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The Depths of Evil is the name for the collective of Dungeons located at Nid Arach.
The stronghold of the evillest organization Altera has ever known is not necessarily a place to avoid.
Its dungeons lie filled with hidden treasure and forbidden knowledge. Indeed, those who have ventured here more than once often return for revenge.
It seems the more dungeons the forces of Good visit, the bigger their fervor for destroying them.
Will you destroy the heresy within, or will you use the knowledge to perhaps try and understand this vile organisation known as the Dark Order...

Event listings:

The Loot Dungeon Series:
{Completed} [1/4] The Riddler's Challenge
The pillar square has been known to hold strange burried secrets. The twelve pillars have opened twelve hidden subterranean rooms.
Yet now, a deep narrow cave is revealed, at the bottom of which lie four locked doors. Locked? Not all of them.

One door has just opened and reveals a dungeon full off riddles and puzzles...
Attendants: 12

{Completed} [2/4] The Cave Crawl
At the end of the dungeon, they found a key. After regrouping and getting some rest, the Alteran adventurers return!
They try this odd key on three doors and one unlocks and clunks open. Inside, they find a natural cave.
It is filled with all sorts of monsters and geologically interesting items, from fossils to rare stones...

Attendants: ~ 8

{Completed} [3/4] Subterranean Stash
The second dungeon yields a key. Again, after some rest and regrouping, the adventurers make their way down to the four doors.
One of the doors unlocks and gives access to a dungeon with challenges of the mind.
Mushroom spores spread hallucinating effects through the ranks and the adventurers have to press on through their dreams to the very end...

Attendants: 5

{Completed} [4/4] The Final Dungeon - Cursed Gold
Word goes round from tavern to tavern of a fourth and final dungeon underneath Rahm's Labyrinth now being unlocked.
They say there must be a reason for it being so well protected; three other dungeons had to be overcome in order to gain access to this one.
Rumors start to point to a huge buried yet secured treasure.

Attendants: ~ 15

The Dark Order Origins Series:
{Completed} [1/3] Dungeoneering Nid Arach: The Dark Tale - Floor 1
Nid Arach lies silent, apart from the softly swinging of rusty cables. The past months, the Dark Order was told to be behind several vicious attacks on the people of Altera.
Yet, for a few weeks now, nobody has heard of any suspicious activities from the Dark Order. Perhaps now, it is time to venture closer to their looming spider-fortress.
Perhaps now, it is safe enough to start discovering what the Dark Order really is about...

Attendants: 8

{Completed} [2/3] Dungeoneering Nid Arach: The Dark Tale Continues - Floor 2
A small party has ventured into the first dungeon. As they overcame several obstacles, their greatest one yet was: time.
They found they had to return to the surface for rest and re-organization. Even worse yet, is arguments broke out between the attendants!
Although some of the arguments have not yet been resolved, a new party prepares themselves to go deeper still, into the story of the Dark Order.
Surely, there must be more to discover beneath the shadow of Nid Arach...

Attendants: 8

{Completed} [3/3] Dungeoneering Nid Arach: The Dark Tale Ends - Floor 3

Once more, into the depths... Once more, to complete the story of Khorug the Damned!
Two floors separate this final set of challenges from the surface. Pray the adventurers will return unharmed, or rather; return at all...
Attendants: 8

Shards of the Gods Series:
{Completed} Jishrim
The Primal Forces shook and from their endlessness departed a single entity; Shalherana.
It wasn't long after before Jishrim detached itself from the Primal Forces with purpose and malicious intend.

Attendants: 11

Random Dungeon Events:
{Completed} Halloween Scary Puzzles
A scary moment in time, a scary place to be. The Halloween adventure site in Rahm's Labyrinth is but a taste of what this region will soon become.
The attendants will have plenty of rewards and bounty to collect. There is fun to be had too. But what lies deep beneath this scary site?
Discover first-hand the new lair of the Dark Order

Attendants: ~ 9

{Upcoming} The Dark Lord's Mansion
All the information the adventurers have managed to gather is that a man is locked up within the home of the highest ranking Dark Order member; the dark lord. It is up to the five of them to break into The Dark Lord's Mansion undetected, while he is away, and free the poor soul that had been locked up there for days now.
Attendants: 5

Thanks to Cymic_ for the idea to make an overview thread and its lay-out! (I hope he doesn't copyright-strike me)
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Updated with 2 upcoming dungeons. One in the near future, surrounding one particular skill yet to be voted for. The other in the far future, as I discuss things with Event and God staff!