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I consent to any kind of violence if RP dictates it.

Name: Kublai Kull
Nickname: Kub
Titles: Magister of the Mountain. Tasked with protecting and constructing Kharuz-Korum.
King of Dwarves.
Kharuz a Dwargar.

Editor of the Adventurers Watch.
Kublai in "short" (pun intended): He acts from his own image of what is right and wrong. What he think is right is loyalty to his kin and God, defending own and close-ones honor, and slaying all that seems evil. He intends to be kind, but is often a bit blunt when first meeting a stranger. He likes a joke, hearing them as well as making them, yet often he's the subject of the joke (without him knowing it). He's very superstitious and believes in charms, wards, and myths. He's very serious when it comes to matters of his trades; carpentry, his Write&Read company, and slaying, and takes a lot of pride from his skill in woodcrafting and the trophies he collected from the monsters he killed.
Things Kublai says:
"A charm and a ward at your door, keeps the evil from your... well, door."
"My axe is the last thing my enemies will see!"
"Ae'll ger 'tat wips 'nd put it in a cage 'nd hang it in me trophy-room with bits 'nd pieces of all me enemies!"
"I haven't cared for the outside world for months, and I do not care now."
"I am a king with an oath to all Dwarves"

Age: 98


"Someday, when you are older... You could get hit by a boulder!"
"not fun!"

Date of Birth: 2158, Year of Conflict, 24th of Mistset.
Date of Death: X
Current Home: Kharuz-Korum Aeroch Rimtar
Race: Dwarf
Sub-race: Frostpeak
Height: 4'0 = 1,2 m (short, yet walks with a straight back)
Weight: 70 Kg
Hair: None on his head, his beard is a dirty brown. The middle of his head is bald, leaving long hair at the side of his head falling till over his shoulders. He has a large beard with braids and a big walrus-mustache. He is starting to become a bit grey.
Eyes: Ice blue.
Ears: very large ears, pierced with some piercings and with huge holes in the lower part, stretched out.
Skin: Tanned from being outside a lot. Small runes are tattooed on his face at his temples. Quite often his face is covered in sawdust.
Identifying Marks: Ice blue eyes, large holes in his ears, large beard with braids, his walrus-mustache, runes on his temples, bald, several piercings. Coughs a lot from the sawdust in his workshop.
Appearance: Kublai looks kind. When he's silent, he looks as though he is listening. He's very observant. He comes across as a jolly lad with a positive attitude towards life.
Alignment: Lawful Good.

  • master-skill at carpentry.
  • A good ear and eye --> Learn quickly from observing
  • Is practiced at slaying monsters.
  • Good at climbing and has strength from working in the carpentry business
  • is an okay brawler / fighter with hands.
  • Has a fair deal of skill with an axe for chopping trees and monster-heads
  • Can give inspiring speeches
Weaknesses and fears:
  • Is not the most clever Dwarf (stoopid)
  • Is quick to take action, without thinking much.
  • Once gained his trust, he's blinded if you'd intent harm.
  • Easily drunk
  • Can't wield a sword properly
  • Has a short breath
  • Doesn't recognize swindles (poor at trade)
Religion and cults: Jax, Korog, Visage.
Quite low.
Languages: Common and Horgaahn.
Profession: Carpenter, monster slayer, head of Write&Read company.
Hygiene: Good for a Dwarf, since he got a bathtub in Kharuz-Korum, but he almost always has got dust stains or wood-chips on him.

possessions of special value:
- His tools, made by Thordil: Jasper151627237
- A dead rat with wings sewn on (believing it's a skyrat) (Kamaoe )
- An ignis idol made of wood, to look after until Isaac returns to Burglarshire (Joseph12Q ) He returned

  • His Bárruz-Tûhrrhák (war-pick)
  • Some old kettles
- A lodestone with rune engravings on it (pebble-sized) <- gave it to Olga
- A set of thieves' tools
- A golden icon of jax

  • Several charms, but most importantly his lucky charm.
  • Korog-Symbol necklace
Rubeus Hagrid's
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RELATIONS: (As Kublai would tell his most trusted friends if they asked for it) <so no meta!> Let me know if you want me to add you to the list if I forgot!

Gromm Brownbeard "This Dwarf was the start of what is now Kharuz-Korum. A Dwarf I could build on. His knowledge was vast and his way with people is unknown among the Dwarves. A very valuable Dwarf, our kingdom truly suffered a blow from his loss."Old_Gromm

Isaac Dunrad "This man dragged me from an underwater cave straight through ten feet of water up to the surface to safe my life. Even though I wasn't awake to notice this act, he's the closest thing to a friend I have right now. He has also reimbursed me after buying a skyrat and has trusted me to take care of a very precious item." Joseph12Q

Lemarc Duggan "A man that I first met when he joined the fishing contest. Years later he returns at the same time as a Dwarf named Gromm. Now he's one of the Magisters of Kharuz-Korum. I trust him with my life." Lemarc

Grimli Stonesack "A Dwarf with a very difficult nose. He is as Dwarf as Dwarf can be; short, likes to drink, likes to work, is loyal and trustworthy. A good Dwarf." Puzlas

Borgrus Greatbane "He is a young one with a great skill in mining. His attitude towards work and other Dwarves is something to be admired. I hope we'll drink many mugs of ale together in his pub in Kharuz-Korum." Seth_Jenkins

Ciara Caedit "A kind woman, at the head of Queens Port. She showed me the way to Windor & Mutts Warehouse when I arrived and then made sure I stayed! By giving me a place to build a workshop so I could get back to carpentry again. I am very grateful and have a plan to return the favor..." BrianAT16

Gael Dugald "He is said to be the Bane of Darkness. A mage of some sort, I believe, who played a big role in the demise of the Blight. Though I do not know him too well personally, such a good person must be one of honor." Scardrac

Frost "He's an Elf I've come to truly appreciate and enjoy to talk with. He's seen all of the Gods in person except Visage. He has a lot of knowledge and has proven himself several times to be of great assistance in enchanting. This seems like someone that I can build on, though he has got his own life and plans that causes him to be less tied to one place as a Dwarf would be." Fronslin

Cymic Seymour "That drunken crazy king of a Sangrian! He is the luckiest bastard I know. He keeps on doing whatever pops up in his mind and he keeps on succeeding with it. Getting people together, hosting great parties. I'm glad to have him as a friend!" Cymic_

Ronak Rothguard "We've been good, we had a row, now we're even better!" Mongoose

Olga Stonecutter "She's a very pretty one! I'd love to have a mug of ale with her in private, but I've no idea how to go about such a thing." Kamaoe

Kris Linkolns "I've not yet seen much of him, but I know he is a Frostpeak and he seems to be Kristoff's second in command. A Dwarf is never just something, so he must've been through a lot to get so high up the ranks of the Frostpeak clan." SirLuamTehDoge

Theodosius "He came to Kharuz-Korum with a ship filled to the brim with gifts. This man knows how to gain the favor of a Dwarf!" Blorbis83

Catherine "She is gorgeous... Only met her once, but can't deny I fancy her. Hey so what? I got a right too, you know, right? To like, you know. Now, you know, never mind. I got business to attend somewhere, right. Bye!" Sizzix

Ventare Seymour "Son of Cymic, so of course I like him! He's pretty lucky too, but that doesn't keep the Seymour family from being a weird bunch of daredevils! In fact, I think they're all the more that, cause of their luck, you know..." ShaolinPunk

Dwarves, Halflings

Humans, Elf.

