Cutting off the Horse's Head - April 17th


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Dear employees, loyal or otherwise,

The Green Shipping Company has received their first formal contract - clearing out the Horse Head Gang from the opium dens and black market of the Storm's Landing Underworld.
What exactly does this have to do with shipping? Crime is bad for business of course. We don't want those rapscallions stealing our goods, undermining the job security we provide to
our loyal employees, or even causing a major loss in profit.

Indeed, some would say we are uniquely poised to take advantage of a reduction in crime in one of the largest cities on the eastern coastline of our continent.
Through all political changes, wherever the winds may go, Storm's Landing has remained staunchly independent. This place is a safe haven for our industry,
up until these gangs continue to run rampant. Thinking ahead, if we're the ones to remove the influence of the Horse Head, then we're the ones the
city officials will be rewarding. This is the sort of forwards-planning we all need to be doing. We all have a future with the Green Shipping Company, and so
should all benefit it as much as possible, for our own benefit.

And so, being the good and well-meaning citizens of the world that we are, for only a small (read: significant) payment and promises of more beneficial contracts to come,
the Horse Head Gang are to meet their end.
Meet in Pup's Pub, bring anything you need to give those awful people a good whacking, and once we're all gathered, I shall elaborate even further on our plan.

Signed, your founder, loyal and true, always watching out for you.


This event has been approved by Kamaoe, who is helping to run and DM it. We're potentially looking for temps to play some of the members of the Horse Head gang, or alternatively to RP as the sort of ne'er-do-well that inhabits the slums of Storm's Landing, so if you're interested just reply to this thread with such.

Date and time is at the moment up to change (less so than before), but placing it at 10pm BST/5pm EST on Tuesday the 17th. This link should show the same time in your own timezone.

Tagging those likely to be involved. Tohm ironassassin TyoungBD BoredBrit Luam SpartanDory PitaChipBoi Balatro
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For any who've already seen this, date and time has changed to the Tuesday of next week to make accommodations for one of our core players.


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Forgot to mention this - if you are interested in temping just be online at the time of the event with a suitable skin for your standard medieval gang member. You'll probably start loitering about the slums/black market, not expecting an attack. Specifics aren't a big deal, this should just be a bunch of chaos in the slums and black market.

If we end up with way too many gang members, you may be asked to be an employee of the GSC instead, but you'll be doing much the same.

Thanks in advance to anyone who does temp/help DM this event, should make it even more fun.


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This is in seven hours - all are welcome to temp for either side. If you want to temp, try show up about half an hour beforehand so I can get you sorted.