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In need of a particular Elixir? An Oil, perhaps?
Look no further than Crow's Elixirs & Tattoo Parlor.

Potions are a useful commodity, allowing one to heal, strengthen, enhance, and better themselves.
Crow's Elixirs & Tattoo Parlor sells carefully made potions; in other words, perfection in a bottle!
urrently attainable at the store:

+ Elixir of Celerity: Enhances the user’s speed, agility, and ability to react!
+ Elixir of Strength: Enhances the user's strength, letting them perform supernatural feats!
+ Elixir of Scotopia: Enhances the user's vision, allowing them to see like never before!

+ Hangover Cure: Does what it says on the bottle- an essential for anyone!
+ More to come!
+ Oil of Fire Resistance: This oil can be applied to clothes and flesh, making them resistant to flames and extreme heat!
+ Oil of Invisibility: Apply this oil onto anything, and watch it disappear! Flesh, objects, clothes- you name it!

+ Elixir of Soothing: Instantly heal scrapes, bruises, minor cuts, and burns- a necessity for any household!
+ Advanced Elixir of Soothing: Soon to be added!

If you seek a potion that isn't in the shop, or want a mass order, just leave a note for Lord Crow at the letter-box!

Using Elixirs and Oils can be tricky.
It is recommended that you seek out information on how to properly use any potions you may buy.
You can easily set up a meeting with Lord Crow to discuss any questions you may have about the Elixirs and Oils you buy.

(Lord Crow is not responsible for any damages caused by improper potion usage)

In addition, the shop's upstairs portion houses a tattoo parlor!
You can set up an appointment with Lord Crow to get any tattoo you desire.
With years of experience, quality and satisfaction is guaranteed.
OOC: Please refer to this [Lore] when using potions c: Or PM me if you have any questions about it!
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Lord of Altera
A new poster has been hung up in this one's place. It features short descriptions of what all the shop has to offer.