Ellaria Tate


Loyal Servant of Altera

General Information:
Name: Ellaria Tate
Other Names: Ellie, Ella

Age: 20
Race: Human (Sangrian)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: Wherever she can find a place to sleep
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: Commoner

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120 pounds
Eye Color: Light brown
Skin Color: Golden brown, as a result of spending so much time in the sun.
Distinguishing Features: She has several “tribal” looking tattoos all over her body, including her back, shoulders, left arm, right lower leg onto foot. Pictures for reference.

Build of Body: She’s quite petite.
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: In keeping custom with her culture Ellaria wears her hair in multiple braids (sometimes dreads, if it gets to that point), and decorates her locks with many small beads, trinkets, and feathers. Pictures for reference.

Complexion: Olive skin (rarely burns and tans well)
Posture: Her posture isn’t the best, as she never had any formal etiquette training, nor was she raised in a household where posture was important.
Is Seen By Others As: Energetic and motivated/Sailor
Scars: Several tiny scars on her hands from fishing hooks when she was a child.

Likes: The ocean, her family, people with a good sense of humor, adventures and exploring, making new friends
Dislikes: People who take themselves too seriously, conflict and/or individuals who are constantly trying to create conflict

Strengths: Swimming, sailing, fishing
Weaknesses: Academics

Fears: Losing her father, never seeing her brother again
Values: Her family, her culture

Education: Her father taught her the basics of reading and writing. She may not know longer or more complicated words.
Languages: Common
General Attitude: Cheerful
Religious Inclination: Ellaria is a follower of Jax.
General Intelligence: She’s young and can be naive at times.
General Sociability: She will try to strike up conversation wherever she goes
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Short Term Goals:

Explore [ ]
Find a job [ ]

Long Term Goals:
Fall in love and have a family [ ]


Wardrobe: She most often wears loose fitting tunics or shirts and flowing skirts.

Jewelry: She wears several golden band bracelets on both arms; gifts from her father.
Pets/Animals: None, to her dismay
Owned Homes: Also...none
Carried Inventory: A dagger from her father, a few radiants,
General Inventory: A pack filled with several garments, hair brushes and accessories (bandannas, etc), her trusty fishing rod,
General Wealth: Her father insists on sending her money, but she refuses, determined to survive on her own, and therefore is dirt poor.

Illnesses: None at the moment
Allergies: None she knows of
Injuries: None at the moment
Sleeping Habits: She sleeps whenever and wherever she can
Energy Levels: Very high energy all the time
Eating Habits: If she could afford it she would be eating all the time, but she can’t, so she eats scraps when she can find them.
Exercise Habits: She walks quite a bit, due to her love of exploring.
Memory: Average.
Unhealthy Habits: She will not often ask for help, even if she severely needs it.
Drinking Habits: She does not drink often, but when she does...

Birthplace: Ellaria was born in a small village on the island of Vale.

Childhood: Ellaria’s mother died while giving birth to her, causing her father to become her number one caregiver. Because of this, Ellaria grew to have a very strong bond with her father. She would await eagerly for him to arrive home from his sailing trips, begging him for gifts and stories when he came home. When her father was away, care of Ellaria was entrusted to her brother, who was six years older. Ellaria had felt since a young age that her brother held somewhat of a grudge against her, because of the circumstances of their mother’s death.

Teen Years: When Ellaria turned 12, she was allowed to accompany her father on his sailing trips to transport goods. Out of all her childhood memories, these trips were her favorite. She learned to fish and sail, and became quite acquainted with the stars. At the age of 18, her brother moved out of the household, telling no one where he was going and making no effort to maintain contact. She hasn’t seen him since. It was after this event that her father decided a change in scenery would be proper. Ellaria and her father moved to the city of Ralidor. It of course was just in its beginning stages, and still in construction, but her father was faithful it would be the marvel of all Sangria.

Adulthood: Ellaria turned 20, and, being prompted by her father, set out to explore the world on her own; something she had always wanted to do.

Family History: The Tates. A long line of sailors and merchants.

Past Places of Residences: Vale, Ralidor

Places Traveled: Storm’s Landing, Mockingbay

Peaceful or violent: Unless continuously provoked, Ellaria is peaceful

Weaponry: She has a small dagger given to her by her father when she left home

Combat Training: Since the latter part of her childhood was practically lived out on her father’s ship, she would get training tips from the crew, even getting to spar with those who were willing. Her father trained her to defend herself if ever attacked, but not to seek out fights or to fight for sport.

Training & Skills:
[Insert listed of skills/talents/things they’re trained in here]

Other Trivia:

None at the moment
Favorite Types of Food: Cheese
Favorite Types of Drink: Any type of tea
Hobbies/Pastimes: Sailing
Favorite Colors: Yellow

Relevant Family Members:
Julian Tate - Ellaria’s father and bestfriend
Jasten Tate - Ellaria's estranged brother

Romantic Interests:

Trusted Friends:

Friendly With:

Loose Acquaintances:

Esplin - Ellaria thinks him to be slightly strange, but not in an awful way. She enjoyed his company and would like to get to know him better. Wyvern740
Leighton Altham - Ellaria had a good chat with Leighton in the tavern. She very much enjoys his sense of humor. Mapboy
Dwanir Vainhall - Ellaria finds this dwarf to be very sophisticated, speaking with many large words she's never heard before. His intelligence fascinates her. exasior

Disfavored Individuals:


Wary Of: