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Culture of Clan Hakiaz
As one of the last Earthspawn clans, Hakiaz gravitates toward traditional views and beliefs. They have had to, however, change in certain aspects as a way to integrate into societies, in the absence of other Earthspawn clans.
They often accept other races as children and siblings, but the adopted as have no chance to inherit any lands or titles. The fact they are adopted and allowed to live under the protection and make use of the resources of the Earthspawn clan is traditionally considered far more than any other race deserves.
Rather than letting go of a grudge, certain members of Hakiaz tend to hold on to them. They do not like having people or things taken from them, and will endeavor to either make amends or seek revenge. This especially holds merit in cases where a child, for a young child is yet innocent and harmless, is hurt. If things are swiftly set right with the return of life, blood, or whatever was taken away, those of the Hakiaz clan may be inclined to forget it.
While they have clan houses in cities, they still prefer caves or the undergrounds. Living in a city would be considered odd for Earthspawn, as they traditionally lived only among other Earthspawn. After years of being the sole Earthspawn roaming the realms, Azgir and Kam of clan Hakiaz made use of cities as places of protection for their clan in times of strife and uncertainty. Despite being a clan of predominantly green skin, they have a blend of sensibilities and priorities. They have a mixture of beliefs from each of the colors, as is expected of a mixed clan that values the essence of (Murkztob within) Earthspawn above the color of their skin.

Physical Traits

As the matriarch and patriarch have straight black hair, so do the descendants of the clan. They most commonly to wear their hair in braids, ponytails, or buns. It is not unusual to see bones, charms, and other things woven into their hair, or such items being used to hold their hair in place. The majority of the clan’s skin is green, with two exceptions of a Hakiaz with red skin. Though, this is not unusual to see, for clan Hakiaz is what remains of a once exclusively red-skinned clan. Mottling is not predominant, but can appear when a member of the clan has exposed their skin to the sun often. (OOC: No more red kids, new rules apply. Please see the Earthspawn lore for more info: link)
The clan most commonly has yellow or grey eyes, with black eyes being a rarity among the clan. Given genetics, this is unlikely to change. (OOC: Yellow or grey eyes, the black eyed kid is an exception from before new lore.)

Festivals and Celebrations

(These will receive events in the future, I’d like to establish each of them.)
Other people are welcome to join in so long as private events are arranged with proper RP. Some of these might end up being public. Non-Hakiaz Earthspawn seeing holidays/traditions they like and incorporating that into their character lore is perfectly welcome.

Murkday- Date tbd
This is a religious holiday paying honor to Murkztob. The best place to have this is in a place around a large, strange, or specific rock.
On the day of Murkday, a large hunt is hosted. The men and women of the clan will assemble to hunt the biggest and baddest creature they can find, to bring to the table and prove their strength as a clan. Once they brought back their prey, it will be prepared. While the catch is being cooked, those assembled will fight in a ring, presided by a shaman. Once the fights have been fought and the meat has been cooked, praise and the blood of the kill they have brought back will be offered in honour of Murkztob. Song and dance in honour to Murkztob is carried throughout the rest of the night, as the remnants eat and drink.

Doq’ne- Date tbd
This is a secular holiday paying homage to the freeing of the race. This holiday is carried out in a secure location, where it is unlikely that the vows of nonviolence will be broken.
On the day prior to Doq’ne, a hunt is carried out to feed those who will assemble the day after. On the day of Doq’ne itself, the catch of the day prior will be prepared, cooked and served. On this holiday, no arms will be taken up and those assembled take a vow of nonviolence for the remaining day. If any harsh words are said, they will be settled exclusively the day after Doq’ne. During the day, there is feasting, drinking, and the telling of tales. The tales told are those of the freeing of the different clans and of prominent figures from the clan’s past.

