[December 22nd] Hollowworld Winter Podcast!


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"All I want for Christmas, is..another Hollowworld Podcast!"
-"All I want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey ft. Jazzper, Kamaoe, Roopot and our honoured guest.

Greetings once more and Merry pre-Christmas, Alterans!

It is once again time for the Hollowworld Podcast! But not just any Hollowworld Podcast, no of course not! This is the Hollowworld Winter Podcast!
I know many of you have been itching for another Podcast before this year is through, so this is a gift from Staff to you! :heart:
Instead of the usual program, this one will be special as well! Among other fun things during this Podcast, we will be having a Player over as our guest!
You won't (yet) know who said player is, however, but it will be grand!

It will take place on the 22nd of December at 3:30pm EST!
I will be assisted by the lovely Kamaoe this time around!
From behind the scenes, the widely adored Roopot will aid us and protect us from Christmas-hating Garden Gnomes!

Do note that this Podcast is rated R of ChRistmas Podcast, so expect cookies and potential swearing!
See you there!

Ps. if you do not drink milk from a tankard, you are doing it wrong


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Hearing Jasper sing Mariah Carey sounds like the 7th ring of hell. I'm not sure if listening or removal of the ears is the right response.


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Do not expect any singing
I think Solus would pull the plug before I get the first few notes in


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I would make a Christmas version of Thomas the Tank engine if I had the time ):