Eleanor Strand, The Doe


Lord of Altera

General Information:

Name: Eleanor Strand
Other Names: Ellie, Baby sister
Titles: Chieftess of Stoltfar

Age: 17
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Stoltfar
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: Nobility

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5 ft 2
Weight: 100 lbs
Eye Color: Honey Brown
Skin Color: A pale white from lack of sun.
Shape of Face: Heart shaped
Distinguishing Features: Dimples
Build of Body: Slightly toned from light training, small chest and wide hips.
Hair Color: A reddish brown like her father's
Hair Style: Wavy and thick, just past her shoulders and usually tied back with a bow.
Complexion: Clear.
Posture: Relaxed.
Is Seen By Others As: Shy
Voice: (i'll find something)


Likes: Drawing, Dancing, Singing, Baking
Dislikes: Social situations, loud noises, hot weather.
Strengths: Caring, Loyal, Courageous, Creative, polite, Sensitive. Incredibly empathetic.
Weaknesses: Meek, jumpy, courageous at the wrong times, naive, too sensitive, clumsy.
Fears: Storms, harsh winters, spiders, losing Segar.
Values: Family.
Education: Fairly good.
Languages: Common
General Attitude: Timid
Religious Inclination: Theodra like her father
General Intelligence: Quite cunning.
General Sociability: Not very social.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Term Goals:
+Look after her brother
+Help look after Stoltfar
+Make friends

Long Term Goals:
+Amazing Seamstress.


Wardrobe: Cute dresses, mostly that she has made herself, of many colours, and matching hair pieces.

~ Pearl Ring from Asero (always worn) [ X ]

Pets/Animals: The family dogs

Owned Homes: Stoltfar keep...?

Carried Inventory: Her sketching book, rarely any rads, a small sewing kit for rips and tears, a dagger sheathed under her skirt. A drawing of her and sugar, signed by Hy.
General Inventory: Lots of material for dresses.

General Wealth: Well off


Illnesses: None
Allergies: None that she knows of
Injuries: None
Sleeping Habits: Restless as of late.
Energy Levels: High
Eating Habits: Normal
Exercise Habits: Often
Memory: A little forgetful
Unhealthy Habits: None so far
Drinking Habits: Not very often.


Birthplace: Stoltfar

Childhood: Raised by Tryg and Odette with Segar, as well as any other person who would pop by. Lived through many traumatic events, including watching her dog get killed in front of her and her brother almost kidnapped. Grew up mostly alone.

Teen Years: Continued to grow up mostly alone, apart from the people of Stoltfar, developed an interest in sewing and dress making, as well as baking. Tryg and Odette died and she decided to start following her brother around.


Family History: Strand!

Past Places of Residences: Stoltfar

Places Traveled: Mockingbay, Linlea


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, until someone she cares about is threatened.

Weaponry: Just a dagger.

Combat Training: Light combat training and some archery.

Training & Skills:

[ x x x x x x x x X x]

[ x x x x x x X x x ]

[ x x x x X x x x x x ]

[ x x x x x x x X x x ]

Other Trivia:

Favorite Types of Food: Cake
Favorite Types of Drink: Mead
Hobbies/Pastimes: Making clothes.
Favorite Colors: All of them.

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Lord of Altera

Segar: Her brother. She adores and idolises him, even if he does tease her. She worries about how he is feeling, and plans to look after him for a while "You and me, now" French Roast

Uncle Theo: A man who has been at her fathers side since day one. He has become a staple in the girls life, and she hopes to make him proud. "You are kind to us." Edouard2000

Arisha: Though not as close to her as the others, Arisha is still of stoltfar, and thus she is family. Ellie hopes to look after her and the town. "Thank you." RagingLunacy

Romantic Interest:

Trusted Friends

Friendly with:
Ramona: Another tailor Ellie found she has a lot in common with. She enjoyed their chat. "I hope to see you again!" WildRoze

Arthur: A gentleman, interested in trading with Stoltfar. "I hope we can work together!" Morbid

Asero: A nice man who gave her a ring when she was sad. "You're very kind." Electric

Sugar: A lovely lady who offered to teach her many things. "I cant wait to learn from you!" Ruu

Axton: Sugar's guard, he is playful, but he seems kind. "Dont make me jump too much!" Lavilethorn

Hy: A sweet artist who gave her a drawing. "You are so talented!" Hyliade

Preotul: A jishrimite who made her fear for her life. "You're wrong. You are evil." Morbid

Odette: Mother...No one will fill the void you have left in my heart.

Tryg: Father...I will miss your kind eyes and safety.

Althalos: A distant memory...but a strong one.

Socks: My puppy...Oh how I long for your cuddles.

Azariah: Try and stop me.
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