B’tirdlig (Fast for Strength)- Date tbd
This is a religious holiday to prove strength of will and spirit, rather than of the body. This holiday is carried out at the same location as Murkday. This holiday lasts for an entire week.
The week before B’tirdlig, bones from kills are set aside. A broth is made from the bones of these kills. For the duration of B’tirdlig, all the participants can consume are a bowl worth of broth, a pitcher of water, and a single potato every day. Those not participating will cook delicious foods to tempt those participating into a weak will and spirit. Prayers to Murkztob and praise to the Earth will be offered daily. Several challenges of increasing difficulty will be present throughout the week. Small children, elderly, and pregnant women are not expected to participate. The week is closed with a dance in praise of Murkztob.

Pradig Sevg (Feast of the Snows)- November/Decemberish
This is a secular holiday celebrating the end of the year, as well as putting the earth to slumber until Spring. This holiday can be held wherever a feast can be hosted.
The week before Pradig Sevg, the preparation of traditional food, drink and other goods will commence. Craftsmen will make the finest of their crafts, and mountains of food will be prepared. Pieces of nature will be brought within, and will see use decoration for the place of feasting. The feast will begin, and gifts will be given. Craftsmen will distribute small, good crafts of theirs in order to garner work and recognition. For those interested and not too full to do so, fights are held between feasting. Traditional songs are sung, welcoming the new year and mourning the old.

Sverg’nolt(Adulthood ceremony)- Occurs on the 14th birthday of spawn
This is a traditional ceremony for those entering adulthood. The young man or woman in question will be sent to live in the wilderness for a month, guided while blinded to an appropriate spot by a shaman who will call upon the spirits to guide and guard the child becoming an adult. The child must survive on their own for that month, then find their way back home alone. They are allowed to take one item with them, but no more. Upon their return, they drink a mixture of alcohol and blood. To prove their new adulthood, the new adult will be tasked to a pain tolerance test. They can not flinch or waver. After they pass there is feasting and dancing for the rest of the day, as well as gifts for the new adult.

(WIP. Want to make a few more.)


(Traditions to be established via rp as well as these below)
Elf tossing
Throwing elves up into trees, into the ocean, or into hay bales are great fun for the whole family. The elf might have fun as well.
Plant Gifts
If they give flowers or plants, they meticulously go over each flower to remove any insects, living or dead to prevent any chance of dark spirits lurking around.
They take trophies from kills, humanoid or not. If possible, they’ll take the creature in whole and make use of the entire body.
Hand gestures are used to ward off evil spirits or bad influences.
Spitting after something bad, disgusting, or that could bring evil is common.
Most members of the clan have at least one trophy that they consider lucky, and carry around to hold good luck.

At several points certain ceremonies and events will be held for growing children. These include; First hunt- The first hunt a spawn goes on. Occurs around the of 7.
First night alone- A night spent in the middle of the woods alone. Occurs around the age of 8.
First survival- A week spend surviving on a spawn’s own. Occurs around the age of 10.
Adulthood ceremony upon spawn reaching the age of 14.


The clan worships Murkztob, shamanistic traditions and tendencies integrated into their religion.
They respect and acknowledge that the Pantheon exists, as one member was around to witness them when they showed themselves. Even so, they do not worship any member of the Pantheon. Their religious practices are kept a secret, being known only to other Earthspawn via roleplay or by adopted members of the family.

(Religion thread link will be added for further OOC clarification once it’s written.)

Views on Races
Humans: Mixed- They can be either good or bad depending on where they’re from.
Elves: Depending on type there are different views, though because of their more frail anatomy are viewed as lesser than humans in terms of fighting.
Moor: Positive- Based on the shared history of Grief’s army.
Forest: Neutral- Their ties to nature are to be admired.
Silver: Neutral- The snobbishness some show earn quick disrespect.

Dwarves: Neutral- Their work ethic is to be admired.
Caparii: Positive- Their guardianship of the forest is admirable.
Makani: Neutral/Wary- They’re still very new.
Halflings: Neutral- Viewed as needing protecting based on their very small size.
Greyling: Negative- Always viewed with suspicion, never to be trusted, but they can be funny.
Nakam: Neutral- More a rarity, they are not often thought of, they look like they could be fun to pet.
Earthspawn: Positive- The best, strongest, and most glorious of all races. To be treated with the utmost respect until they break tradition or the code of honour.