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Theme: [ X ]

General Information:

Name: Eleanor Strand
Other Names: Ellie
Titles: Chieftess of Stoltfar
Warden of the Hunt

Age: 21
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Stoltfar
Relationship Status: Not looking
Social Status: Lower Nobility

Current status: Quiet. Paranoid.
Current thoughts: "People are terrible sometimes"

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5 ft 4
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Colour: Honey Brown
Skin Color: A pale white from lack of sun.
Shape of Face: Heart shaped
Distinguishing Features: Dimples
Build of Body: She has developed a good amount of muscle for her size.
Hair Color: A reddish brown.
Hair Style: Thick and wavy, tied neatly in a long braid that goes to her hip.
Complexion: Pale
Posture: Tall and Straight
Is Seen By Others As: Calm, Reserved.
+Very faint bite marks on her right shoulder

Voice: Elizabeth [ X ]


Ellie is and always has been a very empathetic and caring person, often putting the needs of others before her own and striving to do all she can to help those she cares about most. She is courageous, showing no sign of weakness even if in the face of a foe she knows she cannot defeat. As she has grown, she has suffered great trauma, but every time she is knocked down she gets back up again and stands her ground. In recent years she has grown very independent and actually prefers not to rely on others. Her once timid demeanour has escaped her and been replaced with a calm yet somehow stoic attitude. She will defend her friends and family with her life, and incredibly protective of them.


Ellie has intense trust issues and thus doesn't allow herself to make a lot of friends for fear of being hurt. She has adopted her mothers temper, meaning she can easily flick from relaxed to bloodthirsty and is incredibly paranoid. Her courage, though admirable at times, can also be reckless if she does not have the means to defeat whatever she is standing up to. Her life so far has been a tough one, and so her emotions are all jumbled, meaning she can be pretty emotionally unstable and very violent, especially when it comes to people she cares about. Her temper is particularly vulnerable to comments about her brother. On top of this, she does not forgive easily, and does hold grudges. She does not often give second chances. Recently her paranoia has peeked, and it makes her rather restless.


Like the rest of her family, Ellie enjoys peace and quiet. Though she travels, nothing is more comforting to her than the solitude of the Tundra. She likes knowing that she and her family are safe and secure, and is easily upset by the slightest dangers. She enjoys a good chat with friends in a quiet tavern and banter with strangers from time to time. She enjoys baking and cooking as well as singing, though not in front of people. Even if she does not do it often, anymore, she loves designing and making clothes. She likes fighting for and protecting good people, and people who cannot defend themselves.

One thing Ellie has never gotten over is her jumpiness, meaning she is not a fan of loud and sudden noises. Her paranoia means she does not like suspicious characters, particularly people who wear masks. Ellie does not like magic in any form, divine or arcane, and there are only a few mages and blessed that she actually trusts to use it. She has a particular dislike for Theodra due to her history with her family, Gods are not exempt from her grudges. She has begun to dislike most people, though tolerates and still protects them.

Education: Fairly good.
Languages: Common
General Attitude: Chill
Religious Inclination: Valiant
General Intelligence: Quite cunning.
General Sociability: She doesn't like talking to people much anymore.
Alignment: True Neutral

Short Term Goals:
+Help look after Stoltfar
+Make clothes
+Train harder
+Fight for the order.

Long Term Goals:
+Find herself.
+Not become her mother
+Be someone's hero.



~ Pearl Ring from Asero (always worn) [ X ]
~A bracelet given to her from her mother (Nylarii's)

Pets/Animals: The family dogs

Owned Homes: Stoltfar keep.

Carried Inventory: Her sketching book, rarely any rads, a small sewing kit for rips and tears, a coin with a scorpion on one side and a frog on the other. Her sword, her bow and some arrows. A small flask of whiskey

General Inventory: Lots of material for dresses, lots of different coloured socks. a wooden carving of a doe. Four fur lined cloaks, six basic cloaks.

