Outdated [Era of Foundations] House de Courtnay

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Formed on September 16th, 2014.

Family Patriarch: Francis de Courtnay

Current Heir: Maceo de Courtnay

Family Lands/Seat: The currently being built fortress of Mountain's End, the hamlet of Avignon and Albourne Manor

⚜ Basic Description ⚜
Family de Courtnay dates back many years in history, the family claims its roots in the first of the family de’Dore, that later become House de Courtnay, The legendary figure known as Ser Lancel ‘The Golden’ de’Dore. Since than, the family has seen growth in rank and then the downfall of it all, and is now on the move to find a new place to settle, with the downfall of the House of Lavoyard, they look to the south.

⚜ History ⚜
The beginning of the family is told mostly in tales and stories, most of these tales relating to the ‘Age de la Création’ or in the common tongue; The Age of Creation. This period told in story and writing from the family dated years in age, tells the tale of the founder of the Family de’Dore, the direct family the House de Courtnay gets it own blood from. Many tales exist of this figure, for he is a bit of what you would call ‘Prince Charming’ of the family, having long beautiful locks of golden hair, and sapphire, deep blue eyes. His story, however, coated in glory, honour, and great maidens, starts off humbly in a fishing village along the coast. He spend his time here, later moving into squirehood.

Lancel spend many years training, his knight was an elderly, yet strong and wise knight by the name of Ser William di’Winiex, He was elderly, yet he taught him well and Lancel learned much with him. However, this is where the tales of Ser Lancel become lacking in truth, many accounts claim that he earned his knighthood by taking a force of men after the death of Ser William and lead them to victory, outnumbered largely. Childish tales, but ones that are not without merit; These tales encouraged the pursue of Knighthood within the family, each wishing to do honour in Ser Lancel’s name. However, his legend has pronounced two items of great importance to the family, Couronne de la Famille or simply ‘Crown of the Family’ that was a rumored gift to Lancel from a local Baron during his age, and the sword of the family, Lionheart.

However, the family originally granted its name, alas, not during the time of Ser Lancel, but during the time of a different era, years after his death. The peroid of distress in the family caused its formation. The family started with three heirs; Two sons and a daughter, however the internal battle begin become two twin brothers, Lukca, the goldsmith who valued his trade over war, and his brother Pavel, a skilled warrior who would later be knighted in the village began to argue over who was best fitted for leadership after their father’s sudden death. Loyalties were split, conflict in the air.

The youngest heir, Fleur, was displeased by the actions of her brothers, unimpressed and quite annoyed by their childish conflict. One by one, she pulled each one of their supporters to her cause, her wit unmatchable to those of her brothers.It took little time for Lady Fleur to earn her way to the title, Twisting her way into a marriage, she convinced the family of her husband that their part in forming a new house was wise, and thus, the house de Courtnay was born. She took the new name of ‘de Courtnay’ to replace the old name of de’Dore, whoever the traditions and beliefs of the place was not forgotten, the banner of a Armoured Gauntlet on blue, surrounded by golden Fleurs, was taken to show the two main trades of the family; Gold and warfare.

Time passed and the family lived in on in various locations, often moving to where they could find gold and to sell it, having no solid bannermen or land, but the power of their wealth was known, as other families in the past went to them for loans. This soon changed when Lord Thomas took power over the family, he invested a great deal of wealth into land and created a gold mine, he never stated how he knew that mine would pronounce gold, yet he knew and this knowledge lead to the creation of the de Courtnay manor. Soon however, Lord Thomas had a son, Albert de Courtnay, who would later father Duke Emeric de Courtnay and Fleur II de Courtnay. The gold started to curse Albert’s mind, it was all he cared about, all he lusted for, rumors started on him some accusing him of cheating with Moorish women. However, somehow his marriage managed to stay together, Emeric and Fleur were raised well enough, and safe, for the most people, as Emeric was often on the receiving ends of blows from his father’s bannermen, who would cover such beatings with tales, Albert wasn’t a clever man.

