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Theme: [ X ]

General Information:

Name: Eleanor Strand
Other Names: Ellie, Baby sister
Titles: Chieftess of Stoltfar
Warden of the Hunt
Warden of the Floor/Floorhugger

Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Stoltfar
Relationship Status: Uninteresred
Social Status: Lower Nobility

Current status: Lost.
Current thoughts: "There is nothing left of my heart to break."


Physical Appearance:

Height: 5 ft 2
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Honey Brown
Skin Color: A pale white from lack of sun.
Shape of Face: Heart shaped
Distinguishing Features: Dimples
Build of Body: Slightly toned from light training, small chest and wide hips.
Hair Color: A reddish brown.
Hair Style: Thick and wavy, down to her lower back
Complexion: Pale
Posture: Curled into herself.
Is Seen By Others As: Guarded, paranoid
+Very faint bite marks on her right shoulder

Voice: Mipha [ X ]




Likes: Drawing, Dancing, Singing, Baking, Peace, Security, Quiet

Dislikes: Social situations, loud noises, hot weather, any sort of confrontation, guilt, solitude, uncertainty, public displays of affection, crowds

Strengths: Caring, Loyal, Courageous, Creative, polite, Sensitive. Incredibly, overly empathetic, Resilient, independent

Weaknesses: Meek, jumpy, courageous at the wrong times, naive, too sensitive, clumsy (falls a lot), lightweight, prone to panic attacks, chronic guilt, scared, bitter, lost.

Fears: Storms, harsh winters, spiders, losing Segar, drowning, being kidnapped, people and their true motives.

Values: Family. Company. Bravery
Education: Fairly good.
Languages: Common
General Attitude: Timid, tired, bitter.
Religious Inclination: Theodra like her father
General Intelligence: Quite cunning.
General Sociability: Not very social, afraid.
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Term Goals:
+Help look after Stoltfar and her family
+Make clothes
+Train with Aldren

Long Term Goals:
+Find herself.
+Not become her mother



yay.png eeeeee.png Weeeeeee.png snowdress.png Alteration.png

~ Pearl Ring from Asero (always worn) [ X ]
~A bracelet given to her from her mother (Nylarii's)

Pets/Animals: The family dogs

Owned Homes: Stoltfar keep.

Carried Inventory: Her sketching book, rarely any rads, a small sewing kit for rips and tears, A drawing of her and sugar, signed by Hy. A marionette from Skunkgoop, a wooden carving of a doe, a coin with a scorpion on one side and a frog on the other. a set of simple clothes

General Inventory: Lots of material for dresses, lots of different coloured socks. Four fur lined cloaks, six basic cloaks.

General Wealth: Well off



Illnesses: None
Allergies: None that she knows of
+High levels of anxiety
Sleeping Habits: Restless, riddled with nightmares
Energy Levels: Exhausted
Eating Habits: when she remembers
Exercise Habits: Often
Memory: A little forgetful
Unhealthy Habits: Not eating or sleeping properly
Drinking Habits: Very Rarely.



Birthplace: Stoltfar

Childhood: Raised by Tryg and Odette with Segar, as well as any other person who would pop by. Lived through many traumatic events, including watching her dog get killed in front of her and her brother almost kidnapped. Grew up mostly alone.

Teen Years: Continued to grow up mostly alone, apart from the people of Stoltfar, developed an interest in sewing and dress making, as well as baking. Tryg and Odette died and she decided to start following her brother around. She travels to Linlea and ends up being involved in an assault, returning from the ordeal; she finds skunkgoop has drowned, and tries to save his corpse, She returns home for a while, Thordil hosts the memorial for their parents, she has a falling out with Segar, she begins making cloaks to give to refugees, Dar'ket has a mental breakdown in front of her then drowns too. The archery lesson, Segar gets kidnapped, Segar is returned missing one eye. She traps Eliyana, has a falling out with Segar and Gerry, leaves alone and gets killed. She returns with no memory of stoltfar in the middle of a fight between Reynard and Segar.

Adulthood: Reynard kills Segar, she shuts herself off from the world, Segar returns, she officialy ends things with Reynard, she isolates herself for a time, returns only to endure more emotional torment. Ashild is born, returns to drama and fighting and almost getting knocked out, saying goodbye, arguing with Segar,

Family History: Strand!

Past Places of Residences: Stoltfar, Guildhall in the landing

Places Traveled: Mockingbay, Linlea, Sul Feir, Linistel, Storms Landing



Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, until someone she cares about is threatened. Recently she has struggled to control her temper.

+Dagger sheathed on calf

Combat Training: Light combat training and some archery.


Training & Skills:

[ x x x x x x x x X x]

[ x x x x x x x X x ]

[ x x x x x X x x x x ]

[ x x x x x x x X x x ]

[ X x x x x x x x x x x ]


Other Trivia:

Occupation: Tailor/Seamstress/Student
Favorite Types of Food: Cake
Favorite Types of Drink: Anything
Hobbies/Pastimes: Making clothes.
Favorite Colors: All of them.

