Finished Crusade


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It's over, it's finally over.

Now I can focus on important stuff, Like roaming into the middle of nowhere and getting attacked by geese.


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Just going to give brief overlay of story and plot, people can fill in specific details and be like: "That was me. c:" or "This was (insert name here)" on their own. ;P

It all started in Storm's Landing, with a wail of a woman turning into hearty laughter and then into funeral bells. All who ended up going met up at the docks where a blob became a portal to the nether.
On the other side of the portal was a raging battle all around consisting of beasts of scion and servants of the gods. The party fought it's way through waves of enemies until we came to a fortress. There was a giant spider thing that attacked the party and was slain after a decent fight. From here, most PvE ended and up till this point it had been PvE.
After that, we saw three figures atop an unreachable mountain. One was the enemy (unsure atm if scion or not), one was Crusade, and the last was Rahas. Crusade was fighting the big bad, and Rahas had taken a wound and was down. The party soon found some ballistas which were gotten up to fire. One of the ballista fired at the big bad, the other was used to fire upon Rahas. That ballista was destroyed along with the person manning it by Crusade. Crusade then took up Rahas's blade and ended up casting the big bad he had been fighting into the lava below.
Once this was done, the party continued on to where another god fight was raging. Upon getting across a broken bridge and up a tower, the party found itself seeing a beast being fought by Ignis, Jishrim, and a god that was either Skraag or the Grey Lady (feel free to correct me on that). This beast had a pulsating heart that emitted a purple light or corruption. People fired at the obvious target, and it was sent hurdling into Jishrim who had the form of a giant spider. Jishrim ripped one of it's wings off and it fell to the ground. Upon hitting the ground it attacked. Someone lost an arm to it, and was taken care of. The rest of the party fought on, and eventually the beast got airborn again. From where the wing was ripped off, an arm with a sword came out. There was more fighting and the beast eventually took on a humanoid shape. At this point it was finished off by one of the mages who was in the group.
As the party watched, the heart began to rise into the air. It was taken and eaten by Jishrim, who could not seem to absorb the heart or it's power. He continued dancing around on his web until the party was gone.
But before leaving, the gods showed up and spoke to the party (One did regrow the arm of the one who lost it). They essentially said that everyone's job was done, and that the scion was defeated.
And then everyone left and did their thing, the end.