Unsure of:
Kam Hakiaz
"She is a great warrior with a good heart toward her own kin. But now she has killed my Sygyt and I don't know what to think. He was blunt, okay, but to threaten him and kill him for it? I've wrote such a good stories about her, and now she's committed murder of my own kin!" Kamaoe

Thordil Bárúmur "After having trusted him for a long time, I'm not so sure anymore. Korog spoke directly a simple decree for us to follow and Thordil changes it around, firing shots at me for being a Frostpeak and a lousy king. Korog was clear, Thordil was not, yet Thordil is supposed to be Korog's voice. But now that Korog has spoken himself, it all seems a lot more simple than Thordil made it out to be all this time." Jasper151627237

Kristoff Stenashieldar "A Dwarf with a heart of pure fire. Sygyt of all Frostpeaks, and seemingly of mind to lead the Frostpeaks back to their former place of glory as the ruling fighting force of the Dwarves! A Dwarf with a grudge and ambitions is a Dwarf one should never cross. He died recently and always warned me against Thordil. I miss him now, now that I found out first hand why perhaps Kristoff did not trust Thordil. Who do I turn to now?" BoredBrit

Nakam, Caparii.

Wary of:
Greyling, Earthspawn,




Amelia Flint "That human caused me more trouble than she's worth! I hire her for one simple job, she's here to help they say, but she refused! Now they say I don't trust my kin for hiring her, and all the time she listens to me fighting the other Magister of Kharuz-Korum. I'll never trust her again!" Samiwashere

Anton "We sang a jolly seaman's chantey in the inn. Good times! Don't know much about him except this. "


Azariah Hal'Ralotumal "This Moor Elf bought a sword I had been gifted by Niko , a nobleman with who I played a game of dice. She told me she would potentially buy furniture or other things my carpentry could make, once I have a workshop set up."Ayda

Star "We sang a jolly seaman's chantey in the inn. Good times! Other than the song, she seemed a quiet kind of person." ToastySpam

Tyr Eldsvart "He's a shipwright. Plus he's skilled at carpentry just like me. I hope to see him at work one day and perhaps collaborate. But for now we're just going on adventures to find out what's going on with those pillars." SirLuamTehDoge

Unknown Dwarf "This Dwarf attended at the feast of Korog where I got my title as Kharuz. He seemed old, worn, and didn't say much. I wonder where he came from and what his story is"

Moriarty Windsor "A Halfling that offered me a job in his warehouse. He owns a shipping company in Queens Port. He seems alright, but he comes across as though he has many secrets. Besides, I only recently noticed that the flags hanging at the entrance of his warehouse are similar to those that hung at the gathering of "The Dogs". " BoredBrit

