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Name: Evelyn Veileth-Fuvur
Other Names: Miria
Titles: Dame, Magus

Age: Twenty-five
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: No
Current Residence: Stoneheart
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: Noble

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'4".
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye Color: Basically golden. Thanks, mom.
Skin Color: Fair
Shape of Face: Near the spitting image of Nylarii, with features a tad less sharp as per her human heritage. [Reference] [Arty Reference] [Another Arty Reference]

Distinguishing Features:
Build of Body: Athletic/built.
Hair Color: Pale blonde
Hair Style: Alternates between as seen in reference, and tied back with a silk scarf.
Complexion: Fair
Posture: Confident.
Scars: Some chunks missing on her cheek from a giant spider gnawing on it. Jaguar bite marks around her neck and left forearm, small marks on upper chest and lower back/side. Long scar above her left eyebrow. Missing her left hand.
Voice: ScarJo


Likes: She enjoys the sight of humans on their knees.
Dislikes: Arrogant people, condescension, spiders.
Strengths: Evelyn has a firm grasp of who she is and what she's capable of.
Weaknesses: Hubris and arrogance. Frighteningly impulsive in speech and action. Relatively diminutive. Her hands are all right.
Fears: Heights and spiders, due to old trauma. Thanks to her recent addition of limbs, she's not fond of deep water.
Values: Honor, order, and appropriate adherence to moral codes.
Education: Reasonably high, with tutors and materials found by her parents.
Languages: Common, Elven.
General Attitude: Domineering.
Religious Inclination: Heretical as shit. Worships Jax, when necessary.
General Intelligence: Moderate, but has an uncanny sense for emotional cues.
General Sociability: Introverted.
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Short Term Goals:
-Gather apprentices
-See her holding flourish

Long Term Goals:
-World domination.


Wardrobe: Enough to keep her entertained. Usually wearing a gambeson and hose.
-Gryphon-feather cloak
Jewelry: Gold ring, not usually worn. Anchor necklace, with "U" engraved on the back. Simple jade bead worn as a necklace. Silver bead worn in hair.
Pets/Animals: None
Owned Homes: Crow's Manse.
Carried Inventory: Various journals in a satchel, small dagger.
General Inventory: Extends largely to what she carries on her.
General Wealth: Moderate
-Red and bright blue temporary tattoo paste
-Dark hair dye
-"Twenty palms-worth" of beeswax for disguise
-Cracked iron helm
-5 steel arrowheads
-Pouch of gauze
-Pouch of peppermint leaves
-Pouch of opium
-Jade bead


Sleeping Habits: Poor. Prone to nightmares.
Energy Levels: Healthy
Eating Habits: Well enough.
Exercise Habits: Frequent.
Memory: Strong.
Unhealthy Habits: Casually goading people just to see how they'll react.
Drinking Habits: She drinks socially.


Birthplace: Havarda
Childhood: Spent with her grandparents in Thiil.
Teen Years: Spent travelling with nuclear family.
Adulthood: Getting there.
Family History: Daughter of two legitimate naval businessmen. Biological father committed suicide, to be eventually replaced by adoptive legitimate naval businessman father.
Past Places of Residences: Riseport, Thiil, Tambry, Myrneth. Family moves around a lot.


Peaceful or violent: Violent.
>Two stilettos
>Two generic-ass knives
>Ten throwing knives
>101 cm long, 16 cm grip
>Double edged, narrow point, well balanced.
>Fancy as all hell, gold filigree

Combat Training:
-Dagger training with Alistair
-Claymore stances and sparring with Sif
-Various spars

Training & Skills:

Combat: Competent with a sword.
Mobility: Gets around.
Interpersonal: Does well enough on natural merit.

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Magus.
Favorite Types of Food: Sweets and pastries.
Favorite Types of Drink: Non-alcoholic, no strong preferences.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Reading, writing.
Favorite Colors: Muted colors, no strong preferences.


Relevant Family Members: Nylarii Veileth, mother. Nwalme Fuvur, father. Jaxon, Aryus, Helix, Elrohir, Light, brothers. Elven Tzemik, sister.
Romantic Interests:



-Alison: Apprentice, though of dubious moral character. As Evelyn's moral standards have relaxed, she has grown more fond of her.

-Elizabeth: The second generation of Kane daughter that Evelyn has seen raised to be a bit fucked up. Elizabeth's upbringing saddens her, but Evelyn takes quiet contentment that she seems receptive to prodding from her rigid shell.
-Lilith: The moor is almost as fond of drink as Evelyn herself is.

-Selene: Selene was the crucible, the cocoon that brought the grand metamorphosis in to Evelyn's self-realization. How they parted was unfortunate, but Evelyn can't bring herself to regret it for the growth it brought her.

Unsure of:
-Brennard: He is possibly the stupidest man (no longer) alive. This alone is impressive. Sometimes Evelyn misses the man for his perspective as a powerful contemporary.

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