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General Information:
Name: Elora Cioviera Lithdiir Kysania
Other Names: - Bunny [Sigurd] -
Dear [Illthilior] -
Titles: N/A
Race: Silver Elf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current Residence: -
Relationship Status:
Social Status: Commoner

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5’2” / 1.5 m
Weight: 103 lbs / 43 kg
Eye Color: Emerald green, with silver flecks in the iris.
Skin Color: Milky white
Shape of Face: Heart
Distinguishing Features: N/A

Build of Body: Hourglass, starting to develop a light muscle tone.
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Hair Style: Wavy and worn loose with a headscarf
Complexion: Clear and fair, though has a small birthmark under her right shoulder blade.
Posture: Straight, she carries an air of grace, that is typical for her race.
Is Seen By Others As: Average
Scars: N/A
Voice: Soft and sweet

Likes: - Children - Cooking - Reading - Gardening - Pets - Spars - Pushing her own limits -
Dislikes: - Fire - Loud noises - Needless Violence -
Strengths: - Caring - Sweet - Motherly -
Weaknesses: - Naive - Innocent - Frail -
Fears: - Fire - Thunder - Cultists - Losing her child - Disappointing Sigurd -
His love -
Values: - Honesty - Kindness -
Education: - Good -
Languages: - Elven; Fluent, first language - Common; Fluent, second language -
General Attitude: - Cheerful - Calm - Happy -
Religious Inclination: Has taken a liking to Sallana, Respects Silas
General Intelligence: While naive and easily confused, she’s more of someone to be regarded as ‘book smart’
General Sociability: - Social - Timid -
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Term Goals:
  • Find her friends
  • Raise Illya well
  • Find a home - Success
  • Find a job
  • Train
Long Term Goals:
  • Shape a family - Success
  • Guide Illya through Life
  • Fight alongside Sigurd
  • Illthilior..?

Wardrobe: - Dons a simple White blouse under a leather corset top, and a cloth burgundy skirt that covers most of her skin. She wears worker boots underneath. [Home wear] - Wears woolen and leather garments. A wool tunic with leather hems and leather pants with a short woolen overskirt. She also dons a cloak with a fur hemline. {Casual} -
Jewelry: N/A
Pets/Animals: -
Owned Homes: -
Carried Inventory: -
General Inventory: -
General Wealth: - A bag of Radiants, about 100 max - 500 Radiants -

Illnesses: N/A
Allergies: - Dust -
Injuries: N/A
Sleeping Habits: Decent
Energy Levels: High
Eating Habits: Eats only after the family has
Exercise Habits: None
Memory: Decent
Unhealthy Habits: Sweets
Drinking Habits: N/A

Birthplace: Coastal Village
Childhood: Calm and happy. She kept with her family, helping around the town.
Teen Years: Calm and happy, she hadn’t thought of moving out in her teen years.
Adulthood: Calm, yet somewhat hectic. After moving out of her village, she settled in another, working as a nurse.
Family History: Mother: Gwenevere, Father: Thevis
Past Places of Residences: - Thiil -
Places Traveled: - Thiil - Port Silver - Crossroads - Zima Maloj - Compendium - Storm's Landing -
Mockingbay - Norumbega -

Peaceful or violent: Situational
Weaponry: Sword, shield, and spear
Combat Training:

-Passing Stance
-Mid Guard Stance
-Low Guard Stance

Training & Skills:

-Worked for Vekel a the Bakery in Thiil for a time.
-Has been a taught baking since she was young
-Has been cooking for many years now
-Has had to specialize in many types of meats
-Very neat and tidy
-Makes sure no dust lies about
-Makes sure the house is scented proper
-Loves children dearly
-Tends to spoil them
-Worked as a nurse for a time
-Knows how to treat burns and stitch work
-Finds herself enjoying fixing old clothes.
-Learning under Sigurd, she's found a new enjoyment for the art.

