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Queen of Roses

Name: Eyvinn Evaine Isabella Blackrose.
Full Titles: Lady of House Blackrose, Lady of Foreign Affairs,

Countess of Blackrose manor and Matron/Wardess of the Purple Roses
Nickname/Alias: Queen of roses, Ma'm Violet, Purple rose, Mother.

Eyvinn Evaine Isabella Blackrose is the second daughter of her father. Accompanied with a younger sister: Lady Athelyna Blackrose; younger brother: Rauve Blackrose and her Older brother: Emperor Ernhardt Blackrose she has been sharing the Blackrose name. Evaine is the mother of Amilia Dormus/Blackrose whom she had with Scardrac Dormus. Despite the fact that their family shares a complicated past, they are extremely close ever since the loss of their youngest brother Rauve. Family Blackrose has since then risen in power and influence, Evaine shall always continue working on increasing such.

+/- 30 years.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Height: 176 cm.
Weight: 60 kg.

Homeland: Born in the south, expected to have been at Blackrose Manor, in the dark forests east of Silverwatch.
Current Home: Blackrose Manor, they say that it is the manor of mirrors, the manor of mirages, at once solid then liquid, at once air then stone. New world - the Blackrosian capital.

Evaine is the epitome of elegance and grace. Tall and slender, but well-curved, thin wrists and long fingers make her a lady of looks and appearances. Long fair amber blonde waves frame her purple and blue eyes, those are accompanied by splendidly arched brows and prominent cheek bones. Appearance is something of great importance to her, always appearing at her best. She is very aware of her looks and is thus sought after by many men.
Build: She's tall, slim but well curved- her expensive garderobe has been perfectly tailored to accentuate her figure in all the right ways.
Hair: Fair amber blonde locks, often excellently put together with curls and pins.
Eyes: A mixture between blue and purple, it's the same colour both her brothers and sister have.
Skin: Fair and clean.
Hygiene: Having the ability to clean and wash herself any time she wishes gives her a splendid hygiene.

Identifying Marks: Her prominent appearance, she will stand out of a crowd of women. Always appearing at her best. A perfect balance of opulent attire and sumptuous ornate jewelry. Her perfect looks combined with her confidence, intelligence and strategic mind being a deadly mix.
Posture: Classical posture, straight back, chin up. She is aware of the first judgement people have and thus shows arrogance and power in her stance.

Habits and Mannerisms: She walks back and forth when she is thinking, she walks in circles when she is stressed. Nearly almost always sits with her legs crossed. Has the tendency to speak in riddles and is never direct in her wording except when she wants something.
Dominant Hand: Right-handed.

VOICEAccent: Neutral.
Pitch: Medium, not as high pitched as you would maybe expect, still feminine.
Range: Tight, doesn't typically raise or lower her voice much.
Volume: Low, she hardly ever shouts.
Laughter: Never out loud, always soft and silent laughter below her breath.
Voice inspiration: Michelle Dockery.

Strengths: She has been properly brought up, studying all subjects you would expect from any other noble and being thought the etiquette of House Blackrose, thinking before she does something, making her very diplomatic and tactful. Therefor she is a great tactician and strategist, next to those qualities she is a supreme actress. Her words are like steel they are able to shine and cover things up, the truth needs to be twisted to perfection. She could make a wooden door appear to be made out of unbreakable steel.
Fears: She does no longer believe in true honesty. Everyone and Everything is a piece on the chessboard, and one of her biggest fear is losing control over the game. The real untwisted, bare truth to be exposed. She hides pain, feelings and weaknesses by covering them up with strengths and excellence.
Weaknesses: The two sins; Greed and Pride.

Intelligence: Evaine has been studying politics and languages as she has extreme and high ambitions, and once she puts her mind to something, she shall get what she wants. Success is the only option.

Interpersonal intelligence and Intra-personal Intelligence, that being People- and self-smart.
Writing: She knows her way with words in speech, therefore she is used to the speed of speech and thus has sometimes difficulties slowing down her toughts to write perfect sentences and have perfect handwriting. However- when necessary she can combine her skill with patience and write beautifully and excellent sentences.
x Common ( Speech, writing and reading. )
x Elven ( Speech, writing and reading. )

x Lavoyarde ( Speech only, she is inexperienced with the reading and writing. )

Peaceful or Violent: Tries to avoid conflict, if it's considered unnecessary she will avoid it. Sometimes uses her position to show dominance or power over others with violence, only to proof a point.

x Trained in the ability to be silent and stealthy by past experiences
x Trained in using daggers and shorter sharp objects for quick and efficient kills
x Trained in the use of a rapier by a dear friend.

x Ornate silver dagger worn on her right upper thigh, used as a defensive tool in scenarios where such may be necessary.
x Rapier received as a gift from her dearest aunt-like figure, almost never finds the reason to carry nor use it however, though having the ability to do so gives her some feeling of safety in the back of her mind.

