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Emerald Banks


The Brainz
Retired Council Member
Retired Staff
The addition of Adminshop Emerald Banks is once more open to regions and towns who meet the below criteria to be eligible to have them created by a staff member:

Town Members:
Banks can not be placed in smaller communities- The minimum requirement is 5 members to be eligible to receive a Admin Bank in your region. Your region must have the member count before the bank will be created.
Other Requirements:
-The bank must be in a geographically logical location. Banks cannot be underwater, inaccessible to the general public and must be in the most logical place for your region.
-The building must be sturdy and make sense for the area.
-There absolute needs to be a vault of some kind for there to be an IC logic behind the bank. The size and shape of the vault is up to your discression but it must have foritification to prevent someone breaking in.
-The bank must be in its own building. It cannot share space with a house or a shop but must be its own standalone build with no entrances or exits to other buildings.
-If no vault exists (The bank consists of a single room with some storage, no bank signs will be placed).
-Smaller vaults and banks will recieve Emerald Banks for 1 and 10 emerald selling and buying.
-Larger vaults and banks with display rooms are eligible to recieve the addition of emerald blocks to be sold and bought upon request.
Emerald Pricing:
Emeralds will ALWAYS be at 20 rads each. Please notify an admin if the sign shows the incorrect amount (as shown in the screenshots above)
Please remember that any sign not placed by an Admin will follow the normal Chestshop rules, and must be funded by existing items (Your own emeralds).
To request a admin shop for your region just fill out the form below and post in this thread or contact Archbishop or BrianAT16 In-Game to get set up.
-Region Name:
-Bank Location: (Coordinates)
-Number of Members:
Link to Previous Thread: {x}


YĆ« Yi
Retired Council Member
-IGN: mokwar
-Region Name: Mockingbay
-Bank Location: 2738 35 -2423
-Number of Members: I really do not know... Over 5 I believe xD