Luck fated for the family, for on the night that Emeric and Lord Albert departed by sea to trade goods, a fight was sparked in the manor between Emmason and Lyanna, Lyanna in a blind fury throwing a torch towards Emmason, missing, and lighting the curtains beside her aflame, soon the whole manor was enlightened with a bright glow of flame. Many died in this fire, including Emmason and Lyanna, but also Pavel II and many others. Luck had not grown better however, as the ship carrying Emeric and his father, Lord Albert, had been thrown into a storm, ending in the sinking of the ship and countless amounts of gold, but also the death of Lord Albert. However, Ignis shined above Emeric and allowed him to live, he washed on shore in Le Havre.

This began the introduction of the de Courtnay’s into Lavoyard politics, Emeric was made squire to Prince Lucius Artorius, and served faithfully and learned all he could, He later jousted in the Tournament of Rentaus, and dehorsed King Tybalt Marr on his second lance, claiming this to be his biggest accomplishment. Emeric was later granted the Land of Delavois, which he renamed La Marche DO’r, and started to build. However, as the Lady of Fire blesses, she also curses; Soon a war broke lose, Prince Lucius Artorius rebelled against the crown of Emperor Barthelemy. Emeric choose to swear his forces and resources to the side of the crown, War destroyed Emeric, he disliked killing but it was his duty. The war was later won, though he lost many friends, the pain haunted him for his final days, until his final ride to see his betrothed was ended in violence, as the Blood Serpents captured him and held him captive, until his later death by their hands.

This begins the modern era of House de Courtnay, The death of Emeric shook the family by its support, however in his office they found his will the bastard Napoleon Metal was shown to be his son, and was legalized by Emperor Barthelmey. Napoleon took his place and started to lead the family, the crowning of Charlotte started the disappearance of the family, Napolean handled the trade quietly and locked in his room, as Wilhelm rode to tournament fighting and drinking along the way. Wilhelm was soon slain however, and the settlement of La Marche was made to ruin the same way Le Havre was, and with this, Napoleon send his cousin, Francis, south to make contact with House Blackrose..

⚜ Culture ⚜
From years of time, a set of unique set of traditions has developed within the Family de Courtnay, From traditions ranging from bonds between family members casted in metal, or to age where a child is seen as an adult, various ideals and cultural traditions have arised, making the family unique in nature. Arguably the most important of all the traditions is that of the Legend of Ser Lancel de’Dore, the founder of the Family de’Dore which later became the Family de Courtnay. Ser Lancel was a real knight, whoever, his story has since become mostly legend, from tales of slaying dragons and saving dames, his true story was lost to the times. However, the story of Ser Lancel had an unforeseen result, inspiring both children and adults to follow his tale and become knights, resulting in bannermen of all kind over the times.

Bonds between the family is a common theme within the culture of the family, from these belief was the birth of Bond de Métal, Daggers crafted upon the 10th nameday of a child within the family. The patriarch of the family is given a golden dagger, as the other pure bloodied are granted one made of silver. Bastards of the family that were accepted into the home (Though very rare) would be given a dagger of iron. The family’s relation with bastards is usually treated like an unwelcome guest, or a dog that is given just enough to survive, relating to the idea of nobility and purity that comes from countless years of Hareth/Ignis worship. However, it is not uncommon for a bastard to be legalized if the lord has too many daughters, or simply out of a bit of regard for the bastard. This was the case for Napolean de Courtnay, who was legalized on the deathbed of Duke Emeric de Courtnay I.

Over the years, the family has came across various heirlooms that have been passed down from the ranks, for example the Golden Dagger of the Patriarch. The greatest of all the heirlooms is the Bastard sword Lionheart, if legend is true, it is the sword used by Ser Lancel, however, due to age the sword is more of a keepsafe rather than a usable weapon. The family once possessed a crown, forged from pins and metal from the fallen members of the family’s daggers, the crown was later given to Ignis on the opening of the Phoenix Nest Temple in La Marche DO’r. In more recent history, the sword of Emeric was passed on, forged by Prince Lucius when he was a mere squire, and passed on to Francis. The family holds the final funeral rites to a high regard, instead of urns, the family has marble busts made and a single hole drilled, to which the ashes are laid, so the family may remember the appearance of the fallen. The busts are then laid to rest in the crypts.