General Wealth: Well off


Illnesses: None
Allergies: None that she knows of
Sleeping Habits: Restless
Energy Levels: Average
Eating Habits: Normal
Exercise Habits: Often
Memory: Normal
Unhealthy Habits: Training too hard
Drinking Habits: Whiskey


Birthplace: Stoltfar

Childhood: Raised by Tryg and Odette with Segar, as well as any other person who would pop by. Lived through many traumatic events, including watching her dog get killed in front of her and her brother almost kidnapped. Grew up mostly alone.

Teen Years: Continued to grow up mostly alone, apart from the people of Stoltfar, developed an interest in sewing and dress making, as well as baking. Tryg and Odette died and she decided to start following her brother around. She travels to Linlea and ends up being involved in an assault, returning from the ordeal; she finds skunkgoop has drowned, and tries to save his corpse, She returns home for a while, Thordil hosts the memorial for their parents, she has a falling out with Segar, she begins making cloaks to give to refugees, Dar'ket has a mental breakdown in front of her then drowns too. The archery lesson, Segar gets kidnapped, Segar is returned missing one eye. She traps Eliyana, has a falling out with Segar and Gerry, leaves alone and gets killed. She returns with no memory of stoltfar in the middle of a fight between Reynard and Segar.

Adulthood: Reynard kills Segar, she shuts herself off from the world, Segar returns, she officialy ends things with Reynard, she isolates herself for a time, returns only to endure more emotional torment. Ashild is born, returns to drama and fighting and almost getting knocked out, saying goodbye, arguing with Segar, abandoning Theodra and finding her own strength, She spends a few months training, hunting and speaking to the statue of her parents. She finds strength in Valiant's doctrine and returns to the world a new woman. She joins the Order of Valiant. She has a brief moment with her ex, but after almost killing Cloud, realises she has been stupid, argues and threatens him, and then they part ways. She begins training.

Family History: Strandir

Past Places of Residences: Stoltfar, Guildhall in the landing

Places Traveled: Mockingbay, Linlea, Sul Feir, Linistel, Storms Landing


Peaceful or violent: She can be very violent

+Dagger sheathed on calf
+Her Recurve bow [ X ]

Combat Training: Both ranged and melee.

Training & Skills:

[ x x x x x x x x X x]

[ x x x x x x x x X x ]

[ x x x x x X x x x x ]

[ x x x x x x x X x x ]

Ranged weaponry:
[ x x x X x x x x x x ]

[ x x X x x x x x x x ]

[ x x x x x X x x x x ]

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Chieftess, Member of The Order of Valiant.
Favorite Types of Food: Cake
Favorite Types of Drink: Anything
Hobbies/Pastimes: Making clothes.
Favorite Colors: All of them.

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Lord of Altera

Segar: Love. Anxiety. Guilt. "I know that what I'm doing is the right thing... " French Roast

Uncle Theo: Safety. Loyalty. Freindship. "..I'll miss you." Edouard2000

Arisha: Family. Kindness. Comfort. "Thank you." RagingLunacy

Ashild: Small. Fragile. Loved.

Gerry: Warmth. Comfort. Guilt. "I'll support you, no matter what." Jeroxia

Hy: Anxiety. Indifference. Acceptance. "Just make him happy."

Romantic Interest:
"I'd rather die alone"

Trusted Allies
Thordil: Trust. Safety. Loyalty. "You are very wise." Jazzper

Sugar: Admired. Happy. Missed. "Thank you for caring.." Ruu

Kitrana: Safety. Bond. Sisterhood. “I feel confident in us..” French Roast

Raalvara: Sisterhood. Strength. Tutor. "I will do right by you, and by Valiant." Raal

James Varyn: History. Politics. Training. "I am glad to be able to learn from you." TheDeester


Cain Sisters: Trauma. Fear. Rage. "I hope to return the favour someday." Sophe Hyliade

Sir Reynard: Pain. Regret. Anger. "I don't think you ever loved me." TheDeester

Esplin: Suspicion. Mask. Eyes? "I'm watching you." Wyvern740


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