Finished [Dec. 8th, 3 pm CST] A Beacon in the Darkness

French Roast

Lord of Altera

One must never stray from the path forward. But even in the darkest of nights, there is a beacon to light the way.

Chieftain Segar Strand sends an invitation out to all the mortal realms to gather in Stoltfar.
A sermon and ritual dedicated to Theodra will be held by him and Hy Evysteel in the Sacred Wood,
With the purpose of rousing the strength and tempering the resolve of all people,
In the face of a lingering threat which even now casts a dark shadow over the world.
Following the gathering, food will be served to all who attend,
And all are invited to stay for drink, song and dance in the Great Hall to ease weary hearts and minds.


Event Rating: IC Peaceful, OOC Moderate. I'm alright with whatever usually, but if you plan to cause trouble please let me know OOC beforehand.
Public/Private: Public
Where: Event starts in the Sacred Wood, in Stoltfar. Will post directions later.
When: Saturday, Dec. 8th - 3 pm CST

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French Roast

Lord of Altera
delaying this to Dec. 8 both because of IC reasons and also because I've been busier than I expected and thus haven't had the time/energy to prepare. Also pushed it back an hour to 3 pm because there'll probably be some private setup RP beforehand that I want to make sure I have time for


The Jesterator
I think I'll be there.

I definitely hope so now I've gone out of my way to give Gerry a shave and park him in Stoltfar.