[Declaration] Refuge from the Wilderness

French Roast

Lord of Altera
Word spreads from the Far North of the decrees of Theodra's Warrior-priest, Tryg Strand.

It is dark times that have fallen upon the lands. The Gods themselves face the threat of death.
And even still, their Faithful are scattered and divided with hatred and animosity.
It is with this in mind that the Chieftain of the Strandir Clan makes the following declarations:

1. From this day forth, Stoltfar and the Strandir steps down from the 'Southern Alliance'.
It will be a fully politically neutral entity, holding only its alliance with House Azerwind,
due to the long-standing bonds between the families and House Azerwind's own policies of political neutrality.

2. By the natural authority given to him as Theodra's Blessed,
Tryg now names Stoltfar and any future holdings of the Strandir as Holy Land of Theodra, and a place of sanctuary.
Any who set foot there, barring those already banished for previous offenses, will be granted the protection of the clan,
so long as they observe the laws of the land and do not cause trouble and disrupt the peace.
However, any who are found to be abusing the sanctuary offered by Stoltfar to hide from persecution for crimes they knowingly committed,
or otherwise knowingly drawing direct threat onto the city with their presence will be turned away or otherwise dealt with as necessary.

3. Theodra's Faithful are, by their nature, scattered and nomadic. However, in this time more than any time,
it is necessary for the Faithful to have some unity and stand together in the name of the Huntress.
Therefore, the Warrior-Priest puts forth the call to all those currently faithful and those curious of Her,
to make journey to Stoltfar when possible to be connected with her Blessed and her Holy Land.
He names a Brotherhood of Theodra, an oath that all of Her Faithful should swear,
So that no matter what paths they shall follow, they strive not to harm one another,
and to stand in unity when necessary, bound by devotion to Her, to honor, to family.

May Wisdom Guide Our Strength,
And May our Aim Always Be True.


OOC Note: As far as the whole sanctuary thing works, it is similar to what Vorar declared with the Guardians' land being a sanctuary. You can come to Stoltfar and have their protection, but if you abuse it by knowingly committing a crime and then going there to avoid consequence I'll kick you out. Because I don't want to deal with that OOC and none of us do IC either.
As far as the Brotherhood of Theodra goes, it isn't really an organization, just a sort of symbolic gesture/oath to try and bring some sense of loose unity to the faithful of Theodra.​

French Roast

Lord of Altera
I'm bad and forgot to mention this, as far as the whole going to Stoltfar thing goes, go ahead and poke me on Discord if you want RP, I'm generally free from 2:30 to 10:30 CST on Wednesday - Friday, 1:30 to 9:30 Sat and Sun, and pretty much all day Monday and Tuesday. My Discord is French Roast#6309