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Finished -Eradication- -I- [Violent] {May 5th, 5PM EST}


Legend of Altera

House va Rosemont calls upon any willing souls to help eradicate the threat of spiders. The cave in question has been found near Roseturm and must be taken out before it causes more trouble to travelers.
Rewards will be given to those brave enough to complete such a task.
5:00 EST
OOC: This will be my first event DMing, so I intend to keep the party to a maximum of six.
Go easy on me, it's my first time doing this.
This is also common knowledge among members of Anhald.
Not so much the outside world.
Just ask here and you'll get a slot probably.
1] Gael Von Dugald Scardrac
[2] Peter Longtree Sir Arc
[3] Charles Kane Lannis
[4] Albrecht I Rygan
[5] Joe JoeJoe JoeJoeJoejoeJoejoe
[6] Sophia Jinny
[7] Warren Elt
[8] Nav'ina Tomato150
Backup: Maceo BoredBrit
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Legend of Altera

Also because I can't quote multiple people, I'll say this, only Anhalders being let in or friends of them. This is mainly because of the party limit, as well as this being my first event DMed.
Lucia will be allowed to help but not go into the cave itself.


Legend of Altera
Bumping this. I'll be taking one more person. Basically whoever asks ICly first will get it.
Word of this announcement begins to spread outside of Anhald.
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