Other Trivia:
Occupation: Headmistress of the Servants of Norumbega, Stay at home mom
Favorite Types of Food: Savory
Favorite Types of Drink: Tea
Hobbies/Pastimes: - Sewing - Cooking - Training - Meditating -
Favorite Colors: Red, Green and Blues

Relevant Family Members: Illya Athrendu-Lithdiir
Romantic Interests: Illthilior Athrendu
Haelan Witters, Ater Impes, Sif Sigurd
Trusted Friends: Jaden Seeker, Sif Sigurd, Eira Sigurd
Respected Individuals: Tzemik
Friendly With:
Loose Acquaintances: Azure, Nireth

Disfavored Individuals:
Wary Of:

CloakedReaper zXzMAGIIKzXz Lady Alec Immerael Michcat Tempy_ The Courier
She grew up close to her mother, and lived a calm farm lifestyle. She enjoyed learning from her. Her father was kind-hearted and looked like a nobleman, compared to his position. He exhumed elegance. Her mother gleamed with charity. She wished only to be like them, and live a life similar to the one she already had.

She would follow her father down to the mills where he worked and prepared meals for his workmates. Her family was well-known and loved. As a child, she remembered how the men would scruff her hair as she held onto her father's cloak. She never was one to say much, and preferred to avoid speaking, in case she were to say something silly. This caused her to be called "Quiet Ellie".

As her teen years rolled by, she realized she must become independent. She was 20 when she moved out of her house to make a name for herself. Though she enjoyed housewifery, she never sought out the companionship from a man.
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Relationships: Thoughts and perception

Relevant Family Members:
Gwenevere [Mother]
Thevis [Father]
Illya [Daughter]

Romantic Interests:
Illthilior Athrendu
- You know just how I feel about you. You know how much I love you and how much I've always loved you. I can't tell if you return the feeling or just want 'this' to be game, but I can't tell if I regret playing or not.
Haelan Witters
-The first man I've loved, and though I'll never see him again, I care about him. Moved on, but not forgotten.
Ater Impes
-I truly do care about him, and miss him dearly. Expects him to be mad that she had taken so long away. Believes he may have forgotten about her.
Sif Sigurd
-You've been nothing but kind, somewhat affectionate, knowledgeable, and caring.. I owe you so much, and I don't know how I feel about all this.. It's dangerous, I shouldn't feel it, but I do. Thank you for everything.
Trusted Friends:
Jaden Seeker
-I wonder where you've gone..
-Such a sweet girl.. Daughter to such a hard headed man. I'm very glad to have met you.
Respected Individuals:
-Mage, Apothecary, Healer, Doctor. She holds many titles, and is a kind woman, though she seems like she may need some time to relax. Will be studying under Tzemik.
Friendly With:
Loose Acquaintances:

-She's always been kind to the family. I hope she's well.
-Nireth's husband. Can't recall much from him, but he was kind.
Disfavored Individuals:

Wary Of:

CloakedReaper zXzMAGIIKzXz Immerael Lady Alec Michcat Tempy_
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Progression (OOC knowledge, not to be used ICly)

+Arrived to the Northern Kingdoms
+Met Ater Impes
+Moved to Thiil
+Hired as Baker Apprentice
+Rejected Cult Offer
+Reunited with Jaden Seeker
+Received Death Threats
+Formed a 'Family'
+Moved various times; Final destination Zima'Maloj
+Moved back to Thiil
+Constructed the new home with the family
+Returned home to tend to a sick family member
+Moved with the undead incursion
+Remained in Storm's Landing for a time
+Met Illthilior and was given a job
+Things happened
+Illthilior dies and she believes he was forced to abandon her
+Meets Sigurd in Storm's Landing
+Sigurd takes her to Compendium
+Illthilior returns; Mental conflict
+Stays with Sigurd

+Courts and rejected
+Illthilior returns yet again
+Moved to Mockingbay
+More mental conflict.
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mfw Elora is not caparii

(but naw good profile yo. just dont mind me and my spyro-loving heart ;_; )
It's fine. I have a two friends who play Caparii, though. They don't seem to go online often... Which is a shame.


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Important Update
Elora taking a leave, though not deceased, just returning to her home, for the time being. It is possible she will return.