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Lord of Altera

Segar: Her brother. She feels completely lost to him, and while she appreciates that he is conflicted, she feels he has not been easy on her at all. "I do not feel secure.." French Roast

Uncle Theo: A man who has been at her fathers side since day one. He has become a staple in the girls life, and she hopes to make him proud. "You are kind to us." Edouard2000

Arisha: Though not as close to her as the others, Arisha is still of stoltfar, and thus she is family. Ellie hopes to look after her and the town. "Thank you." RagingLunacy

Ashild: Her niece. While Ellie never really approved of the pregnancy, she is happy to have this little bundle in her family now. She just hopes life will be good to her.

Romantic Interest:
Not happening

Trusted Friends
Gerry: Her best friend, She feels a burden to him, and though she knows he means well, does not enjoy his methods of trying to help her. . “I'm sorry I'm so difficult.” Jeroxia

Salem: A kind guard who listened to and took care of her when she felt the world was against her. "Thank you...I’ll visit." Sophe

Thordil: Her father's most trusted companion, and loyal to her and her brother "I turned to you in need, I hope you feel you can turn to us too" Jazzper

Aldren: A man she has not known long, and yet he has gone out of his way to comfort and care for her. She feels very safe in his presence. She is his student now. "I will try to make you proud" Lavilethorn

Sugar: A lovely lady, who Ellie feels very protective of. They get along well, and she idolises her in a way. "Thank you for caring.." Ruu

Friendly with:
Arthur: A gentleman, and a kind heart. She appreciates his attempts to cheer her up "I'll be alright. " Morbid

Asero: A nice man who seems to go out of his way to make her feel better. "Don't mention it.. " Electric

Hy: A sweet artist who gave her a drawing, and her brother's partner. "I hope you’re ready...don’t hurt him." Hyliade

Ess: She does not understand her half the time "I wish more people would try to understand you." Rue

Olive: Intimidating...but means well? "I trust that you did as I asked.." Smurf

Linden: An old friend of her fathers. "Thank you for the kind words.. " RagingLunacy

James Varyn: A tension between families, and yet he seemed kind. "I prefer to make my own judgements.. " TheDeester

Jaden: A name she heard before. "You are far from what I expected." CloakedReaper

Isaac: A pessimist, but he listened to and understood her thoughts without prejudice. "I hope I made things seem a little brighter.." Joseph12Q

Fronslin: What started as a tense relationship has settled. She wants to believe he is a good man. "I appreciate your effort to change my mind." Fronslin

Cloud: A friend. For the first time in ages, she felt she was having fun. She cannot thank him enough for that. "I hope it all goes well.." Jeroxia

Kitrana: A dame who has come to her aid more than once. Ellie respects her honour, and she is another presence that the girl simply feels safer around. “Thank you again..” French Roast

Tourmaline: Azerwind.. Caparii? Ellie cant help but feel slightly intimidated. "I hope we get along.." Ruu

Er'een: A nakat, Ellie is very embarrassed by her first and possibly second impression. "You seem.. kind." Sophe

Maleko: Makani. He amused her in his gambling, whether he was aware of it or not "I have a lot to learn." Lavilethorn

Wary of:

Eliyana: The woman who took her brothers eye. Ellie knows Eli’s escape from Linistel and her own murder were not coincidental. "I will not let it go " Sophe

Cedlas: An arrogant and racist man who she regrets having anything to do with. She partially blames him for the fights. "I just want my bow, and then to never see you again." Swiftspear

Sir Reynard: Her hardest goodbye. She does not know how she feels anymore. Her heart, her faith, and her sanity are all lost to him, and yet she still lingers on his memory. "You will move on. You have to." TheDeester

Preotul: A jishrimite who made her fear for her life. "You're wrong. You are evil." Morbid

The fool: Another jishrimite who she hit over the head. "You are bad...but am I better?" Bartooliinii

Evylyn: The woman who murdered her, or so she’s been told. Ellie does not remember her face, and yet she will always haunt her dreams “You will die alone.” Hyliade

The brawlers: They attacked with no reason, and she'd have liked to have done more damage. Something tells her that will not be the last time she will have to deal with them, or at least people like them. @ You Know Who You are

Odette: Mother...No one will fill the void you have left in my heart. I’m sorry I let you down.

Tryg: Father...I will miss your kind eyes and safety. I’m sorry I let you down.

Althalos: A distant memory...but a strong one.

Socks: My puppy...Oh how I long for your cuddles.

Azariah: Try and stop me.

Skunkgoop: "I blame myself." Jeroxia

Dar'ket: "I must be cursed.." MaelstromPuddle

Ellie: She misses herself at times, the way she was before the world fell apart at her feet. A kind and ditzy girl, who only wanted to make people smile.

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+Many pairs of socks [X]
+Shoes for skunky [/]
+Cloaks for refugees [/]
+Two white tabards for Isaac [X]
+Shoes for Gerry [ X ]
+Two outfits for Cloud [ X ]
+Three fancy outfits for Gerry [-]


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