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Economy Basics & You

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HollowWorld's Announcer
  • Economy
  • How to make a Shop!
  • Trade Chat Channel
/money - check your balance
/money [name] - check someone elses
/money send [name] [amount] - pay someone else
/money [top] - check top balances

Make sure to use /vtr claim, /vr clashes with another plugin.


Citizens earn Radiants, the official currency of Altera, by voting and trading with other players.

Trading with others would be the best way to earn Radiants, find something you like gathering and set up a shop, perhaps even rent one in a city to sell supplies at! We try our best to encourage in-game trading and especially roleplay trading, try not to push yourself and take it easy. HollowWorld wants to focus on fun and enjoying Roleplay, not who gets Radiants the fastest.

Other information:

Voting1 / Voting2: You can earn up to 60 Emeralds per day by voting for the server on both sites, being on server lists helps us get noticed and eventually helps the server grow. After voting use /vtr claim, make sure you are not in a creative map when you vote!

Sorrowlands & The Rift: You can gather resources in this renewable world to sell to others.

Builders Commission Board: Builders can offer their services here or help others that request it.

Trading: Need an item or want to sell something? It might be easier to post about it here.

Trade Chat Channel

Throughout our world, there are several chat channels that can be utilized. One of which is the trade channel. This channel allows players to advertise, search, and talk to others about wares and services. To join this channel in-game, simply type the command "/ch trade". You will now be speaking in the trade chat:

Chestshop can be used by any player to sell their goods in stalls or shops.

- The new Shop plugin doesn't support selling and buying on the same sign. So you need two signs, and either two chests or a double chest (you can have two shops on the same chest, it works!)
- Signs above the chests don't work anymore with that plugin. It has to be on the chest.
- That new plugin introduces a new type of shop: Barter! With that one you can exchange items for other items, instead of selling and buying with money.

How to create a new Shop shop:
Nothing more easy!

- Place a chest down (you know how that works, don't you?)

- Place a sign in front or on the front side of the chest.
Here are the spots that are not working anymore with that new plugin:

So if nothing happens when typing the correct text (below) on the sign, check that the sign is effectively on the front or on planted on the block in front of the chest!

- Use the following format for choosing the amount, price and type of shop:

Type can be:
- sell
- buy
- barter

The sign will turn red, showing it's waiting for your input:

- here the plugin ask you to punch the sign with the item you wish to sell, buy or barter in this shop.

And once you punch the sign with the item, it will format itself properly:

And voila, your shop is ready to roll!

Useful tips:


Notes for the barter shops:
- the second and third lines are the amount of each items you want to trade (so for example, 64 diamonds for 1 enchanted diamond pick)
- you will need to punch the sign twice, with each item included in the trade.

Additional notes:
- if any of you know that plugin, you will have noticed we're not including the various types of "display" the plugin offers. We are currently experimenting with these to see the impact on player and server lag. We will introduce them later if we find the impact is minimal, or at least bearable.

To find out the Data/ID of an item, you can use the Minecraft Wiki:

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