Finished [Dec. 28th - 3pm EST/8pm GMT] Renewed Fury


Lord of Altera

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Verum Illuminat et Veritas Praevalebilt.
"Thou shalt burn the dead so they might not rise as demons, or worse!"

Once more, Adventurers are gathered to slaughter Skraag's Unholy Demons. This time, however, attempts will be made to either:
A) Entice a larger group of Undead to attack the shrine, after much time and preparation to make it more defensible.
B) Only lure a smaller group of Undead, then ride out to try and find a potential source for where the Undead come from.

Also, I’m aware this is pretty much right after Christmas, which is why I’ve only put a tentative date, and will be more than willing to push it back should DMs or people interested not be able to attend.

Priest/Priestess/Religious Leader: Sir Podric Flanders
Public or Private: Semi-Private - PM me or post here if you'd like to join, however, I will be capping out the 'party' out at 8-10 [Including Myself]. Do not attempt to join if you simply intend on causing trouble.
Temples or Shrines Involved: The Frontier Ring-Shrine.
Have you spoken with the town/region owners and are they aware of the risks to their region involved?: Iz Frontier.

Where: The Frontier [Ignis Shrine]
When: Tentatively - December 28th, 3 EST/8 GMT/12 PST
What: Another attack on Skraag's Demons via angering them to attack the Ring Shrine.
Classification: Moderate for PvP, Violent for PvE [Death is up to the Player, not forced]
Tags: BoredBrit Lannis Elz
[Note: Though the main purpose isn't to get Ignis' attention, there would be attempts/hope that Ignis makes a presence]

Party: {As stated above, PM me or ask here if you want to be added, however, I hold the right to allow or deny anyone who applies}
1) Podric Luam
2) Ramiel Lavilethorn
3) Edric Smurf
4) Varg Old-Seadog
5) Isaac Joseph12Q
6) Ayda Ayda
7) Vaeril Jstar
8) Percival TepigTurtwig

Aaaand this should be my last thread for now. I apologize for spamming the forums with my crap!
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Lord of Altera
added people who've asked so far. also, because i haven't run one of these in a while, keep in mind this is going to be a PvE event, unless some crazy stuff happens on the DM-side but im uncertain that'll happen


Lord of Altera
party is full, but if anyone else is interested let me know and ill put you in if it turns out anyone isnt able to come


Lord of Altera
this is in 3 days, pm me in some way if u find out ur not able to show up so i can adjust the party


Amor Fati
I am available to make it there as Mikhail but uhhhh that depends on you.
You know why XD