⚜ Heraldry ⚜
Family de’Dore

Family de Courtnay (Pre-Francis)

Family de Courtnay ( Now )

Family Tree:

⚜Physical Traits ⚜
Common traits of the family are as follows; Black Hair, Deep blue eyes, and a average height, however within the family those born with a golden head of hair are considered to have Ser Lancel’s ‘Golden Touch’ matching the same traits as the Knight himself, it is a rare trait, the last known to have it was, Fleur de Courtnay before her dishonour. Clothing is what you would expect of a noble family, fine silks and jewelry, wore carefully on a daily basis, however the knights of the family are known to wear fine sets of jousting plate to tournament to show the wealth of the family.

⚜People of Note ⚜
Ser Lancel de’Dore: Founder of the family, Knight told in many tales within the family, held in great honour within the family, ‘his’ legendary sword, Lionheart, still kept within the family.

Lady Fleur de’Courtnay I: Former of the House de Courtnay, winning the civil war to take the position of patriarch of the family, much to the disapproval of her brothers. Her line still lives on in the blood of Fleur and Napoleon, the line of Fleur being the only line of the family to be Patriarch.

Duc Emeric de Courtnay I: First Duke of La Marche before its fall, co-founder of the Church de’Feu and the Order of Templars within the Empire of Lavoyard, died at the hands of the Blood Serpents at the age of 25, leaving his fiance Princess Anastasia and his bastard son Napoleon behind.

⚜ Sigil ⚜
A shield, multi-coloured and squared with a deep blue and a fiery red, Three Fleurs on the blue, a golden colour taken from the old banner, and on the red side three golden lions, taken from the old sigil of Ser Lancel de’Dore, the three of each representing the three remaining members of the family, and the three children lines of the family.

⚜ Relations to Others ⚜

Anhald - House Hallon -Leige Lords
House Blackrose - Null, little care for.
House Cerridwen - Friendly, Trade agreements on the way.
Tambry-Upon-Tam - Friendly, Trade Alliance.
Clan Skinkmaho - Friendly, Trade Alliance.
House Hotspur - Vassal House
House Brus - Vassal House
House Hammond -Vassal House
Reignfall - Hostile

⚜ Members ⚜

Francis de Courtnay I (@Paint )

Lucia de Courtnay I (@Landem )

Arabella de Courtnay I (@Tomato150 )

Sébastien de Courtnay I (BrianAT16 )

Njorun de Courtnay I (@Cukie1 )

Maceo de Courtnay I

⚜ Household ⚜

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Vassal Families:
House Brus
House Hammond

House Hotspur

Servants and Handmaidens:
Victoria - Healer (@Sophe )
Arienne de Aurelia - Governess (Tudor) Arcana

Lady Alison Kane (Elz )
Mylaela (Jstar )

Dore Garde Bannermen:


Man-At-Arms Benjamin Hotspur (@Fishymatt )
Man-At-Arms Fania Brus (Jasper151627237 )
Initiate Bowen of Tam's End (TurtlePrada )

Jaxon Veileth - Smith (Michcat )
Lionfang (RexJen )
Toriss (Toriss_Lucar )


Good to hear, if you have interest in playing a family role and none is open, please contact me and we can make a reserve for the future, however, if you wish to play a non-family related role (Servant, Handmaiden, Cook, Squire etc) You can fill out the application below and I will review it, no promises, but I hate saying no!

Skype Name (Can be send privately):

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Hey William I was wondering if we could RP sometime in Myrneth I need to learn some ships trade and I would kinda like to either be some sort of apprentice in that area.



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Hey William I was wondering if we could RP sometime in Myrneth I need to learn some ships trade and I would kinda like to either be some sort of apprentice in that area.

He's a little indisposed right now, but he wants me to tell you that this isn't the thread for that. If you want to know about Will, poke William Eldsvart profile, or send him a PM, thank you.


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He's a little indisposed right now, but he wants me to tell you that this isn't the thread for that. If you want to know about Will, poke William Eldsvart profile, or send him a PM, thank you.
What she said, House de Courtnay doesn't relate to William or Myrneth at all~
Thanks, Cukie, You're the bomb :heart:

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I've got a character open within the house, if anyone is interested please send me a message via skype, or the forums!

The character in question is bolded on the thread.


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*Looks at the coat of arms* That looks goddamned familiar. *Checks his royalty poster* ...That bastard is related to Henry VI IV?! That's cool. *Thinks to himself* Or you are overthinking this and it was jus used cos it looks cool and has relations to the French coat of arms of William I...
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