By Lady Alec ! Awesome chibi that Old_Gromm commissioned. An amazing surprise :)
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Most life-changing events:
  • Makes his daily bread by doing carpentry in Tahkul-Rimtar.
  • When Tahkul-Rimtar falls to ruin after Krummi's death, he moves to Queen's Port where he tries his hand at stealing.
  • Notices 'The Dogs', an organisation of thieves, and attempts to join them.
  • Is unsuccessful at thievery, thus returns to Carpentry by setting up shop in Queen's Port.
  • Moved from Queen's Port to The Colony just outside Savage Island after the grand voyage after the Undead invasion.
  • Is captured by Northerners and enslaved to work as a carpenter in the snowy plains.
  • Manages to break free and stays in Storm's Landing's inn for a year.
  • Finds a home in Burglarshire where he starts a Carpentry workshop.
  • Got told by a fortune-teller, that he made a wrong decision that will change his life negatively (Kamaoe ). This fills him with doubt about his workshop and place of residence.
  • Destroys a Chaos-Beast that was put in his town by the Dark Order.
  • Tools got stolen from his workshop, friend left Burglarshire (Joseph12Q ), workshop becomes too small. Thinks this is what the fortune teller was on about.
  • Joins an adventure to Snowhurst Mill, where he first fights a monster, namely an Arbori, and manages to defeat it with the help of others. (Solus ) This inspires his inner warrior.
  • Gets commissioned a crossbow by Frost (Fronslin ). Making him more confident that his skill is of use to the world.
  • Fights an enderman in the Sorrows and manages to tell the tale.
  • Goes on an adventure to fight the undead in the Frontier, and finds out about Opium for the first time in his life. He likes the effects.
  • Meets Gromm, (Old_Gromm ) an old Dwarf with a big dream, who takes a very unhappy Kublai to Kharuz-Korum, a Dwarven home.
  • Becomes magister of Kharuz-Korum, in charge of construction and protection. This lights up his spirits.
  • Hunts down a giant moose together with Pod, during which he slays three wolves and claims their pelts as trophies.
  • Joins Gromm on a voyage to meet the people of Slyannen and manages to make a deal for the import of Opium into Kharuz-Korum.
  • Meets Thordil again in Aeroch Rimtar and decides to follow him as a leader until through him Korog will choose a new king. (Jazzper )
  • During a large gathering of Dwarves to praise Korog, a vote leads to a stale-mate between two Dwarves, for who is to become king. Kublai gives a speech about kingship and how a king is followed because of who he is, not because of a vote, which results in an unanimous vote for Kublai as king.
  • Kublai went with Gromm and Borgrus to the gambling event in Rogues Hearth. He got his taste for gambling back, just like in the old days, and re-assured himself in his faith in Jax. While being there, he bought some opium and weed, of which the cannabis disappeared as a smoke into his longs. During this 'high' time, he decided to collect items he finds curious of other races, in particular of humans. He views these items as a wizard would view objects from muggles.
  • Kublai had to bury Gromm after his peaceful death. He had to learn how to address people in letters and has to keep replying and writing. The administrative office is a true mess. Gromm's loss is truly a proper loss to Kublai, as in a way Gromm protected Kublai from himself. Now Kublai is free to make stupid decisions again.
  • Kublai spends months on end in Kharuz-Korum, barely interested in the outside world anymore. The trade pacts have run their course and he hasn't put effort to renew them. Like Dwarves often do, he's closing himself off from the going ons of others outside his kingdom.
  • The lack of a backbone that Gromm was, Kublai is dooming the Dwarven Capital. The administration is non-existent. All outside contact that brought prosperity to the town have been broken. In his grief and despair, Kublai has turned to gambling again and lost half his wealth in bets. The emerald castle that was once the pride of Kharuz-Korum hasn't got a single emerald left in it.
  • Meets with some people in Linlea's inn, changing his mind about his situation. Now wanting to take action to bring joy back into his life, he starts a book-loan company in honor of his dead friend Gromm. People will be able to read the latest works of Altera's writers and the writers will have their works read by as much people as Kublai can manage. This company is called Write & Read.
  • Starts the monthly news-scroll The Adventurers Watch, bringing him in contact with many people. Redacting the thing requires lots of attention, helping him forget about the unfortunate situation Kharuz-Korum is in. He hardly acts or feels like a king anymore, and is only sparsely reminded of his title when very rarely meeting another Dwarf
  • Starts to have horrible dreams that keep repeating them, which he writes down in his
  • [dreamer's journal] . Thordil explains these dreams have to do with a feeling of detachment and loneliness. Thordil has told Kublai that perhaps his Kingship is causing these dreams and advises Kublai to step down and pass the crown on. He has no wife, nor kid, and doesn't feel it is his decision to make as to who will be king next. He doesn't know how to solve this problem and the dreams keep coming, keeping him tired and awake.
  • At one point, Kublai has a vivid dream that causes him to hide his crown away, in a place only he knows, and in his delusion he hopes that one day a Dwarf will find it and claim the title of King that belongs with the crown.
  • He has been a lot happier since, focusing solely on doing good, slaying beasts and reporting on news in The Adventurer's Watch.
  • Suffers through phase I, II, III and IV of the Blight:
  • Summoned to Kharuz-Korum, Kublai steps through the hollow with fear and love in his heart battling each other, feeling both at home and a stranger. He goes to meet Kristoff and his loyalties shift back toward the Frostpeaks, as he fears the wrath of Kristoff, heir of Erik and ruler of Dwarves. Especially now that Kublai messed up his own kingship and almost let Kharuz-Korum fall to ruin, if it wasn't for Kristoff. This very fact shows Kublai that Kristoff is capable of a lot of things.
  • After having a most disturbing dream, Kublai goes to see Thordil again. Being caught in the middle, between Korog's chosen on one side and his Frostpeak clan on the other, he yet again seeks the advice of Thordil. He gets a satisfactory explanation of his dream, but still isn't any step closer to deciding what to do. If anything, he has gotten more confused!
  • To escape the ongoing struggle between the Frostpeaks and those loyal to Thordil, he attempts to start a colony for the sake of gathering knowledge.
  • Goes to a celebration hosted by the Earthspawn clan of Kam Hakiaz, only to find them murder Kristoff, Kublai's Sygyt. After having tried to defend Kristoff, Kublai is pushed aside and ordered to leave the celebration. He returns to the colony full of grief.
  • In a sermon to Korog, the great God spoke directly to Thordil, Olga and Kublai. "I am pleased. Those of the hammer must continue their craft and spread the hammer to anyone willing to learn." He said. After this Thordil continued on about how the Dwarves are now united under Korog. About ancient clans, wars, and faulty kings. Kublai, having been king before and utterly failing, felt a sting to his heart at these words. Also the talk of the three clans didn't do him good, being part of the Frostpeaks, whose leader had been murdered. Besides the Frostpeaks and Thordil never got along, so Kublai could not understand how Thordil told Korog that they were now united under Him. Angry with Thordil, Kublai left in rage after the sermon, after calling Thordil out for twisting Korog's words and adding things to the simple decree their God had given them.

