Deceased Crown Prince Drake Hawklight


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Crown Prince Drake Ferreum Hawklight
The First of His Name, Heir Presumptive to the Kingdom of Hierax, Inheritor to the Patriarchy of the House Hawklight, Duke of Dawnshard, Count of the Eastern Watch, Count of East Osberht


Drake was born as the younger twin to Keaton Hawklight, sons of Madyson Windhelm and
Zanros Castellan Hawklight, in the town below Wintermourne Citadel. While he received a
short magical education from Madyson, his true skill and goal was the use of a sword and
shield. At only a few weeks, his uncle, Polo Hawklight, handed him a wooden sword - this
would spur on Drake's commitment to swordsmanship and duelling.

Through numerous negative dealings with the beast races, chief among these the Nakam,
Syrien and Demons, Drake grew to dislike these non-humans, seeing them as lesser beings.
This, combined with his sense of entitlement to power as the Heir to Hawklight at most
points in his life, lead to Drake having a sense of self-superiority. While this was mostly
dulled due to the stripping of his titles and his banishment from Hierax, it is still present.

The recent pardon by Axex Hawklight will likely bring this aspect of him to light once

His father was lost to him to an incurable disease - this death did not hit as hard as his
mother's however, who lost her life to the foul hand of a demon. Drake joined, and left, the
Inquisition, losing, and regaining, his right arm in the process. This gifted him with a
certain ambidextrous talent, as he trained heavily and fought often with only his left arm
during this period.

After many years as Duke of Dawnshard, Drake attempted an illegal sale of the Duchy,
leading to his banishment from the Kingdom of Hierax. He headed south, using the money
he had gained to purchase the rights to a large expanse of land around a bend in a river. He
founded this city as Reignfall, and it was settled on top of the ancient dwarven ruins of
Tahkul Rimtar. There, he retired his title to Illthilior Athrendu, and went on a pilgrimage to
seek divine inspiration. Drake has since been pardoned by the Kingdom, and has returned
as Duke of Dawnshard, Heir to the Kingdom and Prince of Hawklight.

With the flight to the new world, and his uncle's continuing ill health, Drake has assumed
role he has always sought - one of command, and leadership, within Hawklight.
Camp Norman, the first landing site of Hawklight and the majority of the population of the
old world was established on the island now known as Greater Skye, and while it
flourished, a better location for permanent settlement was found in the north. Blackstone
was founded, and is currently still being built higher and wider, with farms and houses
popping up under
the tower spires of the fort itself.

Drake Hawklight is a human male (age, 35) from the north - pale skin, dull green eyes and a
rather tall stature of six foot two (inherited from his father), identify him. He is rather
average, appearance-wise, with a brown mop of head and facial hair that is kept generally
tidy. His hygiene
is perfect, being high nobility.
Drake is missing his left earlobe. He has a scar that runs a ring around where his right arm
meets his body. He has a tattoo of a rose on his chest, above his heart.

He has recently married Sel Telarion, a silver elf of the Terlaion nobility, and their first
children have been born. Three boys, the first two human and the third elven.

Among his other trueborn family, he knows of only one left alive - Axex Hawklight. Drake
however, sired many bastards over the course of his life. His grandparents on his
father's side were Ferreum (after whom he is named) and Triss Hawklight - He knows not
his mother's lineage. His brother is assumed dead, alongside his younger sister Selena. His
aunt Valisa is, and has been, missing since Drake reached the age of 18.

His permanent, prized possessions include Talon (the longsword gifted to him by his father,
before his passing) and another longsword, now called Dawnshard, taken from Archaeus
Fronte (crafted by Vorar, this sword is exceedingly well made). A suit of plate armour made
by Drake Rock, the wedding rings of his parents (Zanros and Madyson) and a gyrfalcon
named Dawn, are also particularly valued.

His opinions towards humans, elves and dwarves are generally neutral. All other races are
seen in a negative light - it will take proof that they are not the corrupted or bestial creatures
he suspects they are. He especially despises demons, for they killed his mother and took his
last close family member from him.

Has a fondness for the piano and cartography, and is currently practising such skills.

His true strengths lie in two things only; a skill with longswords and a skill with his tongue. He can
speak well and fight well. Trained by some of the greatest swordsman of their generation,
Axex, Zanros and Polo, he has an eminent skill with blades.

Demons, and other such creatures lie among those things he particularly fears. Rightly he fears
the Gods aswell, for they have a source of great divine power.

His weaknesses are particularly with a bow, nor is he a strong rider (and from this, not good
with a lance). He also finds himself to be rather partial to the finer aspects of life.

Short Term Goals:
1. Triplets

Long Term Goals:
1. King
2. Hawklight



Axex Hawklight - To finally know that he has found his peace with me for my mistakes is a heavy weight taken off. Axex
Ciaran, Alasdair, Tertius - Triplets born to Sel Telarion, his beloved children.
Other Hawklights - Although most are deceased or missing, those who live are family.

Close To:

Sheila S. Cor - Albareth's daughter, my niece? Something like that. bettemus99
Kharn Sicarus - While not family by blood, Kharn has been present in Hawklight for as long as Drake knows. Warwolf
Daeron Eldrin - He was at my birth, and I have known him since. Jstar

Demitrius Destrius-Cor - Nephew, or some manner of relations. MRPolo13

Illthilior Athrendu - A most trusted friend, despite our distrust. Tempy_
Sel Telarion - A marriage of convenience, more than of true love, but I am fond of her nonetheless.


Tsarra Imizael - A fine and strong woman, despite her troubles. Asirel Luik
Odette - We're both rather big fans of whiskey. Samiwashere
Niallrys - Nice enough~ Lirakitty
Dalinar - It is good to see you again. K9
Tohm Mechaskus - Loyal, to a fault. Tohm
Bronn Westergard - A man who's council I value greatly. LeftwardElk


Berndt - Shit peasant man. Paint
Lonmar - A noble house, with whom I have ties.
Archaeus Fronte - Despite his crimes, he seems an honourable man. Glados

Citizens of Reignfall - They are citizens of my town, and so I must ensure they are all in good health.
Storm - Seems to be on the straight and narrow now? Ecco

Nwalme Fuvur - Talks straight, talks well. blargtheawesome
Nylarii Fuvur - The embassy was spectacular. Elz
Other Fuvurs - Personal encounters have been nothing but pleasant. Illthilior's follies are his own.
Ava Grey - Fixed my nose. Joseph12Q

Cinaed - He seems kind and smart. Constable Quokka
Isabel Goodman - Kind enough to offer to teach me elven. Ruulu
Seigh Talon - It's a complex relationship. Drake fears him in a way, because were he legitimised he would be the heir... As is, he is simply liked. bodejodel
Violet - Entertaining enough to talk to. Cukie1
Eltsir - He's ok. Elt
Alison Kane - Friendly, and willing to work with me on the map. The best of them. Elz


Molly - Quiet. Charybdis

Unsure of:

The Bestial Races - Caparii, Moor Elves, Greylings, Earthspawn; they are all lesser beings and will have to show their good intentions to prove themselves somewhat equal.
Astilo Darkwood - A pirate, but one content to work for me. Raphael_Payne
Jeroxia - The man is a fool - but also cordial enough. Jeroxia


Anhalders - King Peter and Prince Edmund are most unsavoury.



This character ages at a rate of one year per year.

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