DDUWalrus Whitelist application [Declined - Jinny]

Sir Walric

Loyal Servant of Altera
1. What is your Minecraft username ? DDUWalrus

2. How old are you? I’m 19

3. What country are you from? America

4. Have you read the King's Law, Code of Conducts, Official Lore, and the Player Guides yet? Yes

5. In your own words, how would you define metagaming and powergaming? Actions performed that break roleplay or take the option of roleplay away from another character sometimes these action can be op such as “Tom runs up to bob instantly knocking his sword out of his hand and throwing him tot he ground”

6. Do we allow X-Raying mods or X-Ray texture packs on the server? No you do not along with other unfair game mods that provide unfair advantages

7. Name one of our current mentors. Gadifane

8. Tell us about yourself? I’m kinda of basic dude type I like sports cars and guns and I have no animals and currently going to school for aviation mechanics I often play games such as civilization 6 and various Xbox games like Pubg but mainly roleplay and simulation games like sims and my summer car

9. Do you have any examples of your work?
Nothing special and this is an optional question so I don’t have anything special to say but wanted to leave an answer why

10. Did anyone refer you? If not, how did you find our server? Just by googling roleplay servers
Character Name: Sir Walric

Character Age: 19

Character Race: White Male

Appearance: Simple farmhand style skin basic cloth tunic white Human male of 5’10 and 145LBs

Written Test
I choose to tell the story of my charcter Sir Walric in third person and about his life and why he came to Altera
Sir Walric a very young man just barley reaching man hood is the son of a large family of traders who sense the beginning of time son after son have made their living trading from sail boats and passing what boats and wealth they had down from generation to generation they never were rich often barely made enough to survive marrying women they meet at docks they frequent all Walric knows is life at sea he was born on a boat grew up on a boat and made his living on a boat living off nothing but fish and cheap salted meats they would trade for he lived with his mother and father but he was always different then his family everyone before him loved sailing and didn’t mind staying on the boat and never leaving often entire generations never to set foot on actual solid land but Walric wanted something different he wanted to know what was life like past the ocean waves past the bustling docks what life inland was like what animals and climates and plants and what people ate and drink and just as all young minds do he was teased by curiosity As a child when the seas were calm and sun wasn’t too over bearing he would often lookout towards the landmasses passing nearby and dream that maybe one day he could live amongst other people see new faces everyday have a friend meet a women have family or even learn a new trade outside of fishing and sailing and after century’s of years of an entire family tree of ship traders the only son of a family of traders that traced back to being know for shipping some of the very blocks that built the first university of Altera in PC0250 ended his career kissed his mother and father goodbye there was so great sorrow in Theyre hearts they admired his ambition and encouraged him to live a life full of freedom they cautioned him on the great dangerous of life on land and how not all people are as living and caring as his mother and father the only faces he seen most of the time and after a short and sweet goodbye to his family he knows he may not see again walric steps off their hand me down ship at the docks in Storm landing Walric pauses as his family sails away looks to the sky takes a deep breath and takes the first of many steps onto land something none of his family has done in many many years....


The Cinnamon Roll
Staff member
Hey there! And thank you for your patience and for applying to Hollow World!
I just wanted to take a moment to point out something that I've found that is incorrect about your application then we can move forward!​

✦ You have completely left out the definition for Metagaming. Please look at { This Thread } and try again.
✦ Your written test is heavy in grammatical errors. I must ask that you look it over and try to fix this.
✦ We also do not have a mentor that goes by that name. You can read and look through { This Thread } and it will show the mentors, as well as explain their place on Hollow World.


Hello. I'm declining your application due to your inactivity. If you're still interested you may reapply for the server on Sept. 28th (1 week from now).

Make sure to follow Ayda's tips she listed for you in your next application! If you have any questions or concerns please message me or another mentor.