An absolutely legendary drawing of Kublai by thokeca , thank you so much!!
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Kublai's Trophies:
  • A charred piece of Arbori exo-skeleton
  • A piece of bone from a Dark Order creature.
  • The eye of a giant crab
A very tired Kublai, after having all his horrible dreams that keep him awake half of most nights, by Cymic_
Thank you so much man, what a brilliant piece. I love the straight lines, makes it very very Dwarven!

Kublai's Musical endeavors:
- Written "Song of Dwarven Kings"
- Written "Alta eta Ghul"
- Beat the drum at a Korog devotion event on top of a mountain Kamaoe

- Beat the drum at a Jax devotion event at Halbed Cymic_

Kublai's Road to Runecrafting (Magic - Animancy):
  • Carves runes as long as he lives, on his doorpost, on stones, on everything. Being very superstitious, he believes they become wards and charms just by carving runes on them.
  • Tries as hard as he can, but cannot deny that his wards and charms have never worked.
  • Talks to Fenric Colonelgames , who tells him that he'll need a teacher if he's ever going to be successful at it.
  • So Kublai starts by finding Kethron or Fronslin, as he knows they wield Magic.
  • Kublai and Kethron meet, the latter tells him of two kinds of magic that might fit the bill of runecrafting: Lady Kane, as an 'Anymincer'. And Nicolche or Nwalme for 'Kodjimens'.
  • Kublai starts with the easiest of the three, someone he had met and talked to on multiple occasions; Lady Kane. So he sets out for Queen's Port, a town he has always loved to visit.
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Kublai's Adventures:
Kublai adventure with Isaac.jpg
The saving of a life.
"It was the first adventure I went on after I got my life back together. After years of slavery, followed by homelessness and having no job, I finally got myself a workshop in a small town called Burglarshire. Feeling confident, I went with two strangers called Isaac and Tyr to find a secret entrance that was somehow linked to the pillars in the square in front of my house. I was out of luck, as the entrance was underneath the water, leading to an underwater cave. I'm a Dwarf with a short breath! I was lucky to make it into that first cave, and already I was struggling to stay afloat! Yet, we had to go deeper. As the other two dived down, I felt I should follow, and thus I did. I went with them through an underwater tunnel all the way to another cave. As we surfaced, I coughed and gasped for air. I tried to get a grip of myself again, but the air in the cave was too damp and thin. Before long, I passed out. It was Isaac who tied myself to his shoulders with both our belts and swam me all the way back up to the surface. I owe him my life!"
- Joseph12Q and SirLuamTehDoge

