Finished Dual Funeral/ Memorial service for the Seymours


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Handwritten letters are sent to everyone Cymic and Jecht know (for convience sake)
Dual Funeral and Memorial Service for King Cymic Seymour I and his heir, Prince Jecht Seymour

Paying final respects to the Monarch of Sangria and his heir, a joint funeral and memorial service will be held in Halbed.
Internment of final mortal remains in the Sangrian Crypt will precede a eulogy and send off of King Cymic and Prince Jecht.
Any who wish to spit on Cymic's grave are asked to refrain from doing so until the mourners are finished.

Date: Ferburary 11
Time: 3PM EST
Location/ How to get there: Storm's Landing > Sanardu > Halbed​
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