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~Danelius Cristiános Harcourt-Herennius.~

- Called Daniel by most people
-Refuses to admit his last name, despite the glaringly obvious family resemblance

Casual Name: Danelius (“Daniel”) Cristiános

Full, Formal Name: Danelius Cristiános (or Cristianus) Harcourt-Herennius

Age: 23

Race: Human

Language: Asrakosian (Italian/Greek/Latin), Common, (and Llama)

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Married

Current Mood: A little concerned for his safety, but otherwise happy.

Physical Appearance: Standing at around nearly 5 feet, 10 inches, Daniel tends to hold himself in a slightly relaxed position at all times. His weight is average- around 149 pounds. Daniel is very tan, with emerald green eyes- which always seem to have a bit of shine in them- as if he knows something you don’t. His cheekbones are prominent and his mouth is placed in a knowing but friendly smile. His pitch black hair is very messy, with no particular style.

Claims he is “most likely” an Asrakosian, but his name and dress are not very typical of one.

Daniel usually wears a pair of grey cotton pants, a black shirt, a pair of fur-lined boots (or barefoot) and a grey and white poncho.

Voice: Pedro Pascal/Antonio Banderas

Birthplace: Born in his father’s caravan.

Family: He will not reveal this information to most people. The most he has said is that his father was a caravan overseer and that he does not know his mother.

Current Residence: Sanardu, but this may change, since Daniel lost his job and the competition in the food and catering industry seems a bit...hostile.
Profession: Chef, acrobat, dancer, and singer.

Initial portrait by the lovely Samiwashere
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~Skills and Inventory~


Daniel plops most of his belongings on Philippos in wooden crates. Since he has been traveling since birth, he has mastered the art of packing efficiently. A short list of his property are as follows.

- A toga and tunic with a purple stripe down the middle of each

- A guitar, lyre, aulos, and a panflute

- A sleeping roll of wool and linen

- A large netted bag to carry his pots and pans

-Two, small, reusable wooden crates

- A long coil of rope

- A rucksack filled with everyday gear such as:

- Dried meat
- A gourd of water
- A hunting knife
- Some bandages
- 100% proof alcohol for wound cleaning

- A bronze star-headed club with an axe head.
- A pair of bronze, spiked bolas with three balls.

- A warstaff with a long spearpoint on one end and a blunt, semi-circular end. The flat, blunt end allows Daniel to use the staff like a club and as a pivoting point for silly acrobatic antics.

- A heavy crossbow with around 12 bolts that he looted from a dead rebel.

- A small pack of radiants

- A satchel of spices

- A fishing hook

- A tackle box


Cooking- 10/10- A good cook, Daniel is able to plant a smile on anyone’s faces with one of his eccentric, yet comforting dishes. One of his cooking styles is a fusion of Asrakosian and Mockingbay style. Daniel has turned his skills into an art and a science. He is now a master and is allowed to ask where the lamb sauce is.

(Italian/Greek/Roman being Asrakosian, Spanish being Mockingbay, and lots of Latin-American style dishes thrown in for fun and flare)

Fishing- 4/10- He can fish enough to survive or supplement his own food

Basic Herbalism/Medicine- 7/10- Having cared for a pregnant spouse, Daniel seems to have absorbed more information than he thought possible on the premise of basic herbalism and doctoring.

Fighting- 5/10- Since the day of the wedding attack, Daniel has trained tirelessly, morning and night, in learning how to use daggers and his warstaff. It is crude form of fighting, but he's hoping it can work well with his acrobatic skills.

Acrobatics- 10/10- Daniel’s history as an entertainer has allowed him to take advantage of his body’s pliable nature. He can pole vault, climb around buildings and squeeze himself into tight spots. It holds very few, practical applications other than evading attacks or bypassing pedestrian traffic.

Song and Dance- 10/10- An expert in song and dance. Daniel particularly loves flamenco and tango.

Pottery- 5/10- Aside from cooking, making earthenware is one of his favorite pastimes.

Pack-Animal Whispering- 10/10- Daniel actually can’t communicate with animals like they would, but he is very good at calming them down and getting them to follow orders. Sometimes he likes to fool people into thinking he can speak donkey or llama.

Vintner-Skills/Brewing- 3/10- While Dan can pair and recognize most types of wine (and most forms of alcohol), he is not at all capable of making a decent table wine or tavern beer.
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~Backstory, Relations and Personality~

Daniel will not reveal much about his past depending on who you are- and will generally skirt around the topic if he feels a question is too personal.

What he will tell you is that his father was a caravan captain for a time and that they were separated after the fall of Asrakos.


Innis (Wife): “We are parents! You are my wife! I could not be happier than I am right now!” MelodyComplex

Annabelle (Daughter): "Me and Innis' lovely baby girl! Every minute with you is a joy- even if you do like to cry a lot!"

Saffire (Mother): "Rest in peace, mater." Angel

Karina Harcourt (Sister-in-Law): "We need to meet again! Maybe we can catch up at the wedding?" Angel

Arthur Ashenfall “Herennius” (Brother): "You smile with your lips, but your eyes are always so dead inside. You get angry easily and you do not listen to reason. All this death has changed you- but perhaps this wife of yours will be able to give you a fresh outlook on life, nai?" Morbid

Garrett Layne Herennius (Cousin): “Who knew that I would have a cousin who loves food as much as I do! You should be careful though, you almost got in the middle of a sword fight!” Galaxy

Rosaleen (Friend): "Where did you go?" Ayda

Niko Variclav (Wary)- "You and your wife do not seem the generous, kind type. I am glad you fired me, but I am a bit concerned. Surely our competition as professionals will be cordial, yes? I do not want to have to consider you my enemy." Niko

Personality: Daniel is an upfront individual- but not at all rude (though some circumstances don't apply). He is almost always smiling and has a relaxed aura about him. When insulted, he will generally take it in stride, and will only react once he feels he is in danger or if the insults are becoming a bit too much. Will usually use sass as his first measure of fighting back. He is often seen as a dolt, but he’s actually quite intelligent, though he’d be very much a sufferer of ADHD if diagnosed in the real world.

- Daniel has the annoying tendency to take over people’s kitchens with or without their consent, and will also sing or play his panflute long into the night, much to the chagrin of anyone who dislikes that sort of music. Will cook ridiculous amounts of food when upset or frustrated.

- A daydreamer, Daniel will often wander and accidentally get himself into trouble when not doing a task.

Daniel is neutral-good, and almost always has the best intentions in his heart. An optimist at heart, the young man always attempts to make peace with those he feels he has wronged or those who dislike him. Nothing makes him happier than forming connections with people or making people's days a little bit better with whatever he can do. However, he is not a pacifist and if someone he loves is in danger, Dan has no problem kicking their ass however he can.
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Pictures for inventory will come later too.

Also, are Spanish Guitars allowed- even though they weren’t made until the 18th century? Solus
I mean, I don’t know what’s stopping the creation of them in terms of material limitations if lutes and other stringed instruments use the same kind of materials, and I know primitive guitars were made in the 15th century- but I wanted to do some fun Spanish music, so idk :p

If not, panflutes work too :heart:


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Is this an official language? I've been on and off the forums for a while, but pretty out of the loop, so I'm just checking to make sure
Well, we’ve been limited to the usage of a few words sprinkled in atm.
It’s not quite complex enough anyways. I might actually add a class divide where the plebeians speak more Italian with a Greek base and the patricians speaking more Latin with a Greek base.


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why not just admit the H stands for Herennius

Real answer:

He has his reasons which you’d need to find out ICly, however.

OOCly, I’ll be transparent, since I expect people not to metagame.