The meeting of McKenna.jpg
The meeting of McKenna
"I walked out to have a fresh evening walk before going to bed. That always helps me fall asleep. But not this time. This time, Isaac stood there, staring at one of the pillars again. He was fanatic and told me to flick the lever once after thirty seconds, then once again after three minutes. He ran off before I could even reply! So I sat down next to that pillar, yawned a few times, and flicked that lever. I remember thinking: At least I don't have to go with him through some water tunnels or whatever that lies beyond those secret passages. It was at this very moment that I met a young girl. A kid in my eyes. She was dirty, wore ragged clothes, and after asking her why she was out here in the night all alone, she answered me with one word: exploring."
- Joseph12Q and Lirakitty (mckenna is barely visible in the dark, but she's there)

Kublai selling fish.jpg
The sale of fish
"After a day's work of fishing from a boat off shore from Storm's Landing, I returned to the harbor with a bag full of fish. I hadn't the slightest clue what they were worth, nor what kind of fish I caught, but that did not stop me from trying to sell the bunch! So I stepped into the local tavern together with Tyr and I started bartering. Alas, I was unable to sell any fish, but it seems Tyr had fun..."
- SirLuamTehDoge

Kublai vs Arbori smaller.png
The Killing of Beasts
"There was talk of people gone missing, and a high reward for those who went to find out about this mystery. Such an easy way of making money, I couldn't leave that for someone else! So I took the job and went on a boat to some remote northern shore to find out more about these missing people. After a very cold day and night, we ended up in an icy cave. Where we had to fight against terrible tree-creatures! I barely made it out alive. At first I was scared, but my Dwarven pride pushed me to attack this creature. Luckily, we managed to slay both of them and lived to tell the tale!"
Solus Snerus

Kublai and skyrat smaller.png
Acquiring something special
"As I walked towards Storm's Landing's pub, a big ole cart just came carting down the street, pulled by some travelling salesman. He was charging 10 radiants for us to take a look at the rare animals he had collected. At first I wasn't sure if I could pay that much, but after Dunrad saw the animals and sounded very impressed, I had to take a look myself! This salesman showed all kinds of weird and rare animals, but the creature that got my attention was a Skyrat. I was amazed by the tale of how he acquired it. I was willing to pay 40 radiants for the thing, but he sold it to me for 20! Can you believe that?! I am now the proud owner of perhaps the only skyrat in this world!"
Kamaoe Joseph12Q (disclaimer: not an actual skyrat. It's a rat with wings sewn on)

Kublai vs Chaoscreature small.jpg
Destroying a threat.
"I was planing a plank when I heard a shriek from outside, or you might even call it a primal scream. I ran to the balcony and saw Mister Dunrad standing in front of an abomination like I've never seen before. I ran downstairs, grabbed my hatchet, and came to Dunrad's aid. The creature had six legs, three heads and was tied together with rope. I was unsure whether it was dead or alive, but the smell suggested it was certainly decaying! Made of flesh and bone, this creature was a blight on our beautiful square and a danger to our town. Dunrad hacked at it with his sword, I did the same with my axe, and we brought the creature down! After that, we burnt it and Dunrad said a prayer to his deity with the hope it'll protect the town and its inhabitants from further harm..."

