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Dark souls: Remastered


Lord of Altera
used to call them snorlax and pikachu
I'm honestly curious to see what they'll change in the combat systems.

Covenants in one and two were always... weird.
They took a super duper long time to farm
(I'm looking at you, blue sentinels from Dark souls 2 with your staggering 500 victory requirement)

I don't think they will change much but I look forward to seeing what they do change.

This is gonna bring people back to PVP and jolly cooperation!

Oh man what if they brought the password system from 3 into the game!
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Lord of Altera
They probably will be but it's never been a big deal going on further into the game, Dex is still an important stat for them as well


Lord of Altera
We can have poise again! In all it's monstrosity!
Maybe we'll see other ports of 2 at least to the swtich.

I know 2 doesn't necessarily need to be remastered but I'd like to see it go through a resurgence as well

All I know is i'm glad I won't have to mod dark souls 1 to function properly on the PC port once I pick this up
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It took a lot to get here
GODDAMMIT. I just managed to pull myself out of a Bloodborne obsession and step away from Souls stuff. Time to jump into the rabbit hole again :' )


Lord of Altera
Password system confirmed for remaster.
Up to 6 players in multiplayer
Dedicated servers
Bug fixes
Changes to combat? None for some reason
Will update as I learn new things. Hopefully the covenants see some change bare minimum