[Era of Renewal] Duché d'Lyon | Conseil d'Lyon


Lord of Altera
C'est mon droit par dieu

Thronesday, 12th of Truebirth - Season of Birth

It is on this day that I, Maceo de Courtnay, Comte of Gerichtsland and the Duche of Lyon hereby reinstate the council that my father created under the new and appropriate name of Conseil d'Lyon.

The Conseil d'Lyon will hereby replace the institution set in motion and take it's responsibilities in tow. Such matters and roles of the Conseil are as follows;

I: Master of Coin; The Lord or Lady in charge of the income, taxes, imports and outports of the combined lands of House de Courtnay, entrusted with the matters of Coinage and wealth of the settlements, as well as advising in forming taxes and trade routes.
II: Master of Relations; Responsible in matters regarding the relations of House de Courtnay to other guilds, families, kingdoms, and empires. Close Advisor.
III: Master of Men: Head of the Armed forces of the House de Courtnay and responsible for offering advice on topics of warfare and defence.
IV: Master Of Law: Overseer of the laws and edicts written in the lands of the de Courtnay, responsible for holding court when the Comte is not able to do so.
V: Master of Internal Affairs: In charge of the affairs inside of the settlements, and concerning the people living in them.
The Following Lords and Ladies have been named to the Council, and each has been informed of such;

Master Of Coin is granted to myself, Comt Maceo de Courtnay

Master of Relations is hereby named to Sebastien de Courtnay(BrianAT16 )

Master of Men is yet to be filled.

Master of Law is hereby granted to Benjamin Hotspur (Fishymatt )

Master of Internal Affairs is hereby granted to Serafina de Courtnay (Lirakitty )

Madame des Enfants is hereby created and given to Fleur de Courtnay III (Bobert )

Comte Maceo 'the golden' de Courtnay
Lord of House de Courtnay
Chevalier d'Kaltstaat
Watcher of the West

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