestyle. They sleep in large trees or in caves big enough to support them and sometimes are seen digging to bury food.
  • They can be heard making a variety of noises from chirping, chuffing and making a very human-like 'laugh'.
Lifespan - Males and females alike live around 15-25 years, can live for a few years above the average but it is uncommon.

Aging - They grow very fast for a being that large. A newborn is usually around 20 pounds when born and is around the size of a large dog. Usually around the size of an average horse by their 5th year. Mature at around 12 and are able to reproduce by then. They stop growing around 15 years.

Yields - Their fur is too thin to be viable as clothing, but their large claws and teeth are quite decorative.
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Rumor tells tale that sightings of these creatures have been sparse lately. It is unknown how or why, but it is known to those who have actually witnessed them that they have not seen many of them even before. Speculation leans on these creatures running from their habitats by hunters and foragers.

(Out of interest of freshening beast lore- these creatures may be endangered now)

Edit: Now extinct in its exact form.
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