[Era of Rebirth] Declaration of Regency


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The Lady Njörun Sylvi Wilkström-Elsvärt wishes to make the following announcement in the eyes of men and God. As mandated by the will of the late Duc de Courtnay, the matters of House de Courtnay will be presented to the designated regent at the time of his passing, in this case that would be Lady Njörun. As such, all official matters of the house are to be addressed to her and sent by letter to la ville d'Lyon.

[This part here is private knowledge. Private letter to those specified]
To this, the following shall be invited to the reading of Duc Maceo de Courtnay's will and testament:
-Halvar James Varyn
-Carlos de Courtnay
-Fleur III de Courtnay
-Elnaril de Courtnay
-Mylaela de Courtnay
-Ronn Holztorc
-Edward Iding
-Henry Bayard
-Alison Kane of Westmay
-Benjamin Iding

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Thank you BoredBrit for helping with the draft
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Essentially a Chihuahua
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This will be in two hours for those listed at for the Will and Testament. Regency announcement is otherwise public.