PERSONALITYDeceiving and Persuasive. A lady of change, ambition and power; Success is the only option. She is set in her ways and she shall achieve anything she puts her mind to. Evaine's personality is difficult to read for most and she has her ways and tricks to manipulate your thoughts.

Restrained and guarded. She does not reveal her inner thoughts and one may have extreme difficulty to guess what could be going on in her mind. She is very strategic, thinks before she does something and you shall never find her to be reckless or having impulsive outbursts.
Cold and Calculated. She has her ways of being extremely close with you, yet at the exact same time; she is keeping her distance. Because of all this she can seem very mysterious and secretive. This can sometimes make it difficult to know whether she is serious or playing you. However, she is one of the most loyal of friends once you've became one.

Arrogant and Secretive. Appearance is a mere illusion, and no one should fully trust their own eyes as the eyes trick the mind. She is self-aware, confident and knows, after tons of practice and researching exactly how to play her cards. Look at yourself and then at her, because the key to unlock the secrets she hides behind a smile is hidden within yourself; Be the reflection in your mirror, because that might just be her.

Lures: Things out of reach, things with power and influence, things with knowledge and things that give her the upper hand when it comes to others.
Phobias: Being exposed and figured out, people getting too close to her, a specific type of birds she truly despises and the fear of always being watched and observed, thus giving her the tendency to look behind her.
Allergies: Allergic to dust mites.
Addictions: Wine, one may truly question how the amounts of wine she consumes influence her health.

Religion or Cults: Sallana in public, yet in the shadows of the family or empire of the Blackroses hides something truly questionable. Lands previously owned by men known to be heretics might have influenced them in some way.
Alignment: Neutral Evil.

Short Term Goals:
Work on teaching the Blackrose Etiquette to all Servants and close friends of the Blackrose Family.
Work together with Ernhardt to finish the final preparations to move to the Blackrose manor.
Long Term Goals:
- Under construction -
Have the Blackrose Etiquette be worldwide known by everyone with some sort of status.
Learn everything about the hidden secrets within her family.




My in-game name is: Evaine


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Lord of Altera

"Every rose has it's thorns"
"Appearance is just.. a mere illusion."
"Don't trust your own very eyes, as they are easily tricked."
"Just how beautiful purple looks on me, red will look good on you."
"The person who's got your back is best positioned to stab you."
"I will write you an unhappy ending if you ask for it."
"I await your ambush with great amusement"
"Allow such marvelous seed to sprout, growing into such exquisite beauty"
"Oh naive little bird.. and you think your secrets are save."
"You say 'hate' like it's a bad thing. I've seen the damage 'love' can do."

"There are two reasons for why we do not trust others, First one is- We do not know them, second one- We do know them."
"Dont waste time hating yourself, let that be someone else's job."
"Memory is the great deceiver."
"Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror."
"Don't deceive yourself, love. Believing and getting stuck in your own web of lies is such an easy trap to end up in."
"It is the manor of mirrors, the manor of mirages, at once solid then liquid, at once air then stone."
"Deceiving others, that is what this world calls a romance."
"A man is not what he 'thinks' he is, he is what he hides."
"Her words are like steel; they are able to shine and they cover things up."

- Under construction -

- Under construction -

Artworks created by me or others and reference images that guide as inspiration for Evaine and her character. Thanks to all the great artists that made art for Evaine :heart:!

(Made by the amazing @Willow - portraying Evaine so perfectly :heart:)

(Made by the amazing Piratep00f :heart:)

Some song with their lyrics that fit Evaine and her personality.
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Didn't she meet Aryus?
The guy that helped another peasant guy from an angry guard guy.

Yeah, that guy!


Legend of Altera
"Men that abuse her and mistreat her, this happened in her past."

I think i should be hated or afraid of, sorry for the kicking and the punching ;_; i felt terrible about that but it was my duty to protect the emperor ;_;

But i DID save her life though.


Lord of Altera
"Men that abuse her and mistreat her, this happened in her past."

I think i should be hated or afraid of, sorry for the kicking and the punching ;_; i felt terrible about that but it was my duty to protect the emperor ;_;

But i DID save her life though.
Don't worry~ I'll be sure one day they will be able to be friends :heart:

Added :heart:

Warning mature content in this video and if you so wish i will remove it but it is HILARIOUS!
Skip to 2:12 that when the "woman" speaks first
I can't watch it D: Stupid youtube doesn't let me.