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Loyal Servant of Altera

Full Name: Eastoft Altham
Alias: "East" (by his brother), "Uncle" (by his nephew)
Race/Species: Silver Elf

Sex: Male
Age: 95
Height: 6’ 0
Hair: Short, formerly brown, now gray
Eyes: Emerald Green
Weight: 72kg / 160 lbs

Birthday: Lightshine of 2211, Year of Compromise
Birthplace: The Arget Isles
Current Residence: The Arget Isles
Current Occupation: Dean of Medicine at the Regal Isles Infirmary

Heritage: Eastoft decends from a long line of alchemists and investigators, generally lower nobility, like most in the Arget Isles.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Married to
Rosamonde Altham

Languages Spoken (native unless otherwise specified):
Elven (Silver Elven Dialect)

Religious Beliefs: Sallana


Most at ease when: In peace and quiet, in his study with his notes
Most ill at ease when: Around things that he cannot understand
Priorities: Discovery, protection of knowledge, well-being of his nephew, himself.
Philosophies: Never fear the unknown - look at it as a chance to expand your learning.
How they feel about themselves: A kind man, enlightened - much like the residents of the Isles in general.
If granted one wish what would it be, why? To return to his humble life in the old Isles, with his brother and father.


Optimist or pessimist? Why?: Generally an optimist, decided that nothing new will be tried nor learned if people always fear the worst.
Introvert or extrovert? Why? A sort of overly-formal introvert - being a man fascinated with alchemy and knowledge, he prefers a quiet peaceful environment to work in. While polite with others, he is fairly reserved in public.
Drives and motives: Always seek something that you do not understand, so that you may understand it.

Family, Friends, and Acquaintances

» Loved

- Parents: I hope you're still kicking around somewhere. If not, I hope you two are together and happy.

- Royston Altham: Died around in a fire about twenty years ago, leaving his son Leighton in Eastoft's care.

- Leighton Altham: You're one stubborn lad, but with your drive I'm sure you will hold a title someday. ( Mapboy )

- Rosamonde Altham: Ah my dear love ... we will figure out what happened, of that you can be sure. ( Rosamonde )

» Trusted

- Azure Cerridwen: You're a hard-working man, and for that I must thank you. It's been an honour know you all these years. ( Immerael )

- Nireth Cerridwen: Where would I be without your tea? You're a bit of a mystery, I'll give you that, but I wouldn't have an afternoon chat in the gardens with anyone else. ( Lady Alec )

- Theodosius Herennius: It's good to see you again, old friend. I hope you're not taking after me too much and burying yourself in mundane work. ( Blorbis83 )

Carling Montilyette: You make a remarkable mother. I am sorry for what happened with Julius, but I have little doubt you will continue on with the same drive in spite of it. ( MelodyComplex )

» Friends

- Violet Rittor: I'm glad you're back to continue your studies. Couldn't ask for a better student, but try not to run me over with that energy, hm? ( MelodyComplex )

- Esplin: You have the right intentions, even if I believe you are a touch paranoid for the field. I look forward to many conversations about the future of medicine, my friend. ( Wyvern740 )

Fronslin: It's always good to see you around. With some practice perhaps you won't knock yourself on your rear when casting spells, eh? ( Fronslin )

» Acquaintances

- Milah Sicarus: Your skills are incredibly intriguing, and I'm flattered that you should use such talents to pull a great deal of practical jokes on yours truly. Maybe with time you'll realize they're helpful elsewhere too, or is that too idealistic? ( Jazzper )

- Agnar Freyr: You're a fine fellow, and one of a noble profession. I do hope to have the chance to get a drink with you sometime. ( Kamaoe )

Dimitrius Herennius: You take after your father, for sure. Just make sure to enjoy being a kid while it lasts, right? ( MrMine )

Garrett Herennius: You've grown so much! What's this I hear about you digging tunnels nowadays? You better not be causing trouble ... ( Galaxy )

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