Edward Dyer - Washed Out


Dark Council Elite
Minecraft name: _Centurion
Character name: Edward Anders Dyer
Link to normal character profile: [ Here ]

Current Rank/Proficiency
Eviscism: Wash Out
Formistry: N/A
Cogimency: N/A
Animancy: N/A

Overall Rank: Wash Out

Spell Points: 0

Active Student: No

Active Teacher: No

- Jason - Eviscism
- Westmay - Eviscism

Protege(s)(Current rank):


Known spells(# of times cast):
Apprentice Level

-Candlelight / 7
-Detect Energy
(+2) / 10
(-2) / 6
-Attract / 2
-Shock / 2
-Compass / 1
-Temperature Control / 3
-Heat Warp / 1

Journeyman Level

Adept Level

Master Level

Sustained Effects:
+2 to Evisral Spells
-2 to Prenumbral Spells

Conduction - Electric

Current Magical Status:
-Washed Out.

Shock - Apprentice Level
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I thought a major part of it died with the varyns or something, not really following magic much anymore.
Nope, three other apprentices being taught regularly. It's the most active discipline atm.