Fighting an intruder.
"I was just sitting there, at me own doorstep, sharpening me axe and war-pick, when Borgrus comes running over, yelling; "Come quick! Gromm needs your help with a crab!" He looked distressed so I joined him and walked down the stairs of Kharuz-Korum. There I saw an enormous Crab just in front of Gromm. I circled it, gestured my plans to Gromm and went to do what I had just thought of when he gave me a slow nod. I climbed a pile of iron and from above, I jumped onto the crab, my war-pick raised in the air: BARRUZZZ!!! Before I knew it, we were all fighting the intruder; Lemarc came down from an exploration in the caves, because he heard the sounds of the fight. Borgrus, scared as he was, tried to do some damage with his shovel. Then there was Gromm, that old Dwarf, he damaged the crab big time with his axe. In the end, we cut it down, and I claimed one of its eyes as a trophy for my wall!"
Lemarc Seth_Jenkins Old_Gromm

Kublai and the wisp small.png
The will of a wisp.
"There I was, reading and talking about books during the first Write&Read bookclub, and suddenly my old friend Mr Frost arrived. He read a few books with us, after which he insisted we did some catching up in the new pub in Storm's Landing. I was more than happy to join and before too soon he started talking of shining balls of lights and magical stones called 'lodestones', which attract metal! I was interested, because I knew just what I would do if I could get my hands on one. I walked with him to a quarry. Upon our arrival, I noticed how steep the hole was. Dusk started to fall and I slid down the ladder to get a closer look at the amateuristic mining work that was being done here. Suddenly, a ball of light appeared and disappeared, after which I heard awful whispers yearning for me to help them. I climbed back up as fast as I can and ran all the way back to across the river. Mr Frost explained to me that this was a wips and that I had nothing to fear, though I should be careful. Suddenly, it appeared right above Frost's head again; the lightball! I told him to duck and hurled my axe at it. I cleaved it in two, I was sure of it! But the ball seemed unharmed. It simple told us that it wanted us to die, rather sooner than later. Annoyed, I went to grab my axe and hacked at it again, time after time. I was sure sometimes I hit that damned thing, but it never showed any signs of harm. I made off with a lodestone, but I hope I'll never meet a wips again!"
- Fronslin and Kamaoe
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Kublai Art:

By Vairii :D A commission outside of the forums :O

By myself by hand
By myself by drawingpad

Kublai as drawn by Raal 26-03-2019. I love the rectangular ears and piercings and the way it leaves room for the imagination to fill in spots. Very nice!
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Kublai enjoys singing home-made tunes and songs, here are some of them:

Improvisation song on Dwarven kings:

"Hey ho, kings and successions, Dwarven kings, oh I'll tell ye.
Hey ho, Holy king Hrothgar, had a pick as sharp as can be.
Hey ho, king Seth Jenkin's, was a king of Dwarven kind.
Hey ho, Mad king Krummi, with lust fer gold, greed made him blind.
Hey ho, Kin-slayin' Jaret, a king 'tat cut 'te head frem Krummi's neck.
Hey ho, 'ten came 'te rise o' Erik, but Khorug stabbed 'im in 'te back."

NinjaTangerine Seth_Jenkins Lannis BoredBrit
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Kublai's back! I figured he managed to escape his enslavement in the north, since it is no longer active there. Also updated the bio


Lord of Altera
I noticed your character is Mongolian themed.

One of my other characters might be interested in him joining the Horde.


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Added a new section to the profile with drawings and short descriptions of adventures that Kublai has gone through :)
I'll try and update the entire profile into a better readable format soon!


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The meeting of McKenna
View attachment 89021
"I walked out to have a fresh evening walk before going to bed. That always helps me fall asleep. But not this time. This time, Isaac stood there, staring at one of the pillars again. He was fanatic and told me to flick the lever once after thirty seconds, then once again after three minutes. He ran off before I could even reply! So I sat down next to that pillar, yawned a few times, and flicked that lever. I remember thinking: At least I don't have to go with him through some water tunnels or whatever that lies beyond those secret passages. It was at this very moment that I met a young girl. A kid in my eyes. She was dirty, wore ragged clothes, and after asking her why she was out here in the night all alone, she answered me with one word: exploring."
- Joseph12Q and Lirakitty (mckenna is barely visible in the dark, but she's there)
This is beautiful, thank you so much, I really needed the smile!


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Updated where you can find Kublai, updated the info in the first post as well. Only the scr shot is outdated now, but i'll